Top 10 Father's Day gifts for the dad who has everything

By Fred Jéquier

He's the one that taught you how to ride a bike, how to tie your tie, how to fill out a tax return, and he's also the guy who got in the passenger seat the first time you drove a car. So, even though his jokes may make you cringe, and he has no idea who your favorite singer is, with cries of, "This isn't music, it's just noise," he deserves to be reminded that we do appreciate everything he's done, and continues to do, for us. Father's Day falls on Sunday, June 16, this year, and if you're still wondering what to get your "old man" as a gift, we've got a few suggestions for you.

Keep reading to find out what our top 10 Father's Day gift ideas are for the dad who has everything.

1. A sleek wallet

Whether your dad is the kind of guy who has a credit card, a driver's license, and a loyalty card to his favorite coffee spot, or if he has a bank card for every day of the week, his I.D., a library card, and a membership card for something that even he can't remember the origin of, a Secrid wallet has him covered. At just 21 millimeters thick, the wallet is the perfect size to sit almost unnoticed in your pocket, and the metal card protector can hold up to six cards.

With a simple press of a button, the cards all pop up and are easy to remove and replace. The case has a pocket for six further cards, as well as space for paper money and receipts. If your dad needs a protector for more than six cards, there is a version available with two card protectors, as well.

2. The ultimate grill

Summer is upon us, and as such, barbecues are being planned, and grills are out. Dads tend to pride themselves on their barbecuing abilities, and there's nothing more satisfying to them than all their pals standing around the grill holding a cold beer, nodding in approval at how well the grilling is going. This is the perfect moment for your dad to explain to his friends that his grill is the best of all the grills, followed by a lengthy, almost scientific explanation as to why. Enter the George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor Grill.

Photo from Amazon.

Not only can he cook up to 15 portions for optimum food prep on this electric grill, but he can adjust the heat to give everyone a mouthwatering meal to order. Added to which, there's the all-important cup holder for his drink, and if it starts to rain, he can just take the intricate grilling operation to the kitchen with no adverse affect to his cooking.

3. The coolest pint glass

While dad is busy grilling, he's going to need a cool beverage to sustain him through the grueling task of cooking the best barbecue anyone has ever eaten, and the last thing he's going to want is for his beer to get warm during the process. FREEZE Cooling Pint Glass is the perfect solution. The plastic walls of the glasses contain a cooling gel that maintains a consistent temperature for hours, so all your dad needs to do is pop it in the freezer for a couple of hours in the morning, and then once he's ready to enjoy his afternoon in the sun, he can rest assured that his beer will stay cold.

Photo from Amazon.

4. An electric razor

When a father teaches his son to shave, it's a big moment for them both. A father has the realization that his boy is now becoming a man, and a son starts to see adulthood on the horizon. A classic wet shave is often the preferred method for those who keep a fresh look, but in the morning when you're in a rush to get up, get ready, and get to work, there just isn't time, and a rushed wet shave can result in a rather painful experience. Thankfully, electric shavers are getting better at producing a close shave. With brands such as Philips, Braun, and Panasonic producing some reliable, long-lasting models, there are plenty to choose from.

Photo from The TrendSpotter.

5. Shaving products

It doesn't matter if you wet shave or use an electric razor, pre- and post-shave care is a big part of the process. There are numerous shaving products on the market that help regenerate the skin, keeping you looking fresh and youthful. If you're thinking of getting your dad a razor or an electric shaver, it's definintlely worth considering adding some little extras to the gift. Grooming Lounge has a wide range of grooming and shaving products available, and as it's Father's Day coming up, they are offering a 20% discount on all of their products!

6. A beard bib

We've talked about razors and shaving products, but what about the bearded fathers out there? Well, look no further. For every shaving product, there is a beard grooming product, and this one is perfect for helping your dad with his beard trim. The beard bib is almost a double gift; it's not just for dad, as you can be sure your mom will be thankful for it, as well.

The beard bib fits around the neck and then attaches to the mirror. As the wearer starts to trim their beard, the hair is caught in the bib and can be disposed of properly—rather than lining the sink. Mom will be relieved when she's getting ready in the morning that she doesn't have to compete with the leftovers of dad's beardscaping!

