Blogger Spotlight: Amber adventures to Costa Rica

By Jessica Armstrong

There is nothing quite like watching a majestic, Costa Rican sunset from an infinity pool on the cliffs of Guanacaste. Did you know, glampers, that this could be a reality for yo,u too? Just like Amber Torrealba, professional skimboarder and Red Bull ambassador, all of your epic glamping goals can be fulfilled the second you say yes to adventure in the great outdoors.

On Amber's most recent stay at this beautiful villa rental near Playas del Coco and this breathtaking beach getaway looking over Palo Verde National Forest, she surfed some waves, she explored the jungle's rivers and hot springs, she relaxed on the beach, and she took glamping to the next level.

Read on as Amber shared why this retreat is the top destination to visit this year—and even more so if you're ready to escape winter temperatures for a little bit.

Infinity pool with view of Palo Verde National Park

A guest favorite at this villa rental in Costa Rica is the private infinity pool that offers surreal views of Palo Verde National Park.

What is your favorite thing about post-summer traveling?

Less crowds! It’s great to be able to adventure and film when areas are less busy, and you can feel more into the nature of the experience. Also, when summer ends in the U.S., it starts in the Southern Hemisphere, so that’s always something to look forward to!

How do the type of accommodations you choose differ depending on the trip you take?

The type of adventure I’m looking to have will help me decide on the spot. When I’m looking for a more outdoorsy experience and to enjoy a camping feel, I love to stay in tipis, cabins, and yurts. When I’m adventuring and filming outdoors all day and want to relax when I get back, I would really enjoy a cozy condo or even a house by the water or up in the cliffs to unwind.

Modern and beachy living room of villa rental in Costa Rica

Amber found what it really means to glamp by staying at this modern designed villa that is surrounded by Costa Rica's beautiful, natural rainforest.

Tastefully furnished patio overlooking Playas del Coco

Just by relaxing on the deck, glampers are in for a treat with these stunning beach views.

What kind of glamping experience do you prefer and why?

I usually prefer to stay in a warm place by the beach. As a skimboarder and surfer, I’m extremely drawn to the coastlines and where the waves are. I love glamping experiences near outdoor adventure and beautiful scenes with opportunities for photography and videography!

What are the three words you would use to describe the accommodations you visited?

Epic, unreal, and perfect.

You, too, can enjoy the wildlife of Palo Verde National Park

*Amber found her adventurous side with a visit to one of Palo Verde's hidden gems: the volcanic hot springs.*

What was the most memorable part from each of your most recent glamping stays?

The cliffside views in Costa Rica were outrageous—the location of our stay combined with the uniqueness of the design. It was so open and beautiful overlooking the ocean. We even stayed at a place with an infinity pool, which is a videographers playland at sunset.

Amber relaxes in the infinity pool

For a chance to get away from it all, Amber embarked on a one-of-a-kind aventure through glamping.

What advice can you give to bloggers looking to glamp internationally?

Find a place that fits your style best. You can really stay inspired by your environment and enjoy the experience of the area the most that way. I like to plan adventures, find areas that I will be frequently spending time at, and then search for a glamping location nearby.

Stunning interior of villa near Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica

Amber's second villa rental reaches beyond expectations with it's stunning and unique decor.

What is your dream glamping destination?

My dream glamping destination would be in Bora Bora—and then surf and skim in Tahiti!

Sunset view of Playa Hermosa

Take Amber's advice and experience the opportunity of a lifetime with a glamping getaway in Costa Rica.

Find your perfect beach villa in these Costa Rica Getaways today!

To follow along with Amber's travels and adventures, check out her blog, Instagram, and Youtube channel.

Blogger Spotlight: 4 Reasons to Visit Idyllwild with Emily

By Jessica Armstrong

Glampers, are you looking for that perfect end-of-fall getaway to take with your pals and pets? Emily Wang made this Idyllwild cabin her home away from home this winter, and we want to make it ours, too. From being completely secluded in the woods to having modern indoor and outdoor features, it's easy to see why this rental makes for a perfect escape.

Two-person camping cabin in Idyllwild-Pine Cove, California

Emily was lucky enough to find this glamping gem hidden in the forests of Southern California.

