The Atypical Tree House

The traditional tree house would find itself a bit out of place in the forests outside of Harads in northern Sweden. Modern architecture, cunning craftsmanship and out-of-this-world design unite with the natural atmosphere of the wooded wilderness, creating a fresh twist on conventional tree lodgings. This are some of the world’s finest tree houses.

The Mirrorcube

Literally reflecting the surrounding landscape, the shell of this fabulous room is constructed entirely with mirrored glass. A warm, light-filled interior comfortably sleeps two with access to a private rooftop terrace.

The Cabin

Seemingly suspended by magic, this ultra contemporary tree room at once looks out of place and in sync with its wooded environs. Chic furnishings mimic the contemporary atmosphere of a city loft, and a wall of paned windows provides views of the beautiful Lule River Valley.

The Birds Nest

A wild tangle of branches encases this contrastingly modern space. It is reachable by a retractable staircase and offers its guests a camouflage hideaway that makes all of the birds jealous.

The Blue Cone

Curiously named “Blue”, this vividly red structure merges simplicity and function with a wide, accessible bridge, and a bright and roomy interior.


Potentially the most unusual tree house in the world, this extraterrestrial room takes its occupants on a journey, with two floors of modern, “stellarly” decorated living space.

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