7. Beard accessories

While the clean-shaven man has pre-shave cleanser and post-shave moisturiser, the bearded gentleman has oils, balms, brushes, combs, and even shampoos—all designed to maintain a tidy, clean beard from the well-defined, neat beards, all the way to the bushiest, lumberjack beards. Beard Brand has been building an impressive online presence over the last few years, and the founder, Eric Bandholz, created the company to foster a culture of pride in male grooming. If you're looking for products for yourself, or as a gift for Father's Day, Beard Brand has everything you want, need, and didn't even know you needed.

8. A heavy-duty travel mug

We talked earlier about how vital it is to ensure dad's beer stays cold in the summer, but what about his coffee? Whether he's doing the school run, on his way to work, or going on a hike, ensuring his coffee stays hot is a must. The YETI Rambler Mug is perfect for all scenarios. The double-vacuum design ensures that a cup of coffee will stay hot until the final sip. Additionally, the mug is relatively light at 14oz, and the creators pride themselves at having designed one of the most durable and over-engineered travel mugs on the market. If your old man is an avid hiker, climber, and adventurer, there are a wide range of products on the YETI website that I'm sure he'd love.

Photo from YETI.

9. A hiking backpack

This particular product is in a higher price range, but with the Topo Klettersack backpack being both incredibly durable and multi-purpose, your dad is sure to to get a lot of use out of it. This stylish backpack is perfect for anyone who enjoys long hikes in rugged terrain, and the material—1000D Cordura Nylon—is thick and strong enough for most environments. It has numerous pockets and zips designed to carry any equipment one might need on an excursion, but additionally, the bag can hold day-to-day items, such as a 15-inch laptop, so he can also use it for work or as a carry-on when traveling.

10. A glamping adventure

You've bought dad his travel mug, you gave him a durable backpack, so why not complete the present with the gift of glamping for an unforgettable adventure? With so many incredible destinations and unique experiences available, a Glamping Hub gift card is easy to give and exciting to receive. Help your dad get away from the grind of his day-to-day for a long weekend or a vacation, where he can enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience!

Need some inspiration of where to send Dad for his glamping adventure? Check out this blog with some suggestions for an unforgettable weekend getaway!

Our last-minute Mother's Day gift guide

By Mikaela Amundson

Mother's Day is almost upon us so that means you should be planning the breakfast in bed, the cards, and, of course, the gift. We're sure you show your mom love every day, but this is an opportunity to shower the important women in your life with a little extra gratitude—moms, grandmas, aunts, honorary moms, “framily” (as my mom and I call it), and more!

Check out our last-minute gift guide below to get inspired and pick out the perfect present for the special ladies in your life.

Flowers for her


A bouquet of flowers from Flora Queen, which delivers to over 100 countries in as little as one day, means no matter where mom is, she'll have a beautiful bouquet in her honor. Tulips are a classic Mother’s Day choice, but we love something more unexpected, like this rose and lily combo—or even a potted bromelia plant for something that will really last.

Something else with flowers

If you want to get mom some flowers that will stand the test of time, we love the idea of a floral print silk scarf. This one comes in four gorgeous floral patterns—perfect for spicing up her spring and summer looks. Alternatively, you can also go for a floral journal or some floral sneakers depending on what your mom will use the most.

Self-care Sunday

At-home facial

If your mom recently found out about Instagram and won't stop talking about her favorite influencer of late, get her something that's totally #instagoals, like a trendy Gua Sha facial tool. Your mom deserves a great self-care gift that doubles as a like-garnering post for her feed. This one comes with three different shapes to try, as well as a handy guide. Pair it with a face mask or a facial serum for the perfect Mother's Day self-care package.

Subscription box

There's nothing better than a gift that continues throughout the year, so a subscription box that gets delivered to mom on a regular basis is a perfect choice for this year's Mother's Day gift. This cruelty-free, vegan, and non-toxic makeup subscription from Petit Vour.

If your mom is not a budding beauty guru, that's quite alright; you can find subscription boxes for almost any interest or hobby. Some of our favorites include a book of the month box for the avid reader, a perfume subscription for the mom who likes to switch up her scents, and a wine subscription box. Yes, that's right. Wine.

Wares for mom

Customizable jewelry

Get her a twist on the classic locket with this customizable, and very chic, brass pendant, in which you can include a heartfelt note that she can keep with her long after Mother's Day celebrations have ended. You can round out the gift by pairing it with this hammered brass ring and bracelet for a set she'll wear forever.

