Blogger Spotlight: Andrezej and Jolene adventure to Noosa, Queensland

By Jessica Armstrong

Allow your glamping dreams to come true this year when traveling to Noosa, Queensland, to visit these luxury tent rentals. Andrzej and Jolene of Wanderlust Storytellers know a thing or two about turning a vacation into an extraordinary, romantic experience, and after they share some of their tips, you will want to make your next vacation a glamping getaway, too!

Whether you are making an escape to the beach to disconnect from the hustle and bustle or planning a picnic to share with a loved one surrounded by greenery, you can pitch a glamping tent wherever you heart desires.

Find out more about Andrzej and Jolene's epic outdoor adventure and all the romance that came with it below.

Andrzej and Jolene picnic in front of their luxury tent.

What are the three words you would use to describe your glamping site?

Romantic, peaceful, and elegant.

Do you prefer to go glamping solo or with other groups and couples?

I love glamping with my beautiful wife! To me, this is the best couples' treat, for sure.

For a birthday treat unlike any other, Andrzej gave Jolene the gift of glamping.

What is one of your most memorable glamping experiences?

Glamping with Glamping Hub is definitely on the top of our glamping experiences! You simply cannot beat the romantic set up that we had.

The tent itself was amazing. All of the pillows and blankets that were provided kept us cozy under the starry sky—not to mention the private fire pit in front of our tent, which made the whole experience just perfect!

A stay here is sure to help glampers recharge, relax, and rekindle the spark with that special someone.

What has glamping taught you about travel and nature?

I always loved camping, but glamping is next-level comfort. I guess what I’ve learned was: why go camping when you can go glamping?

What is your favorite type of unique accommodation and why?

That is a hard one! There are so many unique places that we have stayed at; however, glamping has got to be one of the most unique ones. It’s like it is best of both worlds. Although you are still camping next to a fire, you also have all the bells and whistles of a luxurious accommodation.

Andrzej and Jolene found that these tents beautifully combine nature with luxury.

What trends do you follow when planning a glamping getaway?

The main thing is choosing a location that allows for total relaxation. This place must be off-the-grid and have no connection to the 'net and social media world.

How has glamping changed the way you vacation?

Glamping has definitely changed the way I think about camping experiences. My private tent has been long forgotten in the shed. These days, if we feel like a quick getaway, glamping is the natural choice. That way, we can still have a fire and marshmallows, and we don’t need to set up or pack up.

Now true glampers, Andrzej and Jolene have found a whole new way to define vacationing.

What was unique about your glamping stay?

The blankets and stack of pillows on the mat in front of the fire—that was the best for sure! Total relaxation and bliss, and having all of that under the starry sky, while listening to the fire was simply perfect!

To plan your perfect couples' getaway in Noosa, Queensland, check out the luxury tents visited by Jolene and Andrzej here!

Want to follow along with this romantic duo on their next getaway? Check out their blog, Instagram, and Facebook for more tips and travels.

Blogger Spotlight: Lara glamps in Joshua Tree, California

By Jessica Armstrong

Packed Perfectly is Lara's specialty platform for making all things travel easy, enjoyable, and one-of-a-kind. Newly back from her trip visiting Joshua Tree, this glamping gal can tell us a thing or two about how to make summer last all year long.

With fantastic amenities, complete seclusion, and a rustic decor, Lara's glamping cabin made the perfect desert home-away-from-home. With over 100 different accommodations to choose from in Southern California, we know we want to be heading to visit these luxurious cabins in Joshua Tree, too.

Lara gives us her thoughts on glamping, travel, and what inspires her below.

Enjoy the warmth of Joshua Tree's desert-like climate.

Lara embraces the rustic appeal of Joshua Tree.

What do you like most about glamping?

I like things that push the social norm, and glamping is that push. Anything that gets you closer to nature while still having that comfort of a warm bed and modern amenities is more appealing to me than a five-star hotel. I crave experiences and glamping indulges those cravings.

Tell us three words to describe this accommodation.

