Staff Picks: Our favorite summer traditions

By Jackie Dreyer

As we ease into July, we asked Glamping Hub staffers what their favorite summer traditions are. With 78 people from 17 different countries, we got a lot of fun answers that we wanted to share with you.


UX/UI Developer

"Going to music festivals around Europe!"


Director of Business Development

"Strawberries, Pimms, and Wimbledon!!! Just kidding—glamping, of course!"



"My favorite summer tradition is definitely to connect with nature in a new destination and do different activities that involve movement, like trekking, hiking, and cycling, as well as my two favorites, skateboarding and surfing."


Business Development Intern

"Go as deep as possible in the sea in Tangier by boat and then swim for hours!"


Product Analyst

"Music festivals or non-touristy places."

Maria C.

Financial Controller

"I'm very simple. My favorite summer tradition is going to the beach with my friends or family and spending all day swimming and rolling around in the sand. My favorite time of day is sunset—that moment when the whole world seems to stop and the sea is reflecting the pink and orange lights. For me, those days at the beach are the ones I feel most alive."


Business Development Manager



Social Media Manager

"It's not very unique, but for me, the summer means the beach! There is nothing better then spending days at the beach swimming in the ocean and spending nights eating dinner, playing board games, and laughing with the people you love!"


SEO Content Writer

"The obligatory summer festival—music, mates, BBQs, and everything in between."


Growth Assistant

"Healthy food and drinks, sports, and the beach."


Business Development Manager

"Summer in Miami is really hot, so we spend most of our time at the beach. Most locals have both mango and avocado trees in their backyards, and summer means that both are available in extreme abundance—lots of tropical meals and drinks! On weekends, we visit Key Largo or Key West, but typically spend most of our time at Miami's beautiful beaches because, let's be honest, it's Miami (and summer is actually our low season tourism-wise, so less tourists on the beaches and at the best restaurants!)."


Operations Manager

"Celebrating my niece's birthday together with my family in Galicia."

Jessica Armstrong

PR Partnerships Manager

"Beach and BBQs."


Host Specialist

"I'm from Martha's Vineyard, and a really special summer tradition is visiting the old fishing village, Menemsha, at least once a summer. You can order whole lobsters and fresh seafood at one of the fish markets and then enjoy it with some white wine at the nearby beach—all while watching one of the prettiest sunsets there is! People come from all around the world to enjoy this unique summer tradition."

P.S. You can tell we love the beach, right?

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Staff Picks: Finding your perfect writer's retreat with Kyomi

By Kyomi Wade

The writers retreat—an enthralling concept for any writer who takes themself even semi-seriously. There is something about carving out the time to just write, in beautiful surroundings, that makes you feel like something great is happening. And this is all thanks to one of our core values here at Glamping Hub, nature—the beauty of it, its propriety for adventure, and its ability to let you be alone with your own thoughts.

I'm a writer myself and studied English and American literature in Kent in the U.K.—an area that is known as the "Garden of England"—so there has always been a personal overlap between nature and writing for me. Whether it was studying writers influenced by nature or being inspired by nature for my own work, nature has always been a catalyst for my creativity. Once I started to truly explore the world of Glamping Hub, I became inspired by so many potential places to escape to and just write at.

A writer named Henry David Thoreau famously escaped to nature to undertake a huge writing project, known as "Walden," where he declared, "I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived."

And it is with him in mind—as well as his famous counterparts, such as Ralph Waldo Emerson, who discussed the divinity in nature—that I present six hand-picked glamping accommodations perfect for a writer's retreat, from various corners of the world.

England, U.K.

First stop, my original home: the U.K. I've started with an accommodation that is as glamping as you can possibly get, a tree house, which is situated on the breathtaking Lizard Peninsula of Cornwall, England. If you can tear yourself away from writing in this cozy, handmade masterpiece, you'll enjoy leisurely walks on the beautiful coastline, littered with rocks and tall cliffs, because as we all know, a good walk is perfect for writing inspiration! For further inspiration or material, guests can wander down to a nearby picturesque fishing village and get to know the locals.

Cadiz, Spain

Next up, I chose something I have my eye on, as it is rather close to my new home of Seville in the south of Spain. This tented cabin is quite literally enveloped by the Bay of Cadiz Nature Park (Parque Natural Bahía de Cádiz) and offers writers a wooden deck to look out to the lush greenery. You can just imagine yourself there with a good book or your notepad. What's more? Being in this part of Spain, you are most likely guaranteed the sun will be shining on your face while doing so. Location-wise, you'll never be far from the natural beauty of the coast or the stunning city of Seville.

Otiake, New Zealand

Two words: The view. If you are partial to travel magazines or blogs, you will know that the natural landscapes of New Zealand are often raved about, so I had to take a digital visit when compiling this list. It made the final cut for a few reasons.