Eco-friendly starter pack

Gifts that are practical, stylish, and eco-friendly are really the whole package. If your mom is looking to upgrade her eco-game from old tote bags for grocery shopping to becoming a zero-waste guru, we think eco-friendly starter kits, like this one from Package Free Shop, are the perfect jumping off point!

This one has all the basics: an insulated mug, a set of bamboo utensils, a stainless steel straw, and a bamboo toothbrush. Be sure to check out their other kits as well, like this one for zero-waste cleaning or this one for travel. Add in a trendy, reusable water bottle and an upcycled wristlet, like this one made from recycled billboards in NYC, and you mom will be good to step out to save the earth in style.

P.S. Don't forget that a glamping gift card also makes for a perfect Mother's Day gift! Getting out together into nature and making memories that will last forever? Priceless.

Check out some properties near you on Glamping Hub to find the perfect accommodation for your mom!

Glamping Hub's Cyber Monday 2018

By Elizabeth Young

This year, on Cyber Monday, Glamping Hub is adding 20% to your gift card purchase!

It's that time of year again—the time when you're racking your brain as you walk through the store while trying to think of the perfect gift. What could you get Mom? She's always on the go but would love to spend a weekend in the mountains, even if she needs a little push to get there. What about your cousin, David? You already gave him that portable battery and hiking backpack he wanted.

Everyone has a person on their gift list for the holiday season who would much prefer experiences to material things— the person who loves to be outdoors, seeing new places, and trying different things.

Give Mom and Dad, your siblings, your friends, and whoever else the gift of the great outdoors this holiday season! Our Cyber Monday promotion on November 26 makes it easy, just head over to Glamping Hub!

Jealous of the amazing trips that can be bought with our gift cards? Head over to Glamping Hub, and book your own adventure!

Unbeatable Christmas Gifts for You and Your Bestie

By Jessica Armstrong


Nothing screams #SQUADGOALS like a getaway with your bestie. Where will you be treating your number #1 guy or gal this holiday season? If you still haven't decided between a backpacking trip through Europe or a surf excursion to Costa Rica, not to worry because with a Glamping Hub Gift Card, you can go anywhere you'd like whenever you'd life. Your best pal will never complain that you did not text them back five seconds after they called ever again, when they receive the ultimate gift of a lifetime.

What's even better is being able to share these memories together and at over 5,000 different unique accommodations around the globe! We have put together a list of the most unbeatable #BFFgetawayVACAYS that you will not want to miss out on.


Hawaii Getaways

Texas Getaways


Canada Getaways

Spain Getaways


California Getaways

United Kingdom Getaways


Italy Getaways

North Carolina Getaways


Australia Getaways

Colorado Getaways


Start packing your bags, booking your flights, loading the car, or hoping on the next train to paradise, but with a gift card you will not have to worry about the roughin' it part of booking the most unbeatable accommodation this Christmas season.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend's Parents in 2016

By Jessica Armstrong

As the holiday season approaches, there is no better time than the present to begin planning the perfect gift for your Boyfriend's parents. What's a better way to show them how much you care, than gifting the experience of a lifetime to visit any luxury glamping accommodation in some of the best winter destinations in the United States using a Glamping Hub Gift Card. You will be winning some big points in your Mother-in-Laws eyes with some of these luxury resorts.


Do not waste time search through endless sites to find the perfect gift, when Glamping Hub's Collection of Winter Getaways provides a glampers with the most unique, and luxury-nature based experience-filled stays, aka the most thoughtful gift of all. Trade in an apartment for a cozy safari tent in the woods of Washington or a five-star hotel for an outstanding tree house with views of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Wherever this loving gift takes them, you will be receiving a permanent invite to every holiday celebration.

Just imagine the joy your boyfriend's parents will have when they set their eyes on these winter getaways:

Serene Cottage Nestled into Woodstock, New York

Glamping Tree House in Santa Cruz Mountains near Monterey Bay, CA

Deluxe Glamping Cabins at River Farm in Virginia

Romantic and Pet-Friendly Safari Tent Rental in Woodlands of Olympia

Spacious Log Cabin Chalet with Stunning Views & Amenities in Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Beautiful Tent Rentals Set on a Camping Resort near Yellowstone National Park

Beautifully Renovated Barn in Upstate New York

Romantic Safari Tent Perched High Atop a Ridge in Precious Hill Country, Texas

Peaceful Forested Bed and Breakfast by McKenzie River near Portland

Spacious Log Cabin Rental with Mountain Views near Knoxville, Tennessee

To find more one-of-a-kind winter glamping getaways, visit Glamping Hub’s Winter Portal, here.