Experience-curated, creative, and rustic-chic.

The cabin's veranda overlooks an endless stretch of rural, countryside scenery.

An accommodation elegantly furnished to match the rustic scenery.

Do you prefer to travel alone or with a larger group?

I think there is an overwhelming need for solo travel, one where your phone is not used as a crutch and connected to your hand at all times. Most of my happiest and transformational moments have come from solo travel, as it brings about radical self-reliance and the self-confidence that comes from that.

Finding your tribe and being in a group is a great experience and fun, but you truly learn about who you are and what you bring to the world when it is you answering your own thoughts—where you should go today, what you should eat for dinner, should you be gregarious and meet people or stick to yourself? Everything you do depends on your mood and you create your own adventure.

You add to your social capital this way and become a global citizen, which does affect the way your view the world and the help you bring to it. Any time you step out of your boundaries and comfort zone you become a more interesting human, so bring a few books, and make sure your suitcase is packed perfectly.

Enjoy this vast and spacious glamping site.

The refreshing outdoors is just as welcoming as the cozy cabin comforts.

Where is your dream destination?

It changes with every dream destination I accomplish. I never just dream about a destination—more of an experience I want to have while at a destination. Today, it is paddleboarding through the glaciers of Antarctica and scuba diving with orcas.

If you were to go glamping tomorrow, where would you go?

I am plotting out my trip to Patagonia and want to book this immediately! I have been dreaming about finding this, especially this location:

This cozy dome rental is perfect for a couples' getaway in Patagonia.

Find this glamping site nestled in the Chilean foothills of Patagonia.

What was the most memorable experience at your most recent glamping stay?

My most recent experience was to Joshua Tree. I glamped at
an isolated, yellow cabin decorated on the inside like your grandmother's house if your grandmother is an electric-type with impeccable taste and attention to detail in every room.

Perfectly equipped for outside living, the five-acre property features a stunning outdoor stone fireplace and a picnic table topped with a beautiful chandelier for long cozy dinners.

My built-in after dinner activities began with horse shoes. I cannot tell you the last time I played a good game of horse shoes.

Lara finds the private pool just steps away from her cabin rental.

A private pool is the perfect escape from the hot, desert sun.

Living in the technology age of constant over-stimulation the essence of properties like this in Joshua Tree is to bring you back to what is important—simplifying in all aspects of life including and most importantly, play. The cabin, designed by Joshua Desert Retreats, might as well specialize in reconnecting you with nature, as they carefully curated your day around it.

In the heat of the day, you can enjoy the pool. The hot tub is perfect for watching the sky rainbow itself through sunset. You will find yourself moving to the ginormous comfy swing, perfect to watch the constellations appear at dusk. If you want to get the most out of your Joshua Tree experience, make sure you book yourself into a property that knows what you want to experience before you do.

What is your top tip or recommendation for a first time glamper?

Be prepared to be hooked on the experiences glamping gives you that a hotel or AirBnb will not. These are the experiences we yearn for when we travel, plus you're not camping—you get fresh towels and a warm comfy bed.

What about travel inspires you?

I have taken the non-traditional approach to life in just about every aspect, especially where I have chosen to live. I am an Asheville-born, NYC-shaped, European-stylized, Australian, and newly Californian. I elongated the traditional gap year to fit my life and set out to live meaningful travel, wanting to experience cities through the eyes of a local. That desire has lead me to develop many friendships all over the earth, from all walks of life. My dinner table is a multi-cultural one, as are all global citizens.

Joshua Tree is known for its breathtaking sunset views.

There's nothing like a relaxing sunset to wrap up a fun-filled glamping retreat.

Whether I am standing on the edge of the world’s highest bungee jump in New Zealand, getting dared to eat a scorpion in Bangkok, riding a camel to camp in the Sahara desert, or racing across the Mekong Delta to play a pickup game of water basketball in Laos, the Talking Heads song “Once in a Lifetime” starts playing in my head. Travel inspires me to look at the world differently and what motivates me to seek out those unexplored corners of the globe.