Firstly, the essential luxuries offered by this site really epitomizes my idea of glamping, including the extremely comfy-looking bed and the restaurant-quality food (just check the reviews). Secondly, the nearby mountains and lake will allow you to really feel like you have enjoyed a key part of New Zealand's offerings. Lastly, but once again, the view. If that doesn't inspire creativity or a vast change from the standard day-to-day, I don't know what will.

Ontario, Canada

There is definitely something about the gentle movement of calm waters that really inspires reflection—and, hopefully, many prolific writing sessions! I can't say if I was swayed more by the library wall, the charming decor of the cabin, or the fact that it's quite literally perched on a lake. Either way, this accommodation feels like it was simply made to inspire creativity. If you are staying during the winter, you can enjoying cozying up to the wood-burning stove, and in summer, you might want to go for a row on Lake Erie to take in some fresh air and encourage further inspiration for your next writing session.

The Berkshires, Massachusetts

I chose this next glamping site for two very good reasons: (1) it’s in Massachusetts, the home of Thoreau's original Walden project; and (2) I genuinely feel like this has been taken out of a children's fairytale. The cottage is popular among honeymooners in particular but is completely suitable for a solo writer's retreat, too. It offers up the comfort of a dreamy king-size bed and all the basics you could want for your simple-living retreat. When you want to go outside and reconnect with nature, you can undertake the nearby Appalachian Hiking Trail or stroll through the two acres of woodland walking paths on-site.

Fun fact: If you have a car, two hours will take you to Thoreau's actual cabin—inspiration at its finest!

Asheville, North Carolina

Last, but not least, is this charming restored barn near Spring Creek in Madison County, North Carolina. This is quite literally the home of a writer, so it has authentically been designed with a writer's wants in mind! An artistic look and feel, a library, a hot tub and more, this glamping site offers comfort, but also well-needed solitude to simply write, as the host original bought the land for this purpose.

You will have two bases to choose from when getting down to some serious writing: the big wooden desk with a library wall as a backdrop or a huge porch with views of the greenery. With two National Parks nearby, too, nature is truly on your doorstep with this cabin.

Inspired to book your next writer's retreat in nature? (I personally can't wait!) Head to to start your trip or to get a gift card for a loved one!

Staff Picks: Lauren and A Simple Act of Nature

By Lauren Coetzee

Being immersed in nature is awe-inspiring—whether watching the thunder clouds roll in or standing at the foot of the impressive ocean—a sense of calm takes over and we feel a part of something bigger than ourselves. Growing up surrounded by towering pines in a magical forest filled with diversity, from the people that vacationed there to the animals that called it home, a fascination of the great outdoors started to take shape.

Working for Glamping Hub has certainly rounded out my love for the outdoors. Life's pleasures come from the simple acts of nature and is something that resonates with me entirely. This is why today I share the confluence of emotions and nature that come with a unique getaway in the great outdoors.

To experience the sheer beauty and power of Mother Nature is a treasure that leaves me feeling inspired and renewed. With these amazing vacation rentals, you, too, can experience the uniqueness that comes with disconnecting from the chaos of concrete jungles and reconnecting with nature.

For an off-the-grid experience, why not check out this rustic tipi nestled in Ramona Valley, California? Not only will you and your significant other enjoy a blend of comfort and luxury, but you'll also be treated to the sublime views of the sweeping landscape that surrounds you. Whether your skin sings at the feeling of the sun beating down or your heart fills up with the earthy smells of rain just passed, this bohemian tipi offers the simple pleasures of getting back in touch with nature.

Born and raised in South Africa, my love for the wilderness emerged at an early age. My family owned a cabin in the woods, and I recall lying awake at night listening to the pitter-patter of rain on our tin roof. South Africa boasts a uniqueness that can hardly be expressed, and through my travels, I've always missed the rain and the wild of my home country. These enchanting tree house suites offer an authentic experience in the heart of South Africa's wilderness, where you will be amazed by unparalleled natural treasures that will mesmerize all the senses.

With an immense natural beauty and ample outdoor recreation, the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, is the perfect destination to escape the nuances of everyday life. Aspire to be inspired—by dense forests, by rugged mountains, by the breeze you'll feel while standing on the deck of one of these unique glass cabin rentals. Here, all you outdoor enthusiasts and thrill seekers will enjoy the best of both worlds, with luxury and nature coming together effortlessly.

Glamping is an adventure. It brings out that childlike appetite that stirs our souls and beckons us to take a leap into the unknown, to question the dazzling stars, to swoon at the fullness of the moon, to listen to echoes of the endless woodlands that are home to extraordinary beings, and to bridge that gap between our day-to-day lives and our love of wandering. Those simple acts of nature combined with a glamping adventure bring about a unique experience that'll last a lifetime.