Here are 4 reasons why you too should visit this luxurious A-frame, glamping cabin:

1. Modern amenities you would find in your own home

Spacious, fully equipped, and elegantly furnished interior

Inside, the lifestyle and travel blogger found everything she needed for a five-star experience.

A warm, cozy spot by the fireplace

Glampers can enjoy their evenings by this vintage fireplace with the company of that special someon—or in Emily's case, her pups Chibi and Kokoro!

Leave the stress of over-packing behind. At this elegantly-furnished, A-frame cabin, guests will have access to a fully-equipped kitchen, an outdoor grill, comfortable bedding, and even a vintage fireplace. The rustic, wooden interior creates a cozy vibe suitable for the glamper who's ready to kick back and relax all weekend long.

2. Relaxation and tranquility in the heart of nature

Private gazebo found near the cabin, hidden in the woods

The large glass windows of the private gazebo are perfect for relaxing and observing the natural surroundings.

Intertwined among the forests of southern California, this stunning cabin offers the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. The gorgeous cabin is coupled with a private, glass-paned gazebo that offers panoramic views of the lush surrounding forest and distant San Jacinto Mountains.

Take a bike ride through the windy forest trails for an outdoor thrill, or sink deep into the comfortable couches of the gazebo for an elegant experience that still has glampers feeling one with nature.

3. A one-of-a-kind experience for you and your pet

Emily's dogs Chibi and Kokoro

Chibi and Kokoro joined in on the fun for a wonderful glamping experience at this pet-friendly accommodation

Glamper grilling on the patio

There's plenty to do at this two-person cabin, making it a perfect romantic getaway

Whether you're looking to explore with a group of your closest friends, spend a romantic weekend away with that special someone, or embark on a solo adventure with man's best friend, this place has it all and can accommodate up to five guests. Everyone needs a break from time to time, and there's no better way to unwind than with a few days away at this secluded location spending quality time with loved ones.

4. Visit Idyllwild's multitude of cultural, historic, and natural sites

The camping cabin in nestled in the woods of mountainous Southern California

When in need of some shops or fine dining, the town of Idyllwild is in close proximity to the secluded camping cabin.

Situated just 20 minutes away from Hemet Lake and walking distance from the town of Idyllwild, glampers will have loads of activities to choose from. From kayaking in the lake to trekking and climbing the mountainous terrain, even the most adventurous of glampers are bound to have a thrilling time. And for the more laid back guests, a visit to Idyllwild is highly recommended for a taste of the small town life.

To find your perfect California cabin, check out our Discover California portal!

Follow Emily and her adventures with her pups on her blog, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Blogger Spotlight: Jane and Drew

By Jessica Armstrong

Newly married and founders of Outdoor Junkiez, Jane and Drew Farwell have taken the time to share their experiences with both glamping and camping with Glamping Hub, including what differentiates and unites both vacation styles.

eco-friendly reterat in maui, hawaii

Outdoor Junkiez connects travelers with the gear and goods for exploring the beautiful islands of Hawaii, and they know that getting all the insider tips and need-to-knows while planning a vacation can sometimes be overwhelming. That's why these two campers-turned-glampers made a stay at a one of Glamping Hub's finest Maui eco-retreats that much easier to book with their go-to guide for the ultimate Maui stay.

Pull out your yoga mats and snorkels, and let Jane and Drew take you on the adventure from here.

eco-friendly reterat in maui, hawaii

eco-friendly reterat in maui, hawaii

What truly makes an impact in defining the difference between camping and glamping?

Glamping, an idea originally created as a style of glamorous camping, has taken the next step with Glamping Hub. Just like our campsites have evolved over the past 30+ years, we now find campsites with showers and bathrooms, and we bring mattress pads, coolers full of frosty beverages, and anything we can cook on a stick. Yet camping remains nostalgically simple—a space to escape, sleep under the stars, and reek of campfire smoke for a good 48-72 hours.

eco-friendly reterat in maui, hawaii

The defining difference between glamping and camping, aside from the gl- and the c-, is experiencing someone’s special place on their property, designed specifically for a tranquil and relaxing vacation.

