Luxury Camping Areas near Me

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Get outside! Explore the best luxury camping near me for an epic weekend getaway in the US.

Glamping USA: vacation rentals and other unique accommodations.

The US has some of the best luxury camping in the world. With destinations like Joshua Tree National Forest, the Redwoods, the Rocky Mountains, Zion National Park to the Appalachian Mountains, Lake Michigan, Texas Hill Country and everything in between. Luxury camping (US) isn't always easy to narrow down. From the West Coast, the Midwest to the East Coast of the US, there is just so many abundant nature escapes to choose from so let us help you make it a little easier. If you're a glamper, you want your US camping trip to be a little something more than pitching a tent and waking up in the morning to a deflated air mattress. You want to be in cool cabins, luxury safari tents, unique catch our drift? Check out this list of some of the best places to luxury camp near me. You'll see a nice assortment of beach camping, mountain getaways, lake cottages, even eco-camping sites. So don't let anyone stop you from booking your well deserved weekend getaway in the US, nature and adventure are calling. Keep reading and take your pick of the best luxury camping areas near me. Glamping USA & vacation rentals of your dreams await! Your social media will thank us.

Find the best yurts, safari tents, domes, and treehouses from the West Coast to the East Coast of the US!