Turns out, I am one of those weirdos that can embrace constant change with a childlike outlook—wandering into the unknown seeking knowledge and friendships. I basically want to turn over as many rocks as I can while I am on this Earth, adding to my social capital.

Lara explores the beautiful, vast stretch surround her glamping accommodation.

Until next time...

To visit your very own Joshua Tree cabin, check out our Southern California portal!

Check out Lara's adventures on her blog, Instagram, and Facebook.

Blogger Spotlight: Kristina and Naizak

By Jessica Armstrong

There's nothing better than a summer glamping getaway (start planning yours for next year here!)—and even more so when (wo)man's best friend is coming along for the ride.

Kristina of Day in My Dreams and her best dog pal, Naizak, made their way over to a stunning Virginia cottage for their first Glamping with Pets vacation. We asked her to give us the inside scoop on glamping with her furry BFF, paw in hand.

Cottage with Mountain Views of Blue Ridge Parkway

Packs and pup in tow, Kristina is ready to go glamping.

What three words would you use to describe your Glamping Hub stay?

Relaxing, fun, and escape.

Cottage with Mountain Views of Blue Ridge Parkway

From the moment Naizak strutted through the door, he knew he found his home-away-from-home.

What are your packing essentials for every glamping trip?

Since glamping is a lot like camping, it's important to bring a few essentials! My must-haves include food (and plenty of it), bevies, your own toiletries, and a body prepped for relaxation.

What are your main steps to planning a getaway?

Scheduling a getaway can be difficult with a busy schedule. Set aside time in advance, and don't let other plans intervene—everyone needs time for themselves.

Cottage with Mountain Views of Blue Ridge Parkway

Enjoy this gorgeous view from the living room every day.

Do you prefer to travel in large groups, solo, or with a companion?

I love traveling in large groups or even alone! It's a totally different experience either way. If I have party pants on, I go with a group of my best girlfriends. When I need some time to unwind, I prefer to travel alone or with a single companion.

Cottage with Mountain Views of Blue Ridge Parkway

(Wo)man's best friend and glamper alike, these two pals sure are having a ball.

What is your main piece of advice for travelers planning their first glamping stay?

Be sure to think through your packing list thoroughly. If you're staying in a remote area, you may not be able to find what you need at the destination.

Cottage with Mountain Views of Blue Ridge Parkway

These plush couches are calling your name for some relaxation and a cozy afternoon nap.

What is your dream destination?


If you were to visit a glamping accommodation tomorrow, where and what type would it be?

I would love to go glamping on a tropical getaway. It's so nice to be able to enjoy the luxury of some place exotic while having the comforts of a home.

Cottage with Mountain Views of Blue Ridge Parkway

A view this stunning never gets old.

What was the biggest surprise about your glamping stay?

The view was so much better than I had even imagined! We're already planning our next trip.

Cottage with Mountain Views of Blue Ridge Parkway

Until next time, glampers!

To have your very own Glamping with Pets stay, check out Kristina's cottage accommodation.

Don't miss more of Kristina's adventures, and head to her blog, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Blogger Spotlight: Megan glamps in North Carolina

By Jessica Armstrong

When she's not sharing her serious yoga skills with yogis across the globe, Megan of North Carolina Yoga Girl is spending time with her family and loved ones at a glamping cabin on the lake. But who said you can't multitask on vacation?

Megan shows off her yoga skills on the indoor balcony of the large, family cabin.

Megan appreciates the beautifully-structured cabin from every possible angle.*

Glamping and yoga go hand in hand. There is nothing like getting back in touch with nature while also getting back in touch with yourself. Travel with Megan as she guides, shavasanas, and downward-facing dogs her way through Glamping Hub's North Carolina Getaways. You will not want to miss out what she has to share from her most recent stay at this perfect lakefront retreat.

Megan stretches on the patio while enjoying the stunning view of Lake James.

Relax, stretch, take a deep breath, and enjoy the incredible lake view.

