Unbeatable Christmas Gifts for You and Your Bestie


Nothing screams #SQUADGOALS like a getaway with your bestie. Where will you be treating your number #1 guy or gal this holiday season? If you still haven’t decided between a backpacking trip through Europe or a surf excursion to Costa Rica, not to worry because with a Glamping Hub Gift Card, you can go anywhere you’d like whenever you’d life. Your best pal will never complain that you did not text them back five seconds after they called ever again, when they receive the ultimate gift of a lifetime.

What’s even better is being able to share these memories together and at over 5,000 different unique accommodations around the globe! We have put together a list of the most unbeatable #BFFgetawayVACAYS that you will not want to miss out on.


Hawaii Getaways

Texas Getaways


Canada Getaways

Spain Getaways


California Getaways

United Kingdom Getaways


Italy Getaways

North Carolina Getaways


Australia Getaways

Colorado Getaways


Start packing your bags, booking your flights, loading the car, or hoping on the next train to paradise, but with a gift card you will not have to worry about the roughin’ it part of booking the most unbeatable accommodation this Christmas season.

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