Looking for more? Head to Glamping Hub for a full look at our luxury camping accommodations!

Staff Picks: Gigi and Why the PNW is North America's Best-Kept Secret

By Giovanna Tapia

Corporate tech giants (think Amazon and Microsoft), ultra-hipster coffee shops, micro-breweries as far as the eye-can-see, flannel attire, and that infamous, unrelenting drizzle have become what the Pacific Northwest (affectionately referred to as the "PNW" by locals) is probably best known for. And to be honest, locals are eager to keep that rainy and cold reputation alive!

A growing sense of regional pride has made locals want to preserve this hidden gem, well, hidden from an ever increasing flow of transplants and tourists. But as a Seattle native myself (or as close to a "native" as I can be), I'm here to let you all in on the secret.

Image courtesty of Pixabay.

The PNW is truly a utopia for outdoor lovers, adventure enthusiasts, music lovers, and foodies alike. While it is true that Seattle and the PNW suffer from overcast and rainy skies for a large part of the year, it is for that very reason that this region is undeniably one of the most beautiful in the country (probably even the world). Thanks to the consistent rainfall and relatively mild temperatures, the area remains lush and verdant year round, even appropriately earning Washington the nickname of "The Evergreen State."

Having lived in three of the most prominent areas of the PNW: British Colombia, Washington, and (briefly) Oregon, I'll admit that, growing up, it was easy to take these naturally stunning surrounding for granted. Hopping in the car and driving a short distance away from any city was far too easy and offered the opportunity to see some of the most pristine coastlines, rugged mountains, and emerald-hued lakes that I've seen to date!

As I write this article from sunny Sevilla, Spain, the inner Seattleite and PNW-er in me is yearning for a little rainfall and some of those out-of-the-city hiking adventures I grew up with. So, without further ado, here are some of my top picks for a glamping getaway in the Pacific Northwest.

Magical Tree House in Seattle

This luxury tree house will make you feel like you've stepped into a forest

One of the best parts about living in Seattle is that you don't really need to leave the city to experience mother earth at it's finest. Even the city's most urban spaces are green and full of flora.

Take for instance this modern elevated tree house that is in the Lake City neighborhood. It's just a short drive from the very heart of Seattle's bustling city center, yet one step into the property, and you'll be left feeling like you've left behind the urban landscape for a lush forest setting.

Farm-Style Cottage near Whistler

Image of Pemberton courtesy of Pixabay.

Located just a short, but scenic, drive north of the famous skiing village of Whistler and about 150 kilometers from Vancouver, Pemberton embodies the spirit of the PNW outdoors perfectly. Often overlooked for its more famous neighbor, Whistler, Pemberton is nestled amidst the green-belt valley in the Coast Mountains providing it a stunning natural surrounding.

I first visited it in 2014 for Pemberton Music Festival and was quickly enchanted with the area, as it is the perfect city escape! Don't just take my word for it, though. Take in the crisp mountain air and experience the Canadian wilderness for yourself with a stay at this farm-style vacation rental located just 10 minutes from the Pemberton city center.

Unique Cabin on Oregon Coast

Relax at this cozy A-frame cabin near Seaside, Oregon.

On the northwestern coast of Oregon, the small resort city of Seaside is probably best known for its great surf waves and a 1920s promenade but offers so much more than just that. My stepfather had family there, so growing up, we'd frequent Seaside during long weekends and summer vacations.

I was always so excited for these getaways, since I knew I could look forward to walks along the long stretches of beach (at the now famous Cannon Beach), a relaxing getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life, and of course, the endless samples of Salt Water Taffy along the Seaside boardwalk. The area is also rich in wildlife, including eagles in the Necanicum River estuary and migrating gray whales that can be seen along the coast.

This lovely A-frame cabin features plenty of natural light and is the perfect place to stay if you're looking to visit Seaside, Cannon Beach, and or Astoria (where the childhood classic movie, "The Goonies," is set) for your very own Oregonian adventure.

Quirky Beachside Farmhouse

How adorable are these furry little alpacas? You won't want to miss a stay at this farmhouse!

I'll wrap up my list with another Washington pick, since it's where I hold nearest and dearest to my heart. Located in the Puget Sound, and a relatively short ferry ride from Seattle, Whidbey Island is unlike anywhere I've ever been in my life. It has a truly special essence that makes for the perfect antidote for any big city pressures you may be looking to escape.

There is just such a sense of peace and tranquility that captivates any visitor to the island. Whether it's the small town charm of the villages that dot the coast of the island, such as Langley and Coupeville, or the wide-open beaches, scenic vistas, outdoor adventures, great art, and fine dining, Whidbey is truly a special little corner of the world.

Ringing true to the quirkiness that the greater Seattle area is often known for, this farmhouse is located on an alpaca farm right next to the waters of the Puget Sound. And yes, you read that right—an alpaca farm! It does not get much more Pacific Northwest than that.