What was the most memorable experience during your glamping getaway?

Getting to spend time with my whole family. It doesn't happen very often, and I love that we all got to stay under the same roof and make some amazing memories in such a beautiful location!

Children turn the cabin's neatly-furnished office space into a play place.

There's plenty of fun to go around for even the smallest of glampers.

What was the best surprise about your glamping site?

It was so much bigger than I was expecting! I walked in, and it looked like we had walked into a castle! The accommodation had absolutely everything we needed and we never ran out of things to do! The theater room was so fun at night, the game room had ALL kinds of entertainment, and just when we thought we were going to have to buy life vests to ride the pontoon.. we found some at the rental, too! There was even firewood for you to use for the outdoor fire pit—helloooo, s'mores!

The large, beautifully structured cabin can accommodate up to 10 guests.

With up to 10 people in a house, you'd think this place would get crowded.

A hammock can be found on one of the several balconies that overlook the forest.

But you'll find several quiet places to sneak off to.

Where is your favorite destination to go glamping?

This was my first time staying at a glamping site, and it definitely has me hooked. Lake James was beautiful!

Where is your dream travel destination?

I actually have three! Bora Bora has been a dream of mine and my husbands since, well, forEVER. Santorini, Greece, is also up on the list! Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants might have something to do with that...And Ireland. Ireland is where most of my family's heritage is, and I would love to go explore where we came from!

What advice do you have for packing for a glamping getaway?

Be sure to pack cute outfits and bring a camera, because you're going to want to take lots of pics!

The lakeside cottage comes with a boat that can be taken out for a day on the water.

Time for some light stretching.

Sensational view of North Carolina's Lake James.

Feeling relaxed yet?

What is your must-have when traveling?

A travel buddy! haha But seriously, no matter where I'm going, I ALWAYS have my laptop, camera, and yoga clothes!

Do you spend a lot of time planning your trips or are you more spontaneous once you arrive at your destination?

I'm definitely more spontaneous. I typically book places we're going to stay in advance, but once we get there, it's exploration time!

The cabin offers several luxurious amenities, including this king-size bed.

Everyone can use a vacation every now and then.

Do you have your eye on another glamping site for the future? Where?

YES! There are some amazing windmill villas in Santorini that have stolen my heart—I don't think I'm going to be able to forget about them.

Discover your very own North Carolina Getaway here!

Want to see where Megan is showing off her new moves? Check out her Instagram: North Carolina Yoga Girl.

Blogger Spotlight: Grace

By Jessica Armstrong

We heard there is nothing quite like Canada in the summertime—and we think you should check it out, too. Grace of Color and Grace took advantage of the amazing weather this summer and headed up north to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the U.S.

Cottage Rental with Private Lakefront Yard in Canada

Meet Grace, Founder of Color and Grace, and stylist by day and night.

Calling this cozy cottage rental—with its very own private lake!— a home away from home for a couple days was just what she needed to reconnect with nature and have a blissful glamping escape.

Check out her story on her blog as well as the inside scoop on her getaway below.
Cottage Rental with Private Lakefront Yard in Canada

The interior of this cozy cottage is a haven of comfort.

What was your initial reaction to arriving at your glamping retreat?

Looks even better than the photos online! You have to be there to feel the lakefront and the vineyard—just so breathtaking!

What are your top 5 travel must-haves?

  • Personal Wi-Fi hotspot if I travel internationally or a good Wi-Fi and cell phone reception if I travel domestically.
  • SPF 100 sunscreen, since I always like being outside or soaking up the sun.
  • A pair of super comfy and pretty walking shoes.
  • A pair of good looking and good functioning sunglasses to protect my eyes from the sun.
  • Hand sanitizing wipes and mosquito spray.

Cottage Rental with Private Lakefront Yard in Canada

Glampers will be enchanted by the colorful nature surrounding their accommodation

What is your most important piece of advice in planning a glamping getaway?

Do lots of research before booking anything. Don't book it just because the site or the accommodation is very pretty. Make sure there are plenty of activities that you love near where you may stay.