With camping you need to be prepared for the elements, which for Hawaii can be quite minor—a couple of rain showers at night, critters attracted to the blazing fire, and the occasional rooster who will think they’re being helpful by waking you up at dawn.

All of this is part of the camping experience, and once the tent is folded back up, the campsite is swept for any left over trash, and you get back into your car, and you feel refreshed yet very, very, dirty (nothing a beach shower won’t mend).

eco-friendly reterat in maui, hawaii

eco-friendly reterat in maui, hawaii

Our experience in Maui was just this. We had spent four nights camping in Hana and sleeping in a yurt on farm and felt alive, yet in need of a good waterfall shower, dinner, and a comfortable bed to lay our heads. In our efforts to redefine the way people buy, use, and rent outdoor equipment, we have seen also how the idea of glamping is no longer bringing a fancy cot to sleep on and a cast iron skillet for bacon in the is much more, but bacon is always a nice touch.

Glamping is focused on thinking (or sleeping) outside the box, to experience a 100% sustainable eco-retreat tucked back into the lush jungle and gardens of Maui. It gives you the opportunity to stay places you’d never thought you’d experience and brings a new perspective to your trip.

eco-friendly reterat in maui, hawaii

Now having experienced glamping, will this influence your future outdoor getaways?

Drew and I grew up camping, him on the East Coast, me in California, and both in Washington and Hawaii. For us, camping has always been a one- or two-day escape from the hustle and bustle of town. This was the main reason we started Outdoor Junkiez here in Hawaii, provided the low-cost rental option for both travelers and residents to check out and see Hawaii in it’s rawest form.

Glamping Hub is the perfect component to balance out the more rugged style of vacationing while holding on to a lot of what we believe is a better way to travel. Staying in eco retreats, yurts, and 100% off-the-grid cottages, to name a few, is the perfect compliment to our conservation through recreation lifestyle.

Next on the list is to stay in one of the stunning tree houses listed...

eco-friendly reterat in maui, hawaii

What positive experiences in both can you share with our readers?

Living in Hawaii and promoting a platform to reduce the amount of waste entering our landfills, while also getting more and more people outside, has been the most positive experience we could ever ask for. Our connection to one another and this island we call home only grows stronger with each weekend get away.

You literally have to pinch yourself as you watch the sun set over the ocean into a fiery orange and purple haze, while humpbacks play in the water no more than 300 yards away. You get to disconnect—our phones are only used, if ever, to play music and record a video here and there to document and hopefully inspire others to get outside, too.

There's nothing better than falling asleep to crashing waves while shimmying into the sand to create the perfect sleeping body mold, only to wake up with the sun for a salty dip.

eco-friendly reterat in maui, hawaii

Our experience in Maui while glamping at the Maui Eco Retreat was nothing short of wonderful. Being a part of someone’s land and their efforts to create a sustainable and relaxing environment is both humbling and inspiring. We did as much as time allowed us, from swimming in the waterfall pools and eating delicious Thai food to sleeping in a comfortable bed listening to the bamboo rustle in the wind.

Glamping gives an elevated experience to camping while still holding on to the idea that being outside is better than being inside. Also, the glamping amenities did not go unnoticed to this camping couple! A hot shower, fresh eggs to cook in the morning, and a beautiful deck to lounge, read, and relax on were all welcomed aspects to what glamping has to offer.

eco-friendly reterat in maui, hawaii

eco-friendly reterat in maui, hawaii

What is one thing you will not forget about your stay in Maui?

Hopefully we will not forget a single moment from this trip, but if one would have to stick out, it would be skinny dipping in a jaw-dropping waterfall overlooking the ocean. It was cold, refreshing, and all to ourselves. I tell you, if you haven’t skinny dipped in a haven’t lived!

For your very own luxury getaway to Hawaii, browse the selection of one-of-a-kind tropical stays, here.

Be sure to catch up with Drew and Jane and their next adventures on their blog, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Blogger Spotlight: Jessica and Carla

By Jessica Armstrong

The weather is getting warmer, the sun is shining, and the East Coast is looking like a pretty good place to be right about now. Travel blogger BFFs, Jessica and Carla of Dining Traveler and Spicy Candy DC, would surely agree.

