Pro Tips for South African Safari Travel

By Alexandra McGowan

When you touch down in South Africa—ready for the trip of a lifetime!—travel arrangements within the country might not be on the top of your list. There’s so much to see and do, but how will you ever glimpse the Big Five if you can’t see beyond your spectacular glamping destination?

A group of lions laying down together in South Africa.

Luckily, we’ve created a one-stop shop of all the travel info and pro trips you’ll need to make your South African safari dreams come true. You'll be leading the pride in no time!

High in the Sky

Kruger National Park

Head up into the skies at sunrise in a hot air balloon. This balloon has only one destination: Kruger National Park. Soar over the western edge of the park as you scan the horizon for the Big Five.

Luxury Safari Tent Surrounded By Nature

Bunk down for the night in the African wilderness at this luxury safari tent.

Staying Grounded


Bringing you back down to earth for a second, the Baz Bus can be a reliable and fun, everyday transport method. This handy hop-on, hop-off idea can get you to Cape Town, Durban, and Johannesburg, all while traveling with fellow explorers. This user-friendly initiative gives you the perfect excuse to discover the stunning beaches of Durban.

An exterior shot of the beautifully-furnished tree house in the KwaZulu-Natal Province.

Discover the treetops of South Africa from this incredible tree house rental.

Reaching Cruising Altitude


If you fancy heading back up into the sky, fear not—internal flights are super reasonable and are an alternative to the longer Baz Bus routes. Mango and Kulula are two inexpensive airline options, which will get you to major cities in no time and won’t rob you of your Rand. Just kick back and relax, and you’ll be across the country in no time.

A view from the exterior of these exotic, upscale suites on a game reserve near Johannesburg.g

Treat yourself to a slice of luxury at one of these upscale suite rentals near Johannesburg.

Driving Cross Country

Off-road driving at sunset.

Fancy going solo? A 4x4 is highly recommended. Traveling by car will give you a fantastic opportunity to make your own itinerary. Why not visit iSimangaliso Wetland Park? It's one of South Africa’s eight World Heritage sites. This stunning park is home to hippos, crocodiles, pelicans, and flamingos—sure to be an unforgettable experience. Then again...that will likely be the case with your entire vacation here.

A view from the exterior of these luxury vacation rentals near Kruger National Park.

Take in the South Africa from these luxury vacation rentals near Kruger National Park.

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