Seattle is home to both stunning nature, and bustling citylife—it truly has it all!

And now I feel like I've betrayed my fellow PNW-ers by letting the cat out of the bag that the PNW really is the best, but I couldn't keep that kind of secret to myself. It is just so much the archetypal location for a glamping getaway, and everybody deserves to see this beautiful part of the world for themselves!

Witness the magic of the Pacific Northwest for yourself and check out some more of our accommodations in Washington and Oregon in the U.S. and British Columbia in Canada!

Staff Picks: Neil's Unique Accommodations for Extraordinary Adventures

By Neil Graham

Standing on the summit of Saddle Yoke in Scotland at 2,411 feet as an 11-year-old boy, I remember it felt like the biggest mountain in the world. The views were something from another planet and nothing like I’d ever seen before. It was -10 degrees Celsius, the wind was howling, and the heavy snowfall seemed relentless—something I should have hated—but I was there with my dad, looking out across this land of giants, thinking “This. Is. Awesome.”

Since that day, we’ve traveled the world navigating dangerous ridges and enduring extreme weather, while learning that getting up at 4 a.m. is not too early, that 17,600 feet is not too high, and a 30-kilo backpack is not too heavy. Climbing mountains, for me, was never about trudging up steep hillsides in the rain, searching for that sense of achievement, it was always about hanging out with my dad, witnessing landscapes that no photographer could ever do justice, and sharing challenging moments well as a free pub meal and a pint on the way home.

At Glamping Hub, we understand that the bonds and memories you create in the great outdoors are special, so we’ve put together this collection of unique accommodations that are attached to extraordinary adventures.

Unique Up-Cycled Bus Accommodation Getaway near Reykjavik, Iceland

Look at our stunning collection of bus rentals!

This fascinating, up-cycled bus accommodation is the epitome of glamping, with it’s creative and innovative design showcasing the artistic personality of our host while offering our guests a truly unique experience at the foothills of Mount Esja. Only 10 minutes north of Iceland’s capital city, the mountain range dominates Reykjavic’s skyline and makes for a superb day of hiking along volcanic peaks in the snow and ice.

Stunning Modern Safari Tent Rentals with Private Patio near Leh, Jammu and Kashmir

Check out our other glamping accommodations in the Himalayas!

Guests staying at these enchanting safari tents in the region of Jammu and Kashmir will be able to wake up to the phenomenal sight of the soaring Himalayas, the clang of yak bells, and the fresh mountain air of northern India. There are miles of trekking trails nearby, as well as opportunities to kayak along the Indus and Zanskar Rivers, regarded as one of the most spectacular navigable gorges in the world.

Extraordinary Luxury Tree House near the Lule River in Swedish Lapland

Take a look at our amazing tree houses from around the world!

One of our most eye-catching accommodations, this incredible tree house can be found surrounded by the tall pines of Sweden’s Lapland, just 50 kilometers south of the Arctic Circle. Mountaineers looking to take on Sweden’s highest mountain, Kebnekaise, can reward themselves with a stay in the sublime wilderness of Harads and recuperate in style.

Luxury Camping Domes with Amazing Trail Access near Machu Picchu, Peru

Visiting Lima, Peru? Make it a vacation to remember and stay in of our unique rentals!

The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is notorious for its astonishing archaeological sites and its green, jagged peaks. With the trail reaching an altitude of 13,828 feet at its highest elevation, guests will be hard-pressed to find such a rewarding adventure anywhere else in the world. The four-day trek is a magical experience for friends and families yearning to witness the beauty of the Andes, and these dome rentals in Cusco, Peru, will make the journey truly unforgettable.

Couples' Luxury Cabin with Unique Details near the Isle of Skye, Scotland

Planning a getaway in Scotland? Why not stay in an eco-pod in Orkney!

Dotted with medieval castles and historic fishing villages, Scotland’s northwest coast is a rugged landscape with a mythical aura that any explorer will fall in love with. This luxury cabin in the Highlands is just a short ferry ride to the Isle of Skye, which is home to Scotland’s most iconic rock, The Storr, as well as Sgùrr Deag and its Inaccessible Pinnacle, two treks that are engulfed by breathtaking natural beauty. Boasting a wood-fired hot tub and a deck with sensational views of the Sound of Sleat, guests are treated to the most stylish of base camps.

Luxury Canvas Tent Rentals for an Incredible Alaska Camping Experience on the Matanuska Glacier

See the Northern Lights at these glamping accommodations!

Spending nights out in the wilderness without access to television or the internet allows guests to reconnect with nature and with each other. It’s the perfect opportunity to share stories and ponder the deeper questions in life while enjoying the silence of the great outdoors. Guests at these glamping tents in Sutton, Alaska, will be able to try their hand at ice climbing on the nearby Matanuska Glacier and hike along the renowned Lion’s Head Trail past lakes, ice falls, and the peaks of the snow-capped Talkeetna Mountains. At certain times of the year, guests may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights, which makes for a magical end to the day.

