Best National Forests in California

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The best hiking vacations and nature getaways in California! Mendocino National Forest and more!

Stanislaus National Forest and many more other options are available for California vacation ideas

When we talk about California vacation ideas and nature getaways, you have to consider what is available when you make a visit to some of the best national forests in California. There's nothing quite like moving through these amazing forested areas searching for the next best vista or hidden lake around the corner. During the best hiking vacations & camping in California, you can be sure that you'll have a splendid wealth of choice at your feet - with Cleveland National Forest and the mountainous terrain found here in the very south of the state. You can even enjoy the amazing observatory here and gaze at the skies, or even have it coincide with an interstellar meteor shower to enjoy it to the max! Stanislaus National Forest is another impressive selection, found in the east of the state, you can partake in some truly enjoyable outdoor activities on and off the water during your time. Mendocino National Forest located in the north will bring you more hiking trails and some of the best nature getaways in California & vacation ideas during your visit to this great destination. This is only scratching the surface of what you can expect up and down this state, there's far too many national forests for you to see all at once, so make sure you prioritise to get the most of your stay and do it in your favourite pick of amazing glamping accommodation in California. These forests are waiting for your visit!

The best national forests in California await you here for nature getaways!