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Indiana State Park camping! Visit McCormick's Creek State Park, Ouabache State Park and more

Looking for something a bit different for your next glamping getaway? Why not pick some of the best Indiana State Park camping opportunities? With a visit to the midwest, you can enjoy some fantastic nature scenery whilst being close enough to the city for transport or any other activity that requires you to re-enter civilization. The bountiful number of state parks here in Indiana makes it easy to pick the state, but a little more difficult to pick from the different number of state parks on offer here! First and most famous is Indiana Dunes State Park, located 47 miles east of Chicago, Illinois, this park sits along the banks of Lake Michigan, meaning of course that there's an array of recreational activities to enjoy on the water! From kayaking to fishing, there's something to enjoy for everyone here. As the name implies, the dunes here are also a beautiful and enjoyable hike to surpass. Meanwhile, at Ouabache State Park, you can enjoy more fun on the water, but this time it's on the Wabash River that meanders through the state park. Another recommendation is McCormick's Creek State Park - the oldest of all the State Parks in Indiana, this one is located further to the south west, and has a true wealth of great hiking trails to enjoy, but amateurs beware, these hiking trails are not easy by any means - the vistas you can view by conquering them are truly earned by glampers who come for the best camping in Indiana! Campgrounds here are the best way to enjoy these State Parks, so have a check today for your favourite pick of the best of the best! Check out the best Indiana State Park campgrounds at Glamping Hub!

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