Top Ten Tree Houses

By Jackie Dreyer

You're thinking about taking a vacation, but you're not willing to spend yet another two weeks at your grandparents' lakefront cottage. What do you do? We say dream big. Switch up your vacation style, and take it to a whole new level by booking one of our top 10 tree houses across the U.S.*, scattered throughout the country from Hawaii to New York.

1. Secluded, Stylish Tree House in Fern Forest on the Island of Hawaii


This two-person luxury tree house is ideal for couples looking for an island getaway with 360-views of the tropical Fern Forest. Stylistically, this eco-friendly accommodation was designed to make glampers feel as if they were both indoors and outdoors at the same time, which truly enforces one of the principles of glamping, which is spending time immersed in and one with nature.

We particularly love the hanging lounge bed in the lower part of the accommodation for lazy naps and curling up with a good vacation read!

2. Romantic Tree House Cabin Nestled in Trees outside Asheville, North Carolina


The city and state on everybody's lips right now—Asheville, North Carolina—has one thing many people may not know about, and that's an incredible tree house accommodation you can call home for a weekend getaway or a week-long trip to the southeast. The hosts of this romantic tree house cabin will greet you with a cheese and grape platter accompanied by a local craft brew to give you a hearty, North Carolina welcome.

Enjoy exploring the private 20 acres of land upon which this tree house is located, combined with the occasional trip into town for some live music, brewery tours, and incredible meals out, including barbecue and biscuits.

3. Dreamy One-Room Tree Houses near Austin, Texas


Yet another ideal rental for a romantic getaway, these dreamy, one-room tree houses near Austin, Texas, will make you feel as if you've been transported far away from home, whether you've come from nearby in Texas Hill Country or the other side of the country.

Get cozy in your plush queen-size bed, and gaze out at the enchanting, cypress-lined creek scenery each morning, as you lazily sip on a cup of coffee. Adventurous couples can even organize a zip-lining tour to better see the area from up above.

4. Rogue River Forest Tree House in South Oregon


The Rogue River—Siskiyou National Forest means hiking, rafting, fishing, and an incredible tree house rental. This woodland tree house in southern Oregon can sleep up to four guests, so get another couple to come along for the ride, or gather up the family or a group of friends for a weekend in the woods.

Enjoy a wholesome organic breakfast, made with local produce and ingredients, each morning to get your day off on the right foot and fill you with energy.

5. Comfortable Tree House Nestled inside Yosemite National Park, California


One of our larger tree house offerings, this comfortable tree house nestled inside of Yosemite National Park couldn't get possibly get you any closer to the multitude of adventures that await you within the National Park.

With room for up to eight glampers, this tree house rental has two-and-a-half floors, providing plenty of space for each guest, and is surrounded by the stunning, characteristic, Giant Sequoia redwood trees of the area.

6. Glamping Tree House in Santa Cruz Mountains near Monterey Bay, California


Finding the perfect balance between beach, woodlands, and mountains is easy as pie from this glamping tree house in the Santa Cruz Mountains near Monterey Bay in California, given its proximity to every type of natural landscape.

We're also sure that your weary muscles will love a good, long soak in the private hot tub on-site, which is always kept at a steamy 103 degrees Fahrenheit, after a full day of outdoor activities, both on land and water.

7. Imaginative, Secluded Tree House in the Berkshires near Great Barrington, MA


See the Berkshires from a whole new perspective when you stay at this imaginative, secluded tree house near Great Barrington, Massachusetts. Floor-to-ceiling windows in the living room afford you precious vistas of the woods and garden that surround this glamping rental.

Come wintertime, skiing guests won't be able to say no to a stay at this tree house, given its proximity to Otis Ridge, a popular, family-friendly ski area. In fact, there's even a path that leads to a ski slope right from the accommodation.

8. Romantic Tree House Nestled Away in Hudson Valley, New York


At but an hour from the big city, this romantic tree house in the Hudson Valley is the perfect escape for a hardworking couple who need a weekend getaway from the hustle and bustle of their day-to-day lives.

For those who still need to respond to an email or two, you'll have free Wi-Fi all vacation long at this luxury rental, as well as satellite TV, heating and air conditioning, and plush, king-size beds to ensure a great night's sleep every night.

9. Tree House Cabin Nestled at the Foot of Scenic, Snow-Capped Mt. Adams, Washington


Water sports, winter sports, and wine tasting will all be on your agenda when you stay at this tree house cabin located at the foot of Mt. Adams in Washington. This two-story accommodation with a private hot tub is also situated in the middle of the well-known Columbia Gorge Scenic Area, including the Columbia River, and only 80 miles from Portland, too.

10. Serene Tree House Getaway, Connecticut


In Connecticut, you'll find Mark Twain's Historical House & Museum, the Connecticut Wine Trail, the Salmon River State Forest, and a serene tree house getaway in the town of Sharon that will give you a welcome retreat after you've filled your days with sightseeing and activities.

Overlooking a 30-acre pond and decorated in a soothing, Japanese-style decor, this tree house is sure to make you feel nothing but peace and tranquility throughout your stay, which we can only hope carries over into your daily life upon check-out!

*The glamping treehouses you see here are not listed in any particular order.