Unique Gift Guide for All Budgets


Take pride in your gift giving abilities, but don’t be too proud to let someone help you out. (We promise we won’t tell if you don’t.) A holiday gift that stands out from the rest is not always the easiest thing to find, or make, but your life is about to get a whole lot easier, in that regard.

Our unique gift guide for all budgets allows you to purchase a Glamping Hub gift card in any denomination that you’d like, letting you choose how much money you can help put towards your loved one’s one-of-a-kind glamping getaway. Let us get you started with a few ideas of where they’ll be able to escape to with their gift card!

Unique Bungalow Rental Just Outside of Joshua Tree National Park, California

Unique, Eco-Chic Bungalow near Asheville, North Carolina

Unique Lighthouse Rental on Lake Ontario near Rochester in Upstate New York

Unique Stone Luxury Rental in the Sierra Nevada, South Lake Tahoe

Waste less wrapping paper, and triple the surprise and excitement on their faces when you present them with the opportunity to plan the unique trip of a lifetime. Click here to buy a gift card now!

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