Top Places to Eat While Glamping

People may call you a "foodie" all they want. Umami isn’t a joke—it’s a lifestyle. Well, maybe that’s a bit far, but you understand that it’s really, really important and, when done right, quite awesome. We want you to know that we get you. You like food, and there is nothing wrong with that.

If you’re a glamper with a yearning for exploring quality cuisine, we’ve picked out the camping sites near the best big cities and top places to amaze those refined taste buds. Whether you’re drawn to the unique flavors of exotic ingredients, dazzled by the touch of an expert chef garde manger, or simply awed by the passion that can be expressed through a simple small plate, the following restaurants are just the places you need to check out.


Stay here:

Pictured above: A selection of sashimi delicacies at Q.

Eat here:

Let’s talk about Tsujita LA Artisan Noodle. It boasts the best ramen on the West Coast and is easy on the wallet. This place is a new, fantastic stop that is perfect for lunch or before a long night out in the City of Angels.

Next up, delight in prime seafood with James Beard nominated Chef Michael Cimarusti. Check out Providence, a restaurant with sustainable ethics and an eye for colorful presentation.

Lastly, head to Q for sake-based cocktails and artisan, Edo-style sushi–okay, we’re not entirely sure what Edo-style means, but we know that Q has been deemed "sushi for connoisseurs" by the L.A. Times. Pretty darn impressive, no?


Stay here:

Pictured above: The open line at Barley Swine.

Eat here:

Starting things off in Austin is Barley Swine. This is a restaurant committed to supporting local ranchers and farmers in the area, and, for that, we give this one plenty of thumbs’ up. Order the Chef’s Tasting, and all 13 courses will be sure to keep you on your toes.

Are you a Thai fanatic? By all means, catch East Side King Thai-Kun, named a few years back as one of the top new restaurants in America by Bon Appétit, this food truck is absolutely nothing to stick your nose up to.

Last, but not least, head to Franklin Barbecue. Make sure you get there before 1 p.m., and then eat your brisket-lovin’ heart out.


Stay here:

Pictured above: The succulent pork buns courtesy of Momofuku’s Ssäm Bar.

Eat here:

Oh, David Chang, how the world has fallen for your passion for noodles and lovable personality. That’s right, we’re talking Momofuku. And yes, have the pork buns and definitely have the duck noodles.

While on the east side of Manhattan, you might as well check out Milk Bar, since it is just a few minutes on the L train and the sister bakery of Momofuku. Try the "crack pie"—yup, that’s the what they call it—as well as the "cereal milk."

New York has unlimited high-end French gems like Le Cirque and Le Bernardin, but have you heard of Le Turtle? This gem is giving French cuisine an entirely new spin, and best of all, they do brunch. Winning.


Stay here:

Pictured above: The executive chef of Townsman, Matt Jennings. Photo by Aram Boghosian.

Eat here:

The highly anticipated Townsman opened its doors last spring and has been ablaze ever since. The menu varies from fine terrine selections and scallop ceviche to octopus a la plancha—not to mention, the cocktails are on point.

Next on our wish list, Coppa. This Italian gem specializes in small pasta plates, charcuterie, and pizzas. The must-try dish is any pasta involving squid ink.

Last up, for our beer lovers, Winter Hill Brewing Company gives way to mouth-watering, small batch brews with complimenting beer battered pickles and all the best sandwiches for soaking everything up afterward.


Stay here:

Pictured above:The Saison seasonal bite, comprised of California’s best, hand-selected sea urchin and asparagus.

Eat here:

Back on the West Coast, have your fair share of fresh local seafood, produce, and other Northern California finds at Quince on Pacific Ave.

Next up is Saison, and San Francisco residents rave over this world-renowned restaurant, with its seasonal, multi-course menu, and laid-back atmosphere.

Lastly, get fancy at Thomas Keller’s The French Laundry, well known for its glowing reviews, three Michelin stars, and numerous James Beard awards.

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