Unique Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him

By Amy Lloyd


Pushing the boat out without it sinking can be a difficult task when it comes to Valentine’s Day, and women everywhere all want to get it just right for their Romeo this year. Let’s face it, ladies: too cheesy and you run the risk of your gift being a flop, too heavy on the lovin’ and you’ll set the gift-giving bar completely out of reach—poor guy.

How can you run this fondness-fest like a love goddess pro? We’re here to show you how to Cupid this February 14th. If you follow these five crucial steps, you will have your Cupid certification faster than it takes to download Tinder.

Let the unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for him commence.

Step 1 – Pick somewhere sizzlin' like Texas.

Just like your love, you want somewhere that’s passion igniting, and that’s why Texas is a great shout. Head down to this southern safari tent, and let your love fill the five private acres of Texan wilderness that envelop you both.

Cupid recommends taking a long, relaxing soak in the clawfoot bathtub before snuggling up on the sofa that overlooks your own remote and romantic woodland scene.

Step 2 – Throw in some stargazing in California.

Wishing upon a star is one of the most romantic—not to mention free—things you can both do as a couple, and this cozy cabin in the San Bernardino National Forest is one of Cupid’s top picks.

Decorated in passionate red tones and scattered with roses, it’s the must-have love nest for cutesy couples who like the idea of cuddling in a plush bed in front of a crackling wood-burning stove, mmm...

Step 3 – Three words. Hot. Tub. Magic.

Spending quality time together is what it’s all about on Valentine’s Day, and it’s no secret that a hot tub can take a semisweet V-Day into an extra-special sugar rush.

Cupid told us that this adorable mountain cabin in Colorado gives you both a Valentine’s snuggle spot with your very own private hot tub, but shhh! It’s our little secret.

Step 4 – Make the perfect excuse to snuggle up in Montana.

Hugs, cuddles, embraces...who doesn’t love a good snuggle? But what if you could have a Valentine’s Day with non-stop cuddles? In this romantic cabin in Montana, your cuddle dreams can all come true as you bask in your own fairy tale in the remote mountain wilderness.

With a hot tub, wood-burning fireplace, and outdoor picnic table, Cupid’s got your back, girls.

Step 5 – Rustle up an aphrodisiac in Wyoming.

Escape to the Wisconsin wilderness with a stay in one of these elegant couple’s cabins. Here you can both recreate your favorite movie scenem, and steal a sunset kiss on the private deck area.

Cupid also mentioned that it’s a great place to cook up a love-infused banquet before enjoying an enamored embrace in a plush bed with soft, luxury linens. Happy Valentine’s Day, darling!

If you’d rather give him the choice on where to go this Valentine’s Day, check out our Valentine's Day Getaways and say it with our Glamping Hub gift card!