Best State Parks in North Dakota

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Go camping in North Dakota and enjoy Fort Ransom State Park

Visit Theodore Roosevelt National Park and more State Parks in North Dakota!

Looking for something new to do in the US midwest? Need a new destination for your next glamping getaway? Why not choose some of the best State Parks in North Dakota right here! As a lesser-visited destination, North Dakota is somewhat of a hidden gem when it comes to the best vacations. Enjoying ND state parks is one of the best ways to spend your time here! There's a great variety of them, from north to south to enjoy, so come and check out what's on offer before you leave and make your plans! Go camping in North Dakota to make sure you have the best type of vacation lined up with the true natural feeling - the best getaways the way nature intended! To name a few, we have Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Near to the western border of the state, you will find a wonderful variety of different types of wildlife here, from Elk to prairie dogs and even the famed Bison! With a fistful of different trails and overlooks to explore when you visit, it's sure to give you plenty to keep you busy! Visit Fort Ransom State Park! With two homesteader farms preserved here, you're sure to get a different experience when you visit these farms, you will get an idea of the life that settlers had coming to the US here! Finally, visit Icelandic State Park! This park preserves history also, with the Icelandic heritage of North Dakota being preserved - you can expect to find a museum, the Pioneer Heritage Center, and even a beach to visit! These different state parks should give you a taste of the different types of adventure waiting for you here in North Dakota!

ND State Parks await you for your next glamping getaway!