Luxury Yurt Rentals in California

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Discover luxury yurt rentals in California! Campgrounds 'near me' await

Stay in luxury yurts! California camping 'near me' is available for glamping getaways

Looking for something a little bit different to enjoy on your next vacation? Why not book a stay at luxury yurt rentals in California? Camping in these beautiful rentals is a vacation idea that's not to be missed. Yurts are a tent/cabin crossover and provide glampers with a spacious and comfortable area to sleep and enjoy their vacation. Yurt campgrounds can be found right across the state and are a top choice for vacation makers. California campgrounds 'near me' can be found here so that you don't have to miss out on a single moment of enjoyment during your next vacation. You could book a Big Sur yurt and enjoy a coastal vacation beside the Pacific Ocean. Or you can head further inland and book luxury yurts in North California near some of the best national parks around. There's simply nowhere better than right here to book a bit of luxury yurt camping. Southern California getaways are also possible! In no time at all you could be exploring Sonoma County and enjoying samples at some of the various wineries of the area. So, why look anywhere else? Book a stay in luxury yurts! California camping 'near me' is a click away and will not disappoint those looking for unforgettable glamping getaways.

Enjoy a Big Sur yurt or luxury yurts in Northern California! Yurt camping, Southern California style is available