Just this March, they grabbed their bags, hubbies, and glamping must-haves to make their way over to the coziest cabin in Lexington, Virginia. A little getaway from Washington, D.C., to disconnect in the great outdoors was just what the doctor ordered!


But what makes a glamping stay with your squad that much better? Find out below, as Jessica and Carla give Glamping Hub the full scoop on their most recent stay, and do's and don'ts:

What is your favorite thing about travel and glamping in Virginia? On the East Coast?

Jessica: Love the nature of Virginia. It's lovely to be able to live in such a dynamic city such as D.C. and have Shenandoah and the Blue Ridge mountains. The East Coast is so diverse. Would love for my next glamping experience to be in upstate NY. Having gone to high school and college in the area, I have an appreciation for the nature of the region, especially in fall.


Does the time of year affect your preference for accommodation?

Jessica: It depends what you want. If you want to be outside, I recommend spring or fall. Our trip was at the end of winter, which made it nice to stay in by the fire and hang out at the cabin.

Carla: I think so! I'm not a big fan of insects (who is though?) but like I can't deal with mosquitoes so I prefer to travel to outdoorsy places during the fall.


What is your go-to must-have for traveling?

Jessica: My camera. Love capturing the moments of my travels. When I was younger, I didn't take that many photos and I regret that. I've been to places like Kenya, Ethiopia, and Qatar and don't have many photos from those experiences.

Carla: I bring dry shampoo with me every time I travel! This minimizes the time in getting ready.

What is your absolute favorite activity to do when glamping? Why?

Jessica: Having a glass of wine by the fireplace with my friends. Love that cozy feeling!

Carla: Having a good glass of wine by a fireplace! There is something so soothing about the sounds of wood burning.



If you could pack your bags to go glamping anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would it be and why?

Jessica: To New Zealand. It's been my dream destination for years, and I would love to be as close to nature as possible.

Carla: Oh man! I'd love to visit Colorado, but Tulum is also on my radar.


Do you prefer glamping trips with a couple people or a large group?

Jessica: Rather do it with a small group, five people max.

Carla: Large group is always more fun! But I can totally see the romantic moments you can have if you go with just your significant other.

What is your most memorable experience from your stay in Virginia?

Jessica: Being able to share the experience with my close friends and family.

Carla: The bonding time we had during our cooking sessions!


What do you recommend the most for a glamping stay?

Jessica: Staying in at least one night and cooking together. Really brings people together.

Carla: This glamping site would be perfect for anyone that is looking for a fun adventure outdoors!

This glamping site would be perfect for...

Jessica: A small group of friends or a family. I traveled with my four-month baby, and the experience was fantastic.


To find more staycations close to home, check out the Virginia Getaways Portal, here, and follow Jessica and Carla's future travels on their blogs: Dining Traveler and Spicy Candy DC.

Blogger Spotlight: Sonal and Sandro

By Jessica Armstrong

South Asia has become a hot spot for globe-trotters, and we can see why! From the tranquil beaches to the bustle of city life, all the meanwhile being surrounded by thick forests and luscious greenery.


It makes sense why Sonal and Sandro of Drifter Planet wanted to spend a getaway glamping in Sri Lanka at this unbelievable tree house. Being travelers on-the-go, planning and choosing each spot to visit has some important steps, and they are here to help you out, glampers!

For the ins-and-outs of quick glamping getaways, take a page out of their book, and read below:


What is your favorite part about glamping and why?

I love being outdoors and staying in a place that's off-the-grid. I really enjoy camping, but every once in a while, I treat myself to a little luxury and indulge in a "glamping break." My favorite part about glamping is the comfort, which is not always there when I'm camping.

Do you prefer to go glamping solo as a couple? In small groups or big group?

I prefer going with my husband or solo. I usually don't like going in groups.


What is one of your most memorable glamping or travel experiences?