What are the three words you would use to describe your glamping accommodation?

Beautiful, comfortable, and homey.

If you could travel anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would it be and why?

London. It is on my bucket list.

Cottage Rental with Private Lakefront Yard in Canada

With this kind of view, glampers are sure to feel relaxed and at ease.

Where do you want to go glamping next? Any accommodations in mind?

A real tree house!

What is your favorite memory from your glamping getaway?

There were a few. One was the yummy breakfast I cooked using the farm-fresh eggs at my cottage. We were chased by a group of roosters at a farm when we tried to take some photos. I chatted with many people while wine tasting and one place didn't even charge us.

Cottage Rental with Private Lakefront Yard in Canada

Cheers the night and another fabulous getaways in the books.

To see some of Canada's most stunning glamping escapes, check out our Weekend Getaways in Canada portal!

For more of Grace's adventures, check out her blog and Instagram.

Blogger Spotlight: Christine

By Jessica Armstrong

Who doesn't love a good glamping trip to Lake Tahoe, California? Christine of Tour de Lust really showed us what we are missing out on over on the West Coast, so it's time to get packing and join in on the fun. Just take a look at this one-of-a-kind glamping cottage!

Christine sat down with us to share some of her favorite memories, experiences, and plans for upcoming travel with you glampers, so prepare yourself for a heavy dose of travel FOMO.

The studio cottage from the outside in Lake Tahoe, California.

Meet Christine, Founder of Tour de Lust, and California glamping extraordinare.

What was the most memorable experience during your glamping getaway?

I loved spending time on the lake. It's so beautiful!

What was the best surprise about your glamping site?

The overall experience at the cottage! I loved our location since it had a private beach access.

The blogger admiring the sunset over Lake Tahoe, California.

Talk about an amazing place to catch the sunset!

Where is your favorite destination to go glamping?

This was my first time glamping, and I loved it! Lake Tahoe is definitely a great place to go glamping.

Where is your dream travel destination?

There are so many dream destinations, but right now, it's Bali and the Maldives.

The exterior of the gorgeous log cottage in Lake Tahoe.

This glamping property offers the most charming accommodations.

What advice do you have for packing for a glamping getaway?

If it's during the summer, always bring sunscreen and bug spray. You will likely be outdoors a lot, so always stay protected.

What is your must-have when traveling?

My camera! I can never leave home without it.

The cozy bedroom in the Lake Tahoe cottage.

Glampers are sure to get the best sleep they've had in years.

Do you spend a lot of time planning your trips or are you more spontaneous once you arrive at your destination?

I do so that I make sure I don't miss anything. But being spontaneous is also good, too, because you will end up on a fun adventure!

Do you have your eye on another glamping site for the future? Where?

There are some awesome accommodations on Glamping Hub! I want to stay in a cool tree house in Mexico, but likely Yosemite is next for me.

The cottages tucked away among the large trees that surround Lake Tahoe, California.

Kick back, relax, and enjoy the tranquility of Tahoe's finest forests.

See more of Christine's touring around the globe on her blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

As summer comes to an end, there is still plenty of time to book your very own California glamping getaway. Get some pre-labor day inspiration on Glamping Hub's Discovering California portal!

Blogger Spotlight: Max & Alex

By Jessica Armstrong

Nothing says relaxation and luxury getaway like a trip to Bali, Indonesia. Filled with elegant tents and stunning villas, this island is a glamping heaven. Just ask Max and Alex—they can tell you firsthand that there is no paradise like a glamping paradise.

Check out some of their favorite memories and moments from their stay.

Elegant Tents Tucked Away in Bali, Indonesia

Upon arrival, you'll need a moment to take in this surreal experience.

What do you like most about glamping?

What we liked most about glamping was the unique accommodation. It felt like a luxury hotel placed right in the middle of the jungle. It was also obvious that a lot of thought went into the design of the place, as it was a dream to photograph and much more interesting than a typical hotel.

