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Welcome to Glamping Hub's favorites! Each of these pages has been carefully hand-selected for its unique offerings. All of our favorite collections are curated especially for you in hopes you’ll find the unique outdoor experience of your dreams. Choose between a quirky tree house, a cozy cabin or a luxurious yurt, and start planning your ideal getaway. These specially selected sites, despite championing individuality, all offer luxurious and comfortable accommodation while still being surrounded by the great outdoors. Discover the East Coast, or perhaps venture a little further from home and explore Europe. You won’t have to worry about potentially having to leave your four-legged family member at home—just take a look at our pet-friendly glamping sites and rest assured that no one will be left behind. We also offer glamping sites for specific celebrations, so whether you’re planning a bachelor’s party out in the wild or a romantic getaway for two nestled away in the countryside, then Glamping Hub has the perfect spots for you. We hope you enjoy our favorites.