Four Fabulous Christmas Gift Ideas for your Best Friend

By Jessica Armstrong

Having trouble finding the most fabulous Christmas gift ideas for your best friend? You've checked the stores? Thought about a girl's shopping day? Didn't know if a bro's day of golf would quite cut it? Well, we can help you out with a present that—until now—you didn't know you and your BFF needed.


A gift card to travel to some of the most "best-friendly" glamping getaways this Christmas season is just the answer. In the mountains, on the beach, or in the desert or countryside, there is a perfect destination for every best pal.

Take a browse through our unbeatable accommodations that will truly show your BFF they are number #1 in your book.

Mountain Getaway Gifts

A mountain getaway for you and your go-to guy or gal is bound to be adventurous and memorable. With a selection of everything from cabins to Airstreams, glampers and their pals can take advantage of skiing, snowboarding, hiking, fishing, and more from some of Glamping Hub's best mountain rentals including:

Tree House Style Cabin Nestled at the Foot of Scenic, Snow-Capped Mt. Adams, Washington

Gorgeous Luxury Tent Rental near Glacier National Park in Montana

Authentic Luxury Airstreams In Denver, Colorado

Beach Getaway Gifts

Sit back and relax in the sunshine by the shore at any of these beach getaways with your BFF. Nothing says celebrate all year long by spending your Christmas gift during the summertime, while enjoying the sweet peace and serenity with your best pal. Ocean breezes on the Med or chilling by the gulf, a beach trip is unbeatable at any of these accommodations:

Ocean View Huts Just Outside Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Beachfront Cabins on a Resort near Tarragona, Spain

Unique and Modern Mobile Home Rentals Set on the Island of Sardinia, Italy

Desert Getaway Gifts

Motorbiking, climbing, hiking, and watching the sun rise into the desert sky with your best friend will be an unforgettable experience. Your best mate will be thanking you over and over again for thinking of them to share in this one-of-a-kind opportunity. A desert getaway offers so many opportunities for adventure, especially at sites including:

Sophisticated Desert Cabin Near Scottsdale, Arizona

Desert Tent Rentals with Private Bathrooms in Erg Chebbi Dunes of Morocco

Luxury Tipis in Ancient Desert Hills of the Mojave Desert, Death Valley, California

Countryside Getaway Gifts

Pop open a bottle of Rioja in this majestic wine country, thanks to the best friend in the whole world. There is so much the countryside, no matter what country you're in, has to offer glampers. Beautiful views, ultimate tranquility, magnificent glamping rentals, and the companionship of your BFF. Share the most memorable moments together at these countryside accommodations including:

Spacious Safari Tent Tucked Away in the Green Countryside of Brittany, France

Upscale Tented Cabins Tucked Away in the Picturesque Italian Landscape of Scarlino Maremma

Gorgeous Luxury Vacation Rental in CaliforniaWine Country near Napa

For more gift card inspo and gift giving ideas, check out our portal on all things Christmas 2016!

Top 5 Christmas Gifts for the Adventurous Couple in 2016

By Jessica Armstrong

An adventure is better spent when you can relive the experience over and over again. Gift your life partner the joys of visiting some of the most beautiful destinations around the world together when you give the gift of a Glamping Hub getaway.

When gifting a gift card, glampers share the choice of choosing where their luxury stay will take them and their loved one. Whether your boyfriend has been craving a trip to Costa Rica or your wife cannot wait another second to hop on a plane to see the French Alps, with you by their side, it will be the trip of a lifetime.

Here are our top five Christmas gift getaways for the adventurous couple in 2016. Where will your gift card take you and your perfect match?

1. Cabins


A stay to this charming mid-century cabin in Northern California is sure to set the mood for a post-holiday season getaway for you and your other half. Snuggled up by the fire with a beautiful view of the star-filled sky could easily be found on any Christmas wish list.


Feast your eyes on this peaceful cedar green house. Surrounded by forest and luscious valley, this cozy cabin house is the serene getaway you and your special someone need to take a break from it all. Watch as the Pacific Northwest winter colors turn and starting blooming into sunny spring.