Tell us 3 words to describe this accommodation.

Unique, stunning, amazing.

Elegant Tents Tucked Away in Bali, Indonesia

The view never quits, even from indoors.

Do you both prefer to travel alone or with a larger group?

We have no preference on traveling with a group or alone. It just depends on timing and destination. We meet up with people frequently to hike and take pictures, but some trips it doesn't work out, due to time restraints and busy schedules!

Where is your dream destination?

At this point, our dream destination is Iceland. We would love to see the amazing rugged landscape that Iceland has to offer.

Elegant Tents Tucked Away in Bali, Indonesia

Admire the lush greenery before diving into the crystal clear water of your own private pool.

If you were to go glamping tomorrow, where would you go?

Probably somewhere in Hawaii, as I would love to photograph the coastline and some of the hikes it has to offer.

What was the most memorable experience at your most recent glamping stay?

Definitely the food. Every guest that ate there had something to say about how great the food was. We enjoyed one of the best meals we have ever had during our Glamping stay.

Elegant Tents Tucked Away in Bali, Indonesia

Nothing says relaxation more than good night's sleep.

What is your top tip or recommendation for a first time glamper?

Take it all in and enjoy. It is one of the most memorable experiences you will have at an accommodation so relax and make the most of it!

What about travel inspires you?

Traveling is one of the best things you can do in your life. Not only does it open you up to new cultures and experiences, but it pushes you out of your comfort zone. It forces you to deal with difficult and unexpected situations head on and helps you to become a more well-rounded person.

Elegant Tents Tucked Away in Bali, Indonesia

Camping in a tent has never felt so luxurious.

To find your very own heavenly glamping retreat, visit Glamping Hub's Secluded Rentals.

You will definitely want to travel around the globe with Max and Alex. Check out their respective Instagram pages for more!

Blogger Spotlight: Carolyn

By Jessica Armstrong

There's no better time than summer to catch the best weather the Pacific Northwest has to offer. On top of the luscious greenery, gorgeous scenic views of the Cascades, and, hello, boating season, Washington offers you glampers the most unique and epic accommodations around.

Carolyn of Hey Pretty Thing is no stranger to taking advantage of Washington's stunning summers, and who could blame her? We are already planning our trip their too! Especially, with this beachside cabin on Herron Island calling our names.

Beachside Cabin in Washington

Beachside Cabin in Washington

An exterior view of this [gorgeous beachside cabin]((

Looking for more reasons to visit Washington and go on other glamping getaways across the globe? Let Carolyn give you the ins and outs on how to plan, prep, and perfect your vacation this summer.

Beachside cabin in Washington*

Enjoy lake activities including paddle boarding, steps away from the [property](

Where are your favorite spots to travel?

The most special place I always travel to is Hong Kong, because that's where I'm from and where my family lives. The city is so energetic, and all the sounds and smells make me nostalgic for childhood. They say there is no place like home!

Another place is probably Iceland, because we recently traveled there in the summertime, and it felt like we were transported to another world. You can drive to soak in geothermal pools of the Blue Lagoon, check out the tectonic rift valley at Thingvellir National Park, and so much more.

I also love Italy. My husband and I hiked through the five towns of Cinque Terre, and the views were stunning. We ate and drank along the way (lots of pesto and limoncello!) so it was also a fun culinary experience!

Beachside Cabin in Washington

Guests can find the beach just steps away from the front door of their private [cabin](

I have to mention Civita di Bagnoregio (nicknamed "the dying city") as well, where I traveled with my best friend. It was founded by Etruscans over 2,500 years ago, and the town itself is near collapse due to erosion. There is anywhere between 12-100 people who live there. The quaint community, surrounded by gorgeous sights of the Tiber river valley, is just so unique to visit. But as touristy as Venice is, the city of water, canals, and bridges is too charming to pass up.

What is important to you in choosing a travel destination?

I like to visit places I've never been. With that said, I take into account practical details like the time of year, weather, political climate, safety, etc.

