The Fab Features of a Luxury Yurt

A yurt is a fascinating thing—it’s warm in winter, cool in summer, surprisingly spacious, and incredibly strong. It’s easy to assemble, functional to use, and its interior can be molded to even the most discerning inhabitant’s tastes.

Yurts are extremely common in the world of glamping because of their utility and flexibility. Most glamping yurts are relatively simple structures with sparse but comfortable furnishings, efficiency kitchens, and occasionally a small adjacent washroom. They are a welcome abode for most any nature-loving traveler, weary or otherwise.

Luxury yurts take glamping to a whole different level with hand-carved wooden furniture, locally-sourced woven rugs, private soaking tubs, running water, full-service kitchens, and, most importantly, killer views.

Here are a some of the most fabulous yurt accommodations on Glamping Hub. Click the images to learn more and book your luxury yurt holiday!

Authentic Mongolian Yurt with Traditional Furnishings, Colorado

Colorful Yurts Snuggled in the Hills Near Malaga, Southern Spain

Luxury Yurt Camp in Norway

Remote Fishing Yurt in Immaculate Wilderness of Naha Bay, Southeast Alaska

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