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These vacation spots near Lexington, KY won't disappoint outdoor enthusiasts looking for a breath of fresh air this year

These campgrounds near Lexington, KY, simply can't be topped for quality facilities nor access to the outdoors. If you've been wondering 'where should I go for a weekend in Kentucky,' don't wait around any longer and make your next Kentucky booking reservations with us when you secure your favorite Lexington rentals in the area. With busy nine-to-five schedules and jobs keeping us occupied for most of the year, it's not exactly easy to connect with nature and get our fill of the outdoors when we need it most. If you're feeling stressed, worked up, and in need of some serious time away, don't hesitate any longer to book your stay at the best campgrounds near Lexington, KY. Things to do in the area can be explored at your own pace and there really are a lot of attractions near Lexington that you should visit before coming home. McConnell Springs, for example, won't let you down if you're interested in finding 'fun camping near me' in Kentucky. Check out this park with family and friends and enjoy visiting some historic natural springs as well as many more KY hiking and biking trails in Raven Run Nature Sanctuary, close to some of our favorite campgrounds near Lexington, KY.

Wondering 'where should I go for a weekend in Kentucky?' Browse our collection of Lexington rentals for truly amazing vacations in the U.S.