Luxury Camping: California

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Choose from a variety of privately owned campgrounds in Southern California and more before booking your own personal CA retreats

Why go for CA hotels when you can stay on the best 'private camping sites near me' with these secluded campgrounds in California

Interested in the concept of luxury camping? California is one of the most popular states in the U.S. thanks to its exciting landscape and numerous popular U.S. attractions which, in turn, attract people from all over the world to come and visit. Many of us who decide to spend our vacations in California, will purchase stays in expensive CA hotels and miss out on experiencing a far more rewarding adventure in some of the best accommodations on the West Coast. Don't let yourself be one of those people when you can discover the best privately-owned campgrounds in Southern California and more very affordable rentals perfect for private camping. Northern California is also an area where you can spend your next CA family camping trips and romantic breaks in the mountains. With the current pandemic sweeping across the nation and the world, it makes complete sense that many of us would opt for more staycations in the U.S. rather than more long haul flights across to Europe or any other international destinations. We also understand that for many of us, the question of 'secluded camping near me' is an important one as we seek to find our own space away from the crowds and busy boardwalks. Luxury camping in California is one of the very best ways to discover your own space in the wilderness. So, whether it's private lake camping in California, mountain retreats or desert camping near Los Angeles; start browsing this collection of 'private camping sites near me' and enjoy all the luxuries of glamping. California getaways are available to book now!

What better way to escape the big city and your usual busy routines than enjoying luxury and private camping: Northern California getaways and more available