Beachside Cabin in Washington*

This [cabin]( comfortably sleeps eight guests.

What types of accommodations do you think make great summer spots?

For summer spots, I look for accommodations that are, in themselves, the destination. While I like to go out and explore, I also want downtime to lounge, so I like the accommodation to have a view or nearby activities and dining.

Beachside Cabin in Washington*

Glampers can enjoy every meal from the deck of their glamping oasis.

How would you prefer to travel to your glamping destination?

Any way! While flights are quicker and more direct, sometimes a road trip is the adventure.

What do you look for when choosing an accommodation?

I look for accessibility, safety, and uniqueness.

Beachside Cabin in Washington*

Carolyn enjoying an early morning stroll next to the tranquil bay.

What blogs do you read, websites do you look at to find more information, or people you consult on your destination before booking?

I do a ton of research online before booking. I look at Pinterest, read travel blogs, consult Tripadvisor, peruse reviews, and more.

What is your favorite part about planning a trip?

I enjoy the research aspect of planning a trip. That's when I learn a lot about the area's customs, history, neighborhoods, foods, etc.

Beachside Cabin in Washington

Interior view of this [stunning cabin]( on Herron Island.

For someone who is planning a glamping trip for the first time, what would your main piece of advice for them be?

For me, preparation is key to relaxation. While there are a lot more amenities included with glamping, you should still be prepared to bring some necessities like water, extra towels, food and snacks, sunscreen and bug spray, and more. If you have room, pack along secondary items like games and beach equipment. As long as you know what is provided and what you still need to bring, it's easier to be prepared and enjoy the trip!

Beachside Cabin in Washington*

Interior view of the living space.

To visit your very own beachside cottage on Herron Island, check it out here!

Be sure to catch Carolyn's latest adventures on her blog, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Blogger Spotlight: Coco

By Jessica Armstrong

Meet Coco Bassey of Milenielle—fashion blog extraordinaire and newest member of the Glamping Hub community of global travelers. We can't get over Coco's recent stay at this beautiful elevated tree house in North Carolina, and we can bet you won't be able to either.

We asked Coco to sit down with us and share a bit more about her packing process, biggest glamping surprises, and plans for her future glamping getaways. Glampers, you can be sure this won't be her last trip to a tree house.

Coco on the deck of the tree house near Asheville.

Meet Coco Bassey of [Millenielle](

What three words would you use to describe your Glamping Hub stay?

Relaxing, Adventurous, Cozy.

An exterior photo of the tree house near Asheville.

A majestic view of [Sugar Creek Tree House](

What are your packing essentials for every glamping trip?

Lots of water and snacks, bug spray, a camera, comfortable shoes, and weather-appropriate clothing! My phone died on me while I was on my trip, and having my laptop was a definitely double down on backup technology if you can!

What are your main steps to planning a getaway?

Planning the trip: Do I need to rent a car? How long is the trip and what are my target times to arrive and depart?

Activities: What do I want to do during my trip, and what do I need to pack along with me (e.g. hiking shoes, camera, boots, cards, campfire essentials, a book, my laptop, etc.)?

Wardrobe: What do I need to pack to stay comfortable throughout my trip?

Inside the kitchen of the tree house near Asheville.

Inside the tree house near Asheville.

Interior shots of this beautiful [Asheville, North Carolina Tree House](

Food and Drink: Always pack lots of extra food and water. Even though our tree house had drinking water amenities, you never know when you'll need it in an emergency! Snacks are great for the road trip, and if there's a fire pit, s'mores are a must!

Tourism and Photography: Research your destination before you leave—are there any spots along the way that you want to stop and see? We popped into Asheville on our way home, and it was such a great opportunity to double our travel experience!

Coco posing with a camera on a hiking trail near the tree house.

Coco enjoying the surrounding forests while at her [tree house stay](

Do you prefer to travel in large groups, solo, or with a companion?

I love traveling with one or two people, but there's always something so relaxing about taking a day to break out and explore on my own!

