Colorado River Camping

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Get the best California campgrounds, camping near Las Vegas and more near the Colorado River!

Colorado River camping is made easy here at Glamping Hub! Stay on Crazy Horse campgrounds and more!

Are you looking for some of the best locations for camping in California and Arizona? Well, look no further than the great options for Colorado River camping we've got for you here! When you pick the eastern side of California, there are a whole host of great destinations to enjoy for a great getaway by the banks of this great river. From Lake Havasu State Park, with the London Bridge and the Crazy Horse campgrounds, you can enjoy a truly unique stay along the banks of this river at one of the widest points. Observe the delightful vistas that await you when you visit this section of the river and the great variety of activities available on the waters of the Colorado River. They're all here to enjoy from canoeing to kayaking to much, much more. Follow the river further north to the state of Nevada and you'll find some of the best camping near Las Vegas on the banks of the Colorado River also. So if you're feeling lucky, then book a stay on one of the great rentals available on these campsites also. Alternatively, head further back down the river to Cibola National Wildlife Refuge and enjoy this protected nature area with all the great wildlife that accompanies the area. From fishing to hunting, you can enjoy these pastimes also! So don't hesitate when it comes to enjoying a great stay along the banks of this famous river along the west coast - it's all waiting for you here today!

Make your visit to Cibola National Wildlife Refuge and Lake Havasu State Park when you visit the west US!