The Aloha State's Most Eco-Friendly Retreats

By Chloe Stein

If you’re from the mainland, Hawaii may first come to mind as just another honeymoon destination, reserved for romantic walks along expansive beaches—or maybe you're mind goes straight to McLovin'. Either way, these islands are doing much more than housing honeymooners and serving as home base for "Superbad's" beloved Fogell.

Making serious strides in ecotourism, The Aloha State offers some of the best nature-friendly lodging. When understanding the true love natives have for their home turf, it's only natural (no pun intended) that they would work on creating an environmentally-conscious attitude for both themselves and their non-Hawaiian guests. From Kauai to the Big Island, these our most eco-friendly Hawaiian retreats.

Elegant, Eco-Friendly Glamping Suites on Oahu

We’ll start things off on the island of Oahu, also known as "The Gathering Place," with these eco-friendly suites set in a lush paradise. They offer glampers stunning views and plenty of opportunities to get in touch with good ol’ mother earth.

Solar-powered and absolutely dedicated to green living, these suites provide glampers with fresh organic guavas and bananas that are grown right on site. What could be better than fresh fruit on a sunny day in Hawaii?

Eco-Friendly Cottage and Spa on Avocado Farm on Big Island, Hawaii

Down south on the Big Island, this eco-cottage is located on quite possibly the most heavenly place on earth: an organic avocado and macadamia nut farm. Additionally, the farm is also plush with exotic berries and select island herbs.

Here, guests can enjoy the privacy of a bamboo outdoor shower, which runs on solar panels, and 100% rainwater caught from the roof of the home and stored in catchment tanks. All in all, when it comes to preserving energy, this cottage does not mess around.

Luxury Eco Lodge at Holistic Yoga and Wellness Retreat, Hawaii

Located on a private farm at the foothills of the Mauna Loa Volcano, this eco-friendly yoga and wellness retreat is about as self-sustaining as it gets. Also a holistic paradise, glampers here will be saying namaste in no time.

By reusing recycled material, conserving energy, and operating on low energy lighting, this retreat goes out of their way to stay eco-friendly. Better yet, guests who stay here will enjoy delectable organic fruits and vegatables, as well as complimentary yoga services.

Sustainable Eco-Retreat Cabins near Beach in Maui, Hawaii

Head to Maui, the second largest of the Hawaiian Islands, and guests will find one of our most sustainable eco-retreats. Completely off-the-grid, these cabins take the cake when it comes to sustainable living.

Besides the wraparound lanai, perfect for soaking in that sweet island sun, these cabins take eco-friendly to a whole new level. Glampers will rest assured knowing that their energy is sourced solely from solar panels and their water from a pristine well.

Eco-Pods on Sustainable Farm and Wellness Retreat in Pahoa, Hawaii

These one-of-a-kind eco-pods are as green living as it gets. Located on a sustainable farm in Pahoa, Hawaii, these pods are simple, in nature, and enveloped in rich greenery.

Offering only vegetarian and local cuisine, this site does not skimp on the details—especially when it comes to food. Guests can indulge in tropical smoothies, fresh eggs from the farm, exotic fruit, and other delicious and organic offerings.

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