Looking for more hiking adventures? Have a look at our best hiking vacations in California for 2018!

Staff Picks: Across the Globe with Liz

By Elizabeth Young

When asked to pick a few of my favorite accommodations on our website, I really had to think. Working here, you come across so many amazing properties that it is hard to decide where to begin. When choosing mine, I decided to pick from four different categories: rentals I brought to the website when I worked in the Sales Department, rentals I've visited, rentals on my bucket list, and rentals that everyone can afford. So let's take a look!

Dome in the Catskill Mountains, New York

This property stands out in my mind for a few reasons. Firstly, I am from New York and have visited the Catskill region many times—it's beautiful no matter what time of year you visit. If you're looking for an memorable outdoor getaway from Manhattan, the Catskill Mountains are an easy drive. Another reason is that this is one of the first properties I signed up on the website when I was working in Sales. It is a truly unique place, with a few different kinds of accommodations on the property and enough space for large groups to come and stay.

Villa Rental in Andalucia, Spain

Living in Andalucia, or southern Spain, means that you get almost a full year of sunshine and more than eight months of beach weather. I was lucky enough to visit this villa last year with a group of friends for my birthday. Not only was it an easy drive, but it was the perfect space for eight people and even has a pool. There are few things better than waking up surrounded by loved ones and spending your days under a sunny, blue sky by the pool.

When you stay here, you can visit many stunning coastal towns like Nerja and bigger cities like Malaga or Marbella. There's truly nothing like the Spanish sunshine, especially when accompanied by a glass of sangria or some delicious tapas.

Bucket List Mountain Getaway in Australia

The longer I work at Glamping Hub, the longer my bucket list grows—every day, I come across stunning properties that you could never even imagine existed. Forget that same hotel room that you always go back to, and this holiday, book somewhere really special. This secluded mountain cottage in Australia is a perfect example.

This cottage is truly one-of-a-kind, with a private location, a wrap-around deck, and a beautiful, modern interior. At the end of the day, relax under the stars with that special someone, perhaps with a glass of Australia's famous Shiraz.

A Pacific Northwest Getaway Everyone Can Afford

You may be thinking, "This list is getting a little expensive," and that may be true. To switch things up a little bit, I chose one of our most stunning, riverfront cabins, and the best part is, you can stay here for under $100 per night! On the banks of the Sandy River in Rhododendron, Oregon, guests have easy access to the Mount Hood National Forest, as well as the Mount Hood Skibowl and the Timberland Ski Area, for some outdoor fun all year long.

Looking for more? Head to Glamping Hub for a full look at our luxury camping accommodations!

Staff Picks: Jen's Favorites

By Jenn Johnson

Born in Charleston, South Carolina, I was brought up on the Atlantic Ocean and near numerous lakes and rivers, so it isn't surprising that most of my favorite glamping sites are on or near the waterfront. Growing up, most summer days were spent bodyboarding and surfing at Folly Beach or wakeboarding and water skiing in the rivers and lakes.

I cannot think of a better place to have grown up than in my old neighborhood, where the Cooper River and two gorgeous lakes were just steps away from my childhood home. Spending the first 18 years of my life in such an idyllic setting has allowed me to fully appreciate the benefits of being in nature, and it is a big reason why glamping is so special to me today.

With a strong passion for cooking, surfing, wakeboarding, sports, guitar, yoga, and a healthy lifestyle, I choose accommodations where I can easily enjoy my hobbies and spend the maximum amount of time outdoors, experiencing nature with all five senses. For me, the experience of living in nature helps me to connect with my true self.

Luxurious Tree House on Working Farm in Taos, New Mexico

a treehouse for rent in Taos, New Mexico

Everything about this enchanting tree house is unique, particularly its design, its setting, and its marvelous location in the art colony of Taos, New Mexico. This special tree house was hand-built by the owner—a Taos artist and metal sculptor—and features handmade furniture and antiques. When you stay at this breathtaking property, you'll love having breakfast on the deck that overlooks a 100-foot pond, with the relaxing sound of the Rio Hondo River flowing in the background. It'd be hard not to adore the company of the property's friendly alpacas, ducks, chickens, geese, and Pyrenees dogs on the working farm.

Camping Cabin for Yoga Retreat near Mauna Loa, Hawaii

a camping cabin in Mauna Loa, Hawaii

An uplifting and spiritual experience is what's in store at this unique retreat near Pahoa, Hawaii. The site offers yoga with an ocean view, daily meditation, and holistic nutrition. To top it all off, the nearby beaches are ideal for surfing. It really doesn't get any better than this!

