Where to Go This Weekend: Vacations from Detroit

Detroit has many a claim to fame—as the birthplace of the ice cream soda and techno music, as well as the only city from which you can look south to Canada—but have you ever taken a moment to step and see what’s outside of this major city? We have, and let us tell you. It’s good.

Keep reading to find out where to go this weekend in Michigan

Friday is here, and you’re likely stuck without plans or desperately searching for something new and exciting to try, wondering where to go this weekend. We know exactly where you need to go this weekend, so grab a Coney dog and get ready to discover all the best vacations from Detroit.

Lovely Tree House in Ohio with Views of Mohican Valley
Distance from Detroit: Three hours & 17 minutes driving

Rustic Cabin Rentals for Large Groups near Lake Michigan
Distance from Detroit: Three hours & five minutes driving

Serene Lakeside Cabins with all the Amenities in Crooked Lake, Michigan
Distance from Detroit: Two hours & 32 minutes driving

Rustic Lakefront Camping Cabin near Lafayette, Indiana
Distance from Detroit: Four hours & 33 minutes driving

Bed and Breakfast Lodge with Amish-Made Log Beds, Michigan
Distance from Detroit: Two hours & seven minutes driving

Cozy Historical Barn Next to Hamlin Lake, Michigan
Distance from Detroit: Three hours & 39 minutes driving

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