Mas des Saules


We work closely with our clients deciding floor plans, layout, colour schemes and joinery so that each hut reflects their choices and has its own distinctive character.

As a small caravan under 10 square metres, they are unlikely to require planning consent and can be moved on and between properties.

As an artists studio, garden retreat, sleep out, office or duck shooters hut our Shepherds Huts and Gypsy Caravans provide a quiet space that keeps drawing you back.

We enjoy working with our clients developing options and helping them make their particular choices for their Shepherds Hut or Gypsy Caravan. Once decisions have been made, we provide a firm written quotation, followed by regular updates and photos as the build progresses.

Surprisingly roomy, the huts can fit bunks, two singles, or a queen size bed, leaving adequate room for a chair and dressing table. Custom built bunks, foldaway beds and built in furniture can be provided to maximise space.

Each hut has a colorsteel roof, curved beams and comes complete with tow bar and steps. Resene® Environmental Choice paints and finishes are used throughout.