Glamping under the Stars

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Check out the best glamping getaways for couples stargazing around the world!

Explore the best spots for glamping under the stars: from Joshua Tree to Chile and Western Australia

What could be more romantic than glamping under the stars in your own luxury camping rental? You and your partner can spot the milkyway, count shooting stars and all from the comfort of your own transparent bubbles and domes, a luxury yurt or even your own private hot tub accommodation. It's not possible to catch the stars from every point of the earth as a lot of light pollution from cities can ruin that so we've gone ahead and listed some of the top spots to stargaze: like Chile, Western Australia, Yellowstone National Park and more all perfect for glamping getaways for couples. Check out the best stargazing around the world and go on epic glamping romantic getaways. Luxury camping under the stars awaits!

Discover the ultimate glamping romantic getaways for luxury camping under the stars: bubbles and dome rentals galore