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Camping has been a traditional family holiday for many years, but the excitement of sleeping outdoors and embracing the elements is not for everyone. That’s why a whole new trend has been born from the old style camping, and it’s called glamping, or glamorous camping.

Why go glamping? It’s green! Like traditional camping, glamping still focuses on saving the environment by using solar power, composting toilets, and, in many cases, the accommodations are constructed from recycled materials.

Glamping is also for everyone. There are a variety of holidays that are perfect for glamping, such as romantic, luxurious getaways for couples and action-packed holidays for large families.

Selecting just how glamorous you want your camping to be is your choice. There are many styles of glamping available that still maintain the essence of the original camping experience. Staying in touch with nature remains very much the focus, and the various locations are stunning, to say the least.

Glamping accommodations come in many styles, including luxurious tents, yurts, and tipis. Tents can be extremely spacious and include things like large beds, rugs, lamps and other comforts and accessories.

How about a camper van? These typically come equipped with a connection for music, kitchens, and luxurious linens. There are beautiful cabins, yurts, cottages, lodges, wagons and domes, as well, that sleep anyqhere from two to twelve people.

It doesn’t stop there—the possibilities go on and on. Of course, this doesn’t always come cheap; that’s why finding the best price is important. It’s good to do some research until you find something that suits your budget.

The best thing about glamping is that there are virtually no limits to the locations and types of adventures you can have. Whether you are looking for a trekking week, a culinary or cultural exploration, or just a couple days in the wild, the choices are endless. Nature awaits you—it’s time to book!

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