Best of 2018: Our top-booked accommodations

By Eric Wright

With the holiday season over and 2019 in full swing, we've looked back over a year of intrepid travelers sharing incredible experiences together at some of the most unique accommodations across the globe.

As we run through our list of the 20 top-booked accommodations from 2018, it's time to stop daydreaming and start planning that next unforgettable trip. From epic domes and traditional tipis to rustic cabins and majestic tree houses, we've got your next unique getaway covered.

Let your wild side guide you this year and take that once-in-a-lifetime vacation you've always envisioned!

Top Tents

Looking to add a touch of luxury and glamour to your annual camping trip? This year is a blank canvas, full of possibilities—so make 2019 a masterpiece by spending your nights under the lights of distant stars and galaxies at one of last year's top-booked tent getaways!

Romantic Bell Tent for Two near Melbourne

Luxury Safari Tent near Warner Springs in California

Luxury Camping Under the Stars in Utah

Cozy Bell Tent near Zion National Park in Utah

Deluxe Bell Tents near San Francisco, California

Luxurious Camping Tent with a Hot Tub near Hamilton, New Zealand

Top Tree Houses

These beautifully constructed retreats, high up in the treetops, are the perfect place to disconnect from the outside world and reconnect with nature.

As the most popular aerial getaways from last year, these one-of-a-kind structures are just waiting to welcome their next lucky visitor!

Enchanting Tree House near the Appalachian Mountains of Georgia

Secluded Tree House near Chattanooga

Romantic Getaway in the Redwoods of Santa Cruz, California

Stunning Tree House in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California

Top Unique Rentals

Ever thought about sleeping in an extraordinary dome under the stars or toasting s'mores outside your very own tipi? These remarkable getaways are the ones you need to see to believe that something so wonderful and unique actually exists!

Follow in the footsteps of last years visitors, and stay somewhere truly out-of-the-ordinary this year.

Peaceful Cedar Green House near Silverton, Oregon

Traditional Tipis near San Antonio in Texas

Eco-Friendly Yurt in Monticello, Southeast Utah

Handcrafted Timber Hut in Upstate New York

Classic Airstream near Austin, Texas

Epic Dome in the Appalachian Mountains of Georgia

Top Cabins

It comes as no surprise that a yearly cabin getaway is a must for many families and friends. The escape from the daily grind, the peace of seclusion in nature, and the bonding moments that happen on these trips are easy ways to relax and rejuvenate both body and mind.

These are the most popular spots from 2018 where visitors forgot about work emails, abandoned social media, and really explored their wild side!

Pet-Friendly Cabin near Eldora Mountain Ski Resort in Colorado

Majestic Cabins Surrounded by Redwoods near Big Sur in California

Adorable Cabin near Woodstock, New York

Beachfront Cabin on a Private Island near Olympia in Washington

To see where people are looking to stay in 2019, check out our blog on travel trends for this year!

Travel Inspo: Our 5 Most-Booked Glamping Sites in 2018

By Kyomi Wade

Can you believe it? It feels like just yesterday we were scribbling down our New Year's resolutions, and now, here we are almost halfway through the year! More than ever, people all over the globe are catching on that glamping is truly one of the most breathtaking ways to spend time in nature and appreciate the beauty earth has to offer, and we are happy to guide them to that perfect glamping experience.

We've looked at the bookings for 2018 so far to see where have been the most popular places to stay on Glamping Hub. Whether for those yet to try glamping or just to book their holiday this year, we present the best bit of travel inspiration you'll stumble across today. Without further ado, here are our 5 most booked glamping sites of 2018!

1. Pet-Friendly Safari Cabin Tent near Warner Springs, California

Though the adorable dog in photo is not included, this pet-friendly accommodation is a firm-favorite and was the most visited in all of 2017, too, so we’re not surprised it's proving to be popular again this year. Being spacious, having panoramic views, and with the added perk of a private hot tub, staying here offers the opportunity to enjoy nature in a comfortable way.

Glampers will love the easy access to all the basics needed, such as coffee, good DVDs, and a pizza oven (a nice touch, if we do say so ourselves), as well as being able to completely disconnect from your day-to-day. If you are bringing a pet, you'll love watching them enjoy the great outdoors along with you, too. And yes, before you ask, it's in easy reach of Wi-Fi, just in case you need to check in with the outside world.

2. Eco-Friendly Tree House in Santa Cruz Mountains near Monterey Bay, California

A leisurely stroll through the woods will get you to your front door of your vacation rental, which just so happens to be a tree house! A queen-size bed, a well-equipped kitchen, and a hot tub will assure your comfort levels are met while you take in the beauty of the surrounding redwood forest. If you are a keen hiker, the hiking trails at The Forest of Nisene Park come highly recommended, so make sure you make some time for it.

One of the things we personally love is that this tree house is just 17 minutes from the coast, so you can really get the both worlds—perfect for indecisive travelers. One thing is for sure, though: it is guaranteed to be truly unique.

3. Inviting Cabin surrounded by the Redwoods Forest near Big Sur, California

It's time for some cabin love. You can really become at one with nature in this beautiful rental—bathing in its private outdoor baths, while being surrounded by the Big Sur redwood forest, a tranquil creek that runs by the property, and the chirping blue jays. It’s enough to truly allow you to unplug from the business of your standard day-to-day, but Wi-Fi can be requested if needed.

Better yet, you'll only be 15 minutes away from Carmel Beach for the coast-chasers among your party. The city of Carmel, where the cabin is located, has a European feel and a rich history that glampers can learn about, but you can just as easily go and simply enjoy sampling the various restaurants and boutiques on offer.

Being one of our most popular properties, we can tell you two things you won't forget about this cabin: the view and the best night's sleep you’ve had in ages.

4. Peaceful Green House near Silverton, Oregon

With this glamping gem, you'll find yourself amid the infamous Pacific Northwest in Oregon—both near the world-famous Silver Falls State Park and situated on a 67-acre organic farm. Animal lovers will feel truly at home here, with cats, dogs, and horses roaming the grounds.

At this cabin, the true beauty lies in its walls, which are deliberately transparent, so you always feel surrounded by the beautiful landscape. And, of course, like many of our popular glamping sites, a huge plus is the hot tub, which will only further help you relax amid these tranquil surroundings.

5. Romantic Tree House in the Redwoods of Santa Cruz, California

Get ready to fulfill all your childhood dreams in style. This tree is small but perfectly formed, perfect for you and your other half to have a nature-based escape. You'll naturally want to spend some quality time with your fellow glampers while on vacation, which is easily done at this secluded accommodation.

Situated not too far from Santa Cruz, you'll be able to easily explore local shops and tuck into some quality cuisine, too. So what else can you expect from this property? Aside from great access to hiking trails, as is the case with most of our best accommodations, you are only a five-minute walk to the world famous Mystery Spot, a 15-minute drive to the beaches of Santa Cruz, and close to two golf courses—sounds like a good plan to us!

We've found over 60 glamping sites that have had people particularly enamored this year. To see the full list for 2018, click here. Don't forget to share this list with someone who needs to try glamping this year, too!