Solongos Camp


Since its establishment in 2002, our company has made unremitting efforts to improvement in the quality of the ger house.
As the result, we are proud of our product has the quality that cannot be compared with another houses of similar type as the green building.
At first, started with one layer of 10mm thick insulation, we increased the number of layers Continually to meet the needs of consumers, and now we applied 6 layers of insulation to our ger house.
Five years ago, we changed the membrane to French-made from Korean-made, that membrane has construct outer wall of the ger house. and it's because Korean-made cannot meet our standards.
And we used Italian Aqua-Stain, is harmless to the human body, to all wooden parts of our ger house. Despite of its high price, we replaced this to natural materials because we judged commonly used Oil-Stain is harmful to the human body.
In addition, we modularized our product steadily and dramatically shorten the construction period, built our product in just 2 days, as you can see that workshop held at Gu-Rye and Young-Cheon.