Start Your Own Site: Lushna Glamping


The approach to be taken for your glamping tourism business starts by defining your business objectives, investment possibilities and destination potential. Decisions made in the early stages of the project can affect long-term viability. Perhaps your ambitions are to grow slowly or perhaps you believe glamping is a great green investment opportunity where you want swift ROI. Glamping sites have also proved to be a strong image driver and welcome added value for existing destinations. With Lushna's development approach we can help you achieve either business objectiv.

Our distinctive Lushna lodging solutions are designed to bring the most intimate bond to nature. They are as big as the view. They come with everything you need - nothing more, nothing less – but give the most space to glamorous experience of nature. All the products are manufactured using only the best natural materials and can be tailored to the location's theme or identity. Manufactured off-site in standard sections and assembled fast on the spots all over the world.