Temporary and permanent living modules, design to live in harmony with landscape, enriched comfort, services and functions that correspond to an increasingly heard of eco-compatibility, without burdening the environment but integrated with it.

Small, medium and large, light and flexible structures to promote a new integrated living possibility for the creation of camping, glamping, tourist villages or other forms of settlement to be organized in open spaces where the environment is the rule and the principle design.
Live naturally is the guiding concept that Sprech, by GLAMPING division, would like to spread to an increasingly aware and responsible people, lightly to support new models of sustainable living development.

Sprech Srl designs, manufactures and distributes in Italy and worldwide, tensile structures and modular canopies made of high resistance PVC coated polyester fabric with a PVDF protection treatment. The structures are manufactured in steel, aluminium and wood to the ISO 9001:2008 certification.

Sprech srl are pleased to quote for any project using their vast technological experience with an expert technical team and highly skilled workforce.

Sprech srl use high quality raw materials to manufacture products to the highest standards using the latest in modern machinery.

Sprech srl are continuously researching the latest technical solutions and technological advances to produce an excellent quality-to-price ratio of all Sprech structures.

The main feature of Sprech production is that they are produced in standard modular sizes but can also be produced to a customer’s specific requirements. Sprech structures can also be quickly dismantled and moved to a different location if required.