Lee Vining Camping

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Check out the best getaways in California when you visit the Sierra Nevada!

Lee Vining camping is the best way to experience the best of Mono Lake, Yosemite National Park and more!

Looking for the best getaways in California near the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range? Well look no further than what we've got on offer here at Glamping Hub! Take a look at these Lee Vining campground options! This town sits on the shores of Mono Lake at the base of the Sierra Nevada - meaning that you will find yourself especially detached from the normal sights during a California glamping visit! Check out the surrounding natural areas of the Yosemite National Park, Stanislaus National Forest and more when you visit Lee Vining! The wealth of recreational activities are waiting for you here, all year round! Go hiking along the numerous trails that can be found through the mountains of the Sierra Nevada - just be prepared to be blown away by the breathtaking vistas that await you at the top! Along the lakes, bring your fishing equipment, because anglers are assured to enjoy some great time on Mono Lake fishing in a great spot for trout! You can spend hours and hours just kicking back in the area if you like, the pleasing views are going to keep you here! You won't want to leave after you've tasted paradise. In the winter months, June Mountain and Mammoth Mountain ski areas are ready for you to hit the slopes and enjoy an awesome skiing experience right here in California! So don't hesitate, check out the best Lee Vining camping options here at Glamping Hub for your next vacation when you hit the west coast!

California glamping is a magical vacation idea! Enjoy Lee Vining campground options here at Glamping Hub! Enjoy Stanislaus National Forest and more