What is your main piece of advice for travelers planning their first glamping stay?

It's always better to over-plan and over-pack! Especially when it comes to clothes, water, and wanna be ready for anything.

The bedroom of the tree house near Asheville, North Carolina.

A view of the dreamy loft bed room at this [getaway](

What is your dream destination? Why?

I've traveled quite a bit, but I can't believe I haven't been to the Mediterranean yet...I'm absolutely dying to do Spain, Italy, and/or Greece ASAP!

An interior photo with a guitar of the tree house near Asheville, North Carolina.*

The perfect nook to get some musical inspiration.

If you were to visit a glamping accommodation tomorrow, where and what type would it be?

I'd love to experience different regions, like a tropical beachfront bungalow in the summer or a winter cabin rental over the holidays.

What was the biggest surprise about your glamping stay?

I'm a city girl through and through, so of course, I had some negative presumptions about how rough it would be for me to step away from the hustle and bustle of my city life for a whole weekend! I'm so happy I tried it though—this Tree house had ALL of the amenities to make me feel right at home while providing the peace and quiet I was looking for during a quiet weekend getaway.

The fire pit at the tree house.*

Nothing better than ending a gorgeous day with a campfire and s'mores.

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Blogger Spotlight: Amy

By Jessica Armstrong

Travel-obsessed fashion and lifestyle blogger Amy Marrieta is taking this summer by storm. When she isn't creating content for her blog and brand, she is custom designing silk scarves that we can't wait to get our hands on. And somehow Amy still made time earlier this summer to pop over to California to visit one of Glamping Hub's most secluded and out-of-this world accommodations.

We can't wait to see what glamping site she visits next. Check out how to glamp the right way with some stellar tips, accessories, and must-haves via the globe trotter herself.

Blogger Amy Marietta*

Meet Amy Marietta, globe trotter, fashionista, and creative designer.

What are your must-haves to bring on a glamping trip?

Sunnies, sunscreen, a Mophie charger just in case, and my A.M. CLUB silk scarves, because I'm constantly creating content and using them to tie up my hair.

Blogger Amy Marietta glamping in California*

Check out the amazing staircase connecting the lounge with the loft in this [unique dome](

How do your essentials differentiate depending on the area you’re glamping in?

Weather and convenience. Snacks are pretty important if there isn't food close by! I try to avoid being "hangry" at all times.

Unique dome in California*

Exterior view of the surroundings and [unique dome]( in Palm Springs, California.

What do you do on the days leading up to your trip?

Lots of research. I'm obsessed with researching and planning—for some trips, I make Excel spreadsheets just to stay organized.

How do you prefer to travel to your destination and why?

It depends on where I'm going and how far. I always love a good road trip, but there have to be some stops along the way if it's a far one. I also love flying.

A bedroom in the unique dome in California*

The master bedroom of the [glamping accommodation](

How do you research the accommodations amenities and features while preparing?

Google is my best friend when it comes to researching. I'll also check out tag locations on Instagram to see what other people post to understand the vibe.

What kind of events and activities do you plan before you arrive at the site?

It depends on the location. Joe and I like to try cool restaurants, jet ski, check out art installations or shows and go to beaches. We're not the biggest hikers but we do love to create, especially during sunset hours. He produces music, I write, we take photos and brainstorm ideas and plan—those types of things.

Exterior of part of the unique dome in California*

Entrance of the [unique dome](

Which do you prefer: a daily itinerary or a go-with-the-flow game plan? Why?

I like to make a list and then each day when we wake up we decide, or maybe even the night before, so I guess kind of a mix. I'm a huge "to-do list" and "Post-it" person.

What is your top piece of advice for someone go glamping?

Research! Even if it's a last-minute trip, just do a little bit of research before so you know what to expect.

Amy Marrieta in the dome in California*

The windows of the [unique dome]( give glampers gorgeous views of the windmills and desert.

What are the five things you would never travel without?

Hmmmm, tricky. I'd say my phone, laptop, camera, toothpaste, and Joe.

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