My most memorable glamping experience was when my husband and I stayed in the middle of the jungle in Sri Lanka. This place was completely off-the-grid, and we had a little tree house to ourselves! It was very adventurous because we slept with the sounds of forest and romantic because we woke up to the music of birds. The best part was the glamping location because it was very beautiful and peaceful.


What has glamping taught you about travel and nature, especially from this last stay at the tree house?

Based on our few conversations with the property manager at our last stay, we realized how important it is to understand the ways of the land before building anything new. As humans, we are always intruding, but it is very important to understand the ecological impact of our actions and to minimize it. More than this, I learned about a few more species of birds, insects, and trees.


What is your favorite type of accommodation and why?

My favorite type of accommodation is the one that runs on the principle of responsible tourism, where there is a sustainable source of energy, where every kind of waste is recycled, and where rainwater is collected and harvested. Of course, the rainwater collection may not be possible in dry areas, but I really love places where every effort is taken to "leave no trace."

What trends do you follow when planning a glamping getaway?

I don't follow anything, but just pick a place where I can be closer to nature.


For more info on trips and travel around South Asia, check out Sonal and Sandro's blog, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Blogger Spotlight: Pamela

By Jessica Armstrong

We're not the only ones hollering out a big yee-haw to the glamping treasures of Texas! Just check out travel guru, Pamela, and her family's visit to the eco-cabins of Texas Hill Country. It will only take a second for you to be convinced that a visit down south is bucket list-worthy. As Pam and her family aim to accomplish 12 trips in 12 months, Glamping Hub could not say no to being part of such a unique opportunity.


With over 300 glamping rentals in Texas alone, we cannot wait to see where Pam's next trip will take her—perhaps a glamping getaway abroad?

To find out more about the luxuries of Texas glamping and what made the biggest impression on this blogger extraordinaire, read her Glamping Hub interview below:


What is your favorite thing about travel and glamping in Texas?

One of my favorite things about traveling and glamping in Texas has got to be how diverse Texas is. I love that the agriculture allows for so much different plant life everywhere we go. On our last trip, we picked up a fun cactus as a souvenir!

Does the time of year affect your preference for accommodation?

A bit. I'm trying to experience a proper fall and winter this year, so during those times, I'll be on high alert for the prettiest destinations for fall foliage and snowflakes.


What is your go-to must-have for traveling?

Dry shampoo. I usual exhaust myself with trips (even when "relaxing"), so dry shampoo is the best to keep me from feeling too gross.

What is your absolute favorite activity to do when glamping? Why?

I love to just RELAX. I do that by hiking, stargazing, or just laying around.


If you could pack your bags to go glamping anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would it be and why?

I'd absolutely LOVE to go glamping in Italy; I think every girl wants to get away to Italy once in her life. And I found the coolest cave to stay in, too!

Do you prefer glamping trips with a couple people or a large group?

I love to get away with just my husband and kids. Although trips with large groups is fun, I'm a control freak so they stress me out a bit. ;)


What made the most lasting impression for you at the last accommodation you visited?

Seeing how comfortably we could live in around 200-ish square feet made me reexamine just how little I might need in my daily life.

This glamping site would be perfect for:

Groups, because it had mini cabins, so everyone would have their own area to escape but can come together in the outdoors.


Can you please explain more about your 12 trips in 12 months Goal?

I came up with the idea (after a bit of wine) of taking 12 trips in 12 months with my husband and two kids. I have been too focused on being available for work (as had my husband) & not focusing on what really mattered to me. So this year we hope to take 12 trips together as a family and focus on making memories together. Because memories and family are what really matter.

To see where the next of her 12 trips will take her, check out Pamela's blog, Youtube Channel, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and head over to the Texas Getaways page to see where your next dream vacation will take you.

Blogger Spotlight: Helene

By Jessica Armstrong

What sounds more romantic than a luxury getaway to a vintage chic caravan on the French Riviera with your special someone? A romantic luxury getaway just a week after Valentine's day—that's what!


Blogger Helene Sula and her hubby took a break from chilly Germany to spend eight days strolling around Northern Italy and the French Riviera, to explore some of Europe's most gorgeous vistas and learn a thing or two about the history of these lands.