Chic Lakefront Cabin in South Lake Tahoe, California

a cabin rental on the shores of Lake Tahoe

One of our core values at Glamping Hub is "To-Gather," and for me, glamping is about sharing the experience with the ones you love most. For family glamping getaways, cabins are an optimal choice in accommodations, because they provide maximum comfort for everyone, especially for grandparents and other elder family members.

This unique cabin on Lake Tahoe is one of my top choices because of its waterfront location, stunning surroundings, gorgeous design, and fantastic amenities. Here, you can enjoy boating, jet skiing, water skiing, and wake boarding right out the front door. With the mountains nearby, there are endless year-round activities at this fabulous destination, no matter the season.

The cabin also boasts a private dock, a spacious deck with a hot tub, and stunning lake views, making it the ideal waterfront glamping site. The main level has an open floor plan with two dining tables and is an ideal space to gather in the evenings to play board games and card games, which has always been a tradition on glamping getaways with my family.

Stylish Yurts near Beaches in Tarifa, Spain

a yurt rental in Tarifa, Spain

Not only is this special glamping site located in one of my favorite places on this planet, but it also shares my values of sustainability, simplicity, and a healthy lifestyle. The delicious, homemade breakfast and welcome basket include local products, such as freshly-laid eggs, honey, homemade jam, and cheese. This property's rustic setting by Tarifa's gorgeous beaches allows me to get back to the basics, connect with nature, and, of course, head out into the ocean for some kiteboarding or windsurfing until the sun sets.

Eco-Friendly Luxury Cottage in Asturias, Northern Spain

a cottage rental in Asturias in Northern Spain

This property in Asturias in Northern Spain is one of my absolute favorites for so many reasons. I greatly admire the hosts for following their dreams and converting this stunning piece of land into the incredible glamping site that it is today. I also find their lifestyle, based on simplicity and sustainability, a huge inspiration.

I appreciate learning new things all the time, and that is another reason why this site is at the top of my list. The hosts are passionate to teach you about their acquired skills and knowledge related to low-impact living, such as how to grow your own vegetables, how to sustain a natural water supply, and much more.

Lastly, this wonderful property is only a few minutes' drive from one of the sweetest surfing spots in Spain—Playa Rodiles—with its picturesque setting, golden sand, and perfect waves.

For more wonderful staff recommendations, check out the rest of the Staff Picks, or start your own adventure by browsing Glamping Hub!

Staff Picks: Mahealani

By Mahealani Schuman

If you asked me to tell you my favorite place on earth, I’d answer without hesitation: Hawaii.

While sipping Mai Tais at sunset on the famous beaches of Waikiki is a notorious image across the world, for travelers, Hawaii is sometimes shrugged off due to its high popularity and price tag. But as someone who was born and raised there, I can tell you from the heart—Hawaii is everything that you could ever imagine and more!

There are few words to adequately describe the feeling of being surrounded by nature, observing life as it naturally flows around you. I think there is a point in everyone's life when we have that “ah ha” moment—the moment when we are humbled by the world and its stunning beauty. This moment is not something bigger than ourselves, but rather, it’s when we are really able to reconnect with the raw beauty of our world and find our place within it.

hawaii_this is a pool and sunset

Originally from the island of Oahu, I experienced these moments and feelings my whole life. Nature was and still is engraved in the fiber of my being. Since before I could remember, living meant being a part of nature, embracing what was there before us in its pristine state, and growing with it.

As kids, we were taught how to respect the land we live on, learning to interact with the worldly elements that surrounded us in our day to day. Our parents used to tell us, “Never turn your back to the ocean. Never take a lava rock from the place you found it. Never pick the Ohia Lehua flower because it will begin to rain torrential rain.”

As I traveled around the world and later began my professional career after university, these fundamental values I grew up with, especially the bond I had with nature, became even more important to me. Life is about collecting moments, moments that change you and the world in positive ways.

At Glamping Hub, one of our core values is nature. All of our accommodations are thoughtfully sought after and selected to be on our site with nature in mind. Every day at my job, I am inspired by our incredible hosts, and I’m able to see firsthand how the most unique stays connect people back to nature.

For my staff picks, I want to bring you my favorite places, placing you in the heart of nature. Of course, Hawaii is at the top of my list!

Hawaiian Eco-Friendly Tree House

This is a treehouse ins Hawaii

Tucked away in the green-mossy Ola'a forest, this tree house offers guests an experience like nothing else. Literally built into the surrounding nature, elevated 15 feet above ground this eco-friendly tree house is the all encompassing sleeping-in-the-trees escape.

Located on the Big Island of Hawaii, this is the perfect location for all things adventurous! One of the most untouched islands of the Hawaiian chain, the Big Island is home to eight of the 13 different climate zones in the world. These ecosystems range from tropical dry forests and grasslands to snowy mountain tops and anchialine pools.

