Your Best Grand Canyon Glamping Adventure



The much-photographed, world-renowned, and colossal Grand Canyon in Arizona is world-acclaimed for being one of the most impressive rock formations on our earth. That’s one big reason why you should finally tick it off your bucket list with your very own best Grand Canyon glamping adventure.

If you’re searching for a luxury Grand Canyon getaway deep within this intricate and colorful chasm of red rock, you can finally go back in this geological time machine and witness nature’s greatest masterpiece at its finest.

Ready, set, explore!

Glamping Cabins by Grand Canyon, Arizona

Well and truly get your country on this year in these rustic, western-style cabins, just a stone’s throw away from the one and only Grand Canyon. All three cabins on this site come complete with queen-size beds and a spacious porch area, which makes the perfect spot to enjoy a vibrant sun setting over the canyon itself.

The site is tailor-made for people looking for a comfortable spot to get well acquainted western culture; there is a restaurant on site that serves western cuisine by a glowing campfire and live cowboy entertainment. By day, guests can embark on an adventuresome safari and unleash their inner cowboy even more with a traditional wagon ride.

Beautiful Dome Rental with Red Rock Views in Sedona, Arizona

There is nowhere better to witness the million-year-old Grand Canyon than from a very unique and plush dome in Sedona, Arizona. Situated in the red rock VIP lounge, this vacation rental is the answer to all your ‘Grand Canyon getaway ideas’ Googling.

There’s a BBQ grill outside for warm evening family gatherings, and a 42” LCD TV in a spacious living area for those slightly chillier nights when a movie and popcorn are simply a must. Sleeping up to six guests, you could easily gift this experience to your nearest and dearest, too.

Orchard-Encircled Cabins with Breakfast and Dinner Included, Arizona

Snugly enveloped by 10 acres of luscious gardens and fragrant apple orchards, these cozy cabin rentals are ideal for glampers looking to fuse a sighting of the Grand Canyon with a little bit of pampering. There are two- and four-person cabins, and massage and facial wellness packages are offered on site. After all, hiking around the Grand Canyon all day can be wonderfully tiring, so we say treat yo’ self.

Breathtaking Villa Located in and Surrounded by Zion National Park, Utah

Welcome the luxury when on your Grand Canyon adventure this year with a stay in this indulgent villa in Zion National Park, Utah. Sleeping up to 12 guests, this luxury villa flaunts five plush bedrooms, two large bathrooms, a spacious lounge with wood-burning stove, and a six-person Jacuzzi, ideal for a getaway gift tailored to you and your family or group of friends.

Although a little further away from the Grand Canyon than other properties, you’ll soon see that the extra miles are definitely worth it.

Classic Railcar Suites from the 1950s near the Grand Canyon in Northern Arizona

Embrace the retro style on your next vacation with a stay in one of these historical railcar suites in the Northern Arizona mountains.Surrounded by a unique blend of canyons, deserts, and pine forests, these railway retreats inject a large dose of nostalgic excitement into any vacation. The renovated carriages feature a bedroom, bathroom, and Wi-Fi facilities, making it a truly old-meets-new experience that both families and couples will enjoy.

The Grand Canyon may be one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, but glamping is an entirely different wonder of its own. For more inspirational Arizona getaways, click here!


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