While making this the ultimate vacay by giving glamping-a-go, she shares with us all the special ins and outs of her stay and gives us all the reasons to pack our bags and head to France faster than you can say bon jour!



What is your favorite thing about travel and glamping in France?

France is so incredibly dynamic. From it's pebbly beaches in Nice to the hillside caverns in Gougins, there is so much to see and do. When I explored the French Riviera, I knew about the beautiful beaches, but I had no idea that there was a rich history.

That's why it's so special to go glamping. You get to really immerse yourself in the culture and history of this beautiful place. My favorite part about glamping in France was getting to see what life was truly like in Provence and get a slice of the way of life.



Does the time of year affect your preference for accommodation?

I went glamping in late February, which I would say is an ideal time. No, you can't go swim in the ocean, it's too cold, but it's much less crowded and you're really able to explore. I know the summer is also a popular time, but really the French Riviera is beautiful anytime!

What is your go to-must-have for traveling?

When I'm traveling, I always carry a backpack. I want to be able to carry everything in an easy way that makes it carry all my gear (camera, tripod, and lipstick!). I actually have a whole post on what I pack, here.

What is your absolute favorite activity to do when glamping? Why?

The unique part about glamping is getting to be in a unique location. My favorite part of glamping is getting to try the local cuisine. With my experience in Mougins in the French Riviera, the staff at the caravan property had an on-site cook who made one of the most incredible meals of my life!



If you could pack your bags to go glamping anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would it be and why?

I would definitely go to Austria to see the beautiful igloos—such a cool experience and many people don't realize that they can do something like this!


Do you prefer glamping trips with a couple people or a large group?

I love glamping as a couple because you really get to have a unique experience together. But I could also LOVE glamping with a group, especially somewhere with tents or campervans so you can all enjoy your time together.

This glamping site would be perfect for ...

anyone that wants a unique experience unparalleled to anything else. This will fit anyone's budget, with so many options and locations all over the world. Truly, one of the best experiences you can have and something I will do again and again in the future.



To see where your next luxury stay to France could be, check out some one-of-a-kind getaways here.

For more of Helene's incredible adventures, visit her blog, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. A visit to Austria may just be on the horizon!

Blogger Spotlight: Megan

By Jessica Armstrong

Where will your glamping getaway take you? Why not Australia? Blogger Megan of Lush to Blush was easily convinced that a glamping stay at these eco-friendly cottages in Bombah Point was the best way to dip her toes in glamping waters.


When taking breaks from traveling the world, capturing stunning photos, and bringing her experiences to life through her blog, she likes to enjoy a relaxing vacay, so we can see why this cottage escape was the best way to end her visit to Australia.

To read more about her visit and travels, check out her interview with Glamping Hub below:


Where are your favorite spots to travel?

I love traveling to places that are off the beaten path and aren't filled with tourists.

What is important to you in choosing a travel destination?

I honestly want to go everywhere, but some things that are important to me are friendly locals, rich culture, and good food!


What types of accommodations do you think make great summer spots?

I love anything tropical and beachy. Island life all the way!

How would you prefer to travel to your glamping destination?

I love renting cars and driving around in foreign countries. I think it's the best way to discover unique sites!


What do you look for when choosing an accommodation?

I really love places that are eco-friendly or that give back to the community. I also enjoy luxury, as I'm sure most people do, so my favorite places are those that combine the two.

What blogs do you read, websites do you look at to find more information, or people you consult on your destination before booking?

I don't like reading anything or consulting anyone before trips. I like to discover things on my own in an unbiased way!


What is your favorite part about planning a trip?

I honestly try not to plan too much ahead of time. My favorite thing is just going with the flow once I get to my destination. I don't like being tied down by anything, so I pretty much just plan where I'm staying (if that!) ahead of time and that's it!

For someone who is planning a glamping trip for the first time, what would your main piece of advice for them be?

Remember that it is a form of camping. Things aren't all glitz and glamor, but it's a great authentic way to experience a new place.

To see more of Megan's travels around the globe, follow her blog, Instagram, and Facebook, and do not miss out a stay at the Eco-Friendly Cottages of Bombah Point.