In Volcano National Park, guests can explore the subterranean lava tube systems, feel the heat of sulfur vents from miles below, or hike out to the coastline and watch the sunset as Kilauea pours into the ocean. There really is nothing missing from this one-of-a-kind tree house, just be sure not to pick a red flower from the ohia tree!

Tiny House, Volcano National Park

This is a tiny house in Volcano National Park, Big Island of Hawaii.

I couldn't help but pick yet another accommodation from the Big Island. This unique, hand-built tiny home perfectly balances inside comforts with the nature of the world outside. Of course, take a day or two to explore Volcano National Park, but make sure to venture out and experience the other sides of the island.

Mauna Kea is not too far of a drive and debatably the most amazing experience you will have while staying at this tiny home. Mauna Kea is the tallest mountain in the state and the tallest sea mountain in the world. If measured from the ocean floor, it is 33,000 feet taller than Mt. Everest!

During winter, snow covers the tops providing ski-enthusiasts with the novelty of skiing in Hawaii.At night visitors are encouraged to stay and watch as the sky fills with stars, appearing so close that you could reach out and touch them.

For anyone looking to reconnect with nature, the Big Island is one of my favorite places to recommend. Make sure to seek out the green, black, and pink sand beaches, swim with the dolphins in Kealakekua Bay, and jump into a few waterfalls along the way!

North Shore Yurt in Haleiwa

This is a yurt on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.

The most widely renowned island is the Island of Oahu. Home to the infamous Waikiki Beach and memorable Pearl Harbor, this island is often seen in movies and popular television shows. As I’m from Oahu myself, it is undoubtedly my favorite, which is why I suggest these glamping yurts on the North Shore.

This non-traditional take on a Hawaiian vacation spot puts guests right in the center of the best surf and the most beautiful views in the area, allowing them to experience Oahu’s finest during their stay. Eco-friendly and locally made, these yurts offer guests everything they could imagine, plus things they hadn’t dreamed of, like a private slide leading into natural salt water pools.

Oahu also has so many activities for guests to enjoy! Close to the rental, guests can take on the challenging Crouching Lion hike or take an easy stroll to Waimea Falls. Make sure to take a day trip to Kailua Beach and the West Side to see a sunset, too!

Glamorous Camping Tent, New Zealand

This is a bell tent in New Zealand.

There really are so many places I want to visit, and not just in Hawaii. On the top of my list are these unique and glamorous bell tents. Guests can enjoy all the luxuries and comforts of a hotel in their glamping tent with the addition of these magnificent views in Waitaki Valley, New Zealand. With a personal fireplace outside the tents and a beautiful wooden deck, watching the picturesque sunset has never been so cozy.

New Zealand has so many amazing opportunities for glampers to experience, from gorgeous hikes to adventure sports outside! These glamping tents are the perfect place to start.

If these beautiful places have inspired you, head over to Glamping Hub and get back to nature!

Staff Picks: The Poetry of Nature

By Pollyanna Durbin

It can be said that only in nature may we understand the infinite, and poetry is, perhaps, the map with which we can decipher this greatest of mysteries. Its beauty begets the simplicity of our existence and in its melodic wordplay, we can find truth.

I have long considered wildness a necessity and have been fortunate enough to indulge in exploring the written word under many different skies around the world.

Mary Oliver

Mary Oliver, the Pulitzer Prize-winning poet, grew up in the vast plains of Ohio, and it was here that her reverence for nature began. When she moved to New England, she set the majority of her work against the backdrop of the wooded, lake-studded acres that surrounded her home.

"Whoever you are", she wrote, "the world offers itself to your imagination, calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting—over and over announcing your place in the family of things."

Nature connected her to those she loved, and to a silence so tender, it imparted on her the most gracious of affirmations, “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”


This cabin is near where Oliver wrote the majority of her work. Flanked by pine trees and with ocean views, it is the perfect place to pay homage to this mindful poet.

Federico García Lorca

It was among the shadows of the cypress trees in his hometown of Granada that Federico García Lorca sat and started to gift the world his incurable love poems. Woven into a time of political unrest, Lorca found solace in the moonlight and the large spaces of his home. A great explicator of duende, the idea that all art should be imbued with authentic self-expression and soul, he reworked myths into his own private narration.

In nature, he experienced profound isolation, and from that isolation came a tencious courage. Soon, the sun baked meadows that he had traversed as a young boy—with arms outstretched among the poppies and fireflies—became a place of war and suffering. Nature has its own language in Andalucia, and Lorca was its greatest translator.


Unravel with Lorca in this cabin and relish the splendor of this region where "the landscape sidled on the pivot of a larger arc, into the green of evening."

