Groovy Yurts


You're looking for a unique glamping opportunity, or simply for a cottage, an annex to your existing house, a yoga studio or a solution to host your extra guests...?

Our Groovy and Authentic Mongolian Yurts (or Gers) have been developed over centuries, using mostly organic materials, to cope with the most extreme climates, hot or cold, winds or snow: they are probably the most efficient dwellings ever devised! Your new Glamping yurt can be beautifully painted with traditional motives, or simply left with natural wood. Both will be covered with mostly natural covers, including a full layer of felt insulation.

Our gers are mostly made in a rural area of Mongolia known for the quality of its yurts and on a principle of fair trade. While preserving their unique authentic qualities, we do adapt them for the most humid North American climates. There’s a big difference between original Mongolian yurts and their more modern North American cousins. They share the same name and a similar structure, but are two very different products.

GroovyYurts is a small company... with a great customer service. We're passionate about our job and have been finding yurt solutions since 2003! Since we're nomads too, we can offer this service right to your door, anywhere in North America, thanks to our unique Groovy Delivery Tour system and our network of representatives and yurt enthusiasts.
Our yurts range from 8’ to 40’ (2.5m to 12m) diameter and over; the most efficient being 16', 19' and 21' diameter. Because of their very compact form to resist high winds, Mongolian yurts are generally much more spacious than they appear.