2. Villas


Enjoy the beautiful island views from this outdoor flower-covered tub at a rejuvenating villa with an infinity pool in Ubud. Nothing says couples getaway more than a romantic villa in a serene location with the epic luxury and beauty of Bali. Give your partner the vacation a lifetime by spending a Glamping Hub Gift Card at one of Bali's most breathtaking retreats.


No experience will ever be quite like staying in your very own windmill villa with panoramic views in Santorini, Greece. By buying a Glamping Hub gift card, you, your loved ones, and even your coupled up friends can all make the quick trip over to Greece to enjoy the adventure, culture, and serenity on the peaceful Mediterranean island. In a villa filled with high-end amenities, you may as well pack your bags full because you will never want to go home.

3. Tree houses


What doesn't France already do so perfectly? First, food, wine, amazing vineyards, beaches, and cities—and now tree houses! Take the love of your life to easily one of the most romantic spots in the whole world: this [spa tree house near the French countryside](( Getting pampered from head to toe, having a private outdoor hot tub, and the tranquility of residing in complete seclusion, you won't want to spend your gift card anywhere else.


Marvel at these amazing tree houses found in Northern Spain while taking a break from tapas and tinto, bask in the peaceful accommodation that is this tree house resort. Within close proximity to the ocean and mountains, glampers will have the best of both worlds. Adventure, amazing eats, majestic views, and five-star accommodations definitely make for the ultimate couples trip.

4. Yurts


Wake up to the sunrise beaming over Zion National Park at this rustic yurt rental. If you and your partner are fans of hiking, rappelling, cycling, and more, then this yurt accommodation is sure to be the perfect base for an adventure-filled trip. For some action in the day and a peaceful sleep during the night, visit these yurts in gorgeous Utah.


Spend a day in the countryside of Ireland practicing yoga or kayaking at this romantic yurt. Keep warm in the winter with the wood-burning stove, making it a cozy and lovely accommodation to visit all year long.

5. Safari Tents


Croatia offers couples the ultimate luxury of a five-star retreat with no distractions, no disruptions, and serenity. At a safari tent right on the Adriatic Sea, it's the perfect place to experience a bit of everything. High-end amenities, kayaking, swimming, nightlife, and more, the fun for every glamping couple is sure to be found at a safari tent in Croatia.


Nestle up to your partner while you listen to the soothing sounds of the wildlife around you at these luxury safari tents near St. Louis. Making s'mores around a campfire or watching the stars over your private pond while lounging on your deck will be the cherry on top to any romantic getaway. These safari tents in the Midwest are the best present to give your special someone.

This Christmas, show your love how much you care. Nothing says, "You are my favorite adventure," more than a Glamping Hub gift card to spend together.

Christmas 2016 Gift Cards for Parents to Enjoy Together

By Jessica Armstrong

As the holiday season approaches, it's time to show your parents how much they mean to you. In the season of giving, share the ultimate present that will mean something to your loved ones for more than just a day.


Why not choose the gift that will keep on giving and present them with a Glamping Hub gift card? Not only is a gift card to any destination packed with endless adventure and luxury comfort the best way to spread the holiday spirit, but it is a gift that will constantly remind them of you—their most precious gift of all. Pair that with a safari tent, yurt, or tree house, and you've landed yourself on the nice list for a lifetime.

Where do you think your parents would want to spend their luxury, once-in-a-lifetime getaway ticket?


Perhaps a weekend away at this stunning luxury tent in Halfmoon Bay in British Columbia is just the getaway they need for some relaxation with unbeatable views of the crystal blue waters. In a private Jacuzzi tub or eating brunch on the outdoor deck, your parents will want to relive these moments given by you over and over again.


Enjoy the peace and tranquility surrounded by the Slovenian forests near Lake Bled at this breathtaking tree house. If your parents are looking to bring back the romance, what could be more romantic than a couple's massage in the complete privacy of a glamping retreat?


How amazed will your parents be when they open their windows and walk out on the patio to see the majestic views of Costa Rica's volcanoes? In a sea of bright green colors, florescent flowers, and the scent of freshly grown cocoa beans, this elegant lodge will have your parents wanting to gift you the same amazing experience.


Take a look at this lakeside gem—a true treasure for two adventures looking to get away from it all with nature calling from every angle. This yurt in Norway may be just the answer to your quest for the ultimate holiday gift for your parents.

Wherever in the world you think may be the perfect stay, start your parents off with a Glamping Hub gift card, to bring adventure into their holiday season.