Virginia Woolf

It was in Bloomsbury, central London, that the acclaimed writer Virginia Woolf strode into the world. A genre-defining, experimental artist, in the truest sense of the word. Along with her unique "set" of fellow thinkers, they deconstructed societal conventions and paved the way for a new literary epoch, one in which women did not have to be defined by their male counterparts.

Woolf once described herself as “a porous vessel afloat on a sensation," and it was among the generous meadow flowers and colorful country gardens of Sussex on the south coast of England where these sensations became some of the most enduring works of the early 20th century.


Though it is unlikely that Virginia herself would have ever had the opportunity to stay in a yurt, this authentic accommodation boasts the same dreamy views that she would have delighted in.

Henry David Thoreau

It is impossible to discuss nature without examining the back catalog of Henry David Thoreau. Often considered the father of environmentalism, Thoreau’s transcendental work speaks directly to the modern condition of restlessness. A gardener, both literally and metaphorically, his ideas germinated in his need for a more spiritual existence.

His most famous work "Walden, Life in the Woods" espouses a profound rhythm of life lived in the wild, away from the boundaries and expectations of urban living. He wrote “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” To Thoreau, reality only existed within the spiritual world that nature encompassed, and as a transcendentalist, he was attached to a deliberate and ethical way of living—a model which many of us follow today.


Experience a different way of living for the night on this houseboat, not far from the ponds that inspired Thoreau's iconic work.

Emily Bronte

It is hard to separate the internal and external landscape of Emily Bronte. Her writing is as stark and weather-beaten as the moors of her homeland. Nature plays a pivotal role within the characters she interweaves into her novels and poems. The scenery she explores is imposing, dramatic and eternal.

From the impossibly soft wildflowers on the side of brook-beds to the bloated shadows of clouds making their exodus across hillsides, a visit to God's own country is a humble one. You only have to look out at the rolling panoramas to envisage Emily—monastic and alone, reactive to the very seasons that we so often ignore.


This country retreat is the perfect place to explore the vast crags and "the power of the north wind blowing over the edge, a range of gaunt thorns all stretching their limbs one way, as if craving the alms of the sun."

If any of these writers have inspired you to immerse yourself in nature, grab a book, visit Glamping Hub, and let a little wildness in.

Staff Picks: Eric's "Star Wars"-inspired getaways

By Eric Wright

"A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away"...I remember being awestruck by the fabulous, otherworldly destinations seen in the "Star Wars" franchise and wishing to be able to jump in my brother's worn-out, miniature Millennium Falcon to seek out such exotic lands. Fortunately for us, many of these incredible places actually exist on our own little blue and green world.

From this hologram message, rebel scum, empire officers, and interplanetary smugglers alike will have access to the coordinates of the picturesque moon of Endor, with it's thick forest inhabited by Ewoks; the volatile lava lands of Mustafar where Anakin Skywalker met his fate; the vast deserts of Tatooine in which CP30 and R2D2 bumped into Jabba the Hut; and, the most coveted of all, Luke Skywalker's stunning secret hideaway from "The Force Awakens."

With so many astonishing locations available, getting out and exploring our fascinating universe is sure to enchant any visitor. The force is certainly strong with these ones.

Unique Dome Structure Perfect for Luxury Camping with Panoramic Bay Views in Ischia, Italy

This unique dome provides a luxury camping experience with spectacular panoramic bay views of Ischia in Italy. Glampers will be able to take a scenic ferry to Sicily to hike the majestic Mount Etna, which was used as the backdrop for the volatile planet of Mustafar and the epic battle between Obi-Wan and Anakin. For those seeking the unlimited power of nature, this is the chosen one.

Picturesque Glamping Cabin Rental near Redwood State Park in Northern California

This charming cabin is near Redwood State Park in California and gives visitors a chance to really connect with nature in a completely serene setting. Visitors can make the short trip to the gorgeous Redwood State Park, allowing guests to discover the raw wilderness that was used as the remote moon of Endor—and the chance to catch a glimpse of an elusive Ewok.

Secluded Glamping Eco-Pod Rental in the Mojave Desert near Ridgecrest, California

This secluded glamping pod in the vast Mojave Desert is sure to have guests wondering if they are indeed on a far-flung planet. Glampers can take a scenic drive to Death Valley, where CP30 and R2D2 wandered the boundless desert of Tatooine. Brave explorers on this desert planet may even wait for dusk to come when the true power of the dark side makes its stunning entrance.

Tranquil Luxury Tent in Picturesque Ireland

This property truly does give glampers a new hope to discover the sublime countryside of Ireland while sleeping in the great outdoors in these luxurious tents. Luke Skywalker's secret hideaway from the modern installments of the saga, Skellig Michael, can be reached via a spectacular boat ride, and the remote mountain island with its crashing waves and rugged coastline is sure to create unforgettable memories.

If the force of nature is calling to you, let Glamping Hub help guide your way!