Blogger Spotlight: Christine

By Jessica Armstrong


What sounds better than a winter getaway to Upstate New York? Christine of C'est Christine gave braving the chilly New York winter a go this January and visited this modern cottage in the Catskills. When she isn't busy traveling the globe, she finds a weekend getaway just a couple hours from home to be the perfect travel plan.

To find out what makes the ultimate trip to a home-away-from-home, pick up some of her favorites and check out her tips on her blog and in our interview below!


What is your favorite thing about travel and glamping in the winter?

Snow isn't very fun in day-to-day life in New York City: it's slippery and tough to commute in and turns gross and black almost immediately. I love escaping to cabins upstate in winter to be able to really enjoy all of the beautiful snow and the crisp fresh air.

Does the time of year affect your preference for accommodation?

When I'm traveling in the summer, I love to be right on the water, whether it's on a lake or the ocean. In the fall and winter, I love escaping a bit more into the mountains and the colorful trees.


What is your go to-must-have for winter travel? Summer travel?

A good book—either to read by the fire or out on the beach.

What is your absolute favorite activity to do when winter glamping? Why?

Drinking hot chocolate and playing board games by a roaring fire. I love to be super cozy inside while watching the snow fall outside the window.


If you could pack your bags to go glamping anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would it be and why?

I'd love to check out a tree house in Central America!

Do you prefer glamping trips with a couple people or a large group?

In general, I like staying in small groups—usually just my boyfriend and another couple.


What made the most lasting impression for you at the last accommodation you visited?

It was only a couple of hours from the heart of New York City, but it was so serene and beautiful. Falling asleep to the sound of absolute silence and waking up to deer outside our window felt like worlds away from our life in Brooklyn—it was so rejuvenating, and we didn't even have to go to the airport.

This glamping site would be perfect for “...” because “......”

A couple of New York's so close to the city, and it's set up perfectly to fully relax and enjoy each others' company.


Where will your next travels be taking you?

I'm heading to the Caribbean on my honeymoon! Looking forward to plenty of sunshine, beaches, and rum cocktails.

To see more of her travels and what country she will spend her next birthday in, check out her blog, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Holiday Gift Ideas for the Adventurer in All of Us

By Jessica Armstrong


It's that time of year that has us wondering—what to gift and what to be gifted? If you are like us, we cannot wait to see a Glamping Hub gift card under the Christmas tree so we can visit safari tents in Australia, tree houses in Vermont, or even an airplane villa in Costa Rica. What better a way to show someone you care than by gifting them the adventure of a lifetime?


As the holiday gift guides come rolling in giving you inspiration this holiday season on some must-haves for you, your family, and friends, we have asked some of our favorite partners to put together gift guides that will call out to the explorer, glamper, or outdoors enthusiast in all of you.


After heading down to sunny Tulum to visit on of Glamping Hub's luxury villas, Cheryl of Oh to Be a Muse has a few gift ideas from cool gadgets to your everyday style can't-get-enough-ofs that you can check out here.

What's better than bringing the outdoors with you everywhere you go? Brittany of Blissful Britt—and soon to be a first-time-glamper in Washington—has some bests for all nature lovers, which you will not want to miss out on this Christmas. From I-Watch bands and chic mountain earrings to a trip to the Cliffs of Moher, get your inspiration from her wishlist.


Washington is a magical place to experience during the holidays, and thanks to Seattle Bloggers, we bring to you the best WA accommodations to visit this winter here.

There is nothing like planning a post-holiday getaway and a visit to any one of these Australia destinations—brought to you by Destinations Magazine—is 100% making it onto our list to Santa. By using this Australia travel guide to navigate through some undeniably incredible options, you can see why this makes the list.


Sempre Viaggiando, otherwise known as "Always Traveling" in English, shows us that glamping is truly a gift for everyone in the family. Get your family together and start planning some trips to these one-of-a-kind sites, thanks to a gift card and a look at their collection.

We agree, that the experience makes the gift, and Jennifer Priest, can teach us all a thing about making a gift last a lifetime worth of memories with her gift guide. From hot new restaurants, glamping, and theme parks, a gift that can be shared with your loved ones is a gift that trumps all others.


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