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Discover what a dark night sky really looks like and visit an International Dark Sky for the best outdoor sleeping and stargazing!

We base camping trips around one kind of activity all the time, so it's not crazy to think you might do it for stargazing. Often, we don't realize how polluted the night sky is with light from street lamps, houses, office buildings, etc. Around the world, there are recognized Dark Skies, with near-perfect conditions for stargazing. If you're searching for the 'best stargazing near me' just type it in here and you'll find it! The perfect camping site for outdoor sleeping and the best stargazing tent rentals are just a click away, what are you waiting for? Spend a few nights under a dark night sky where you can see the likes of the Milky Way, constellations, meteor showers, other planets and so much more, either with the naked eye or a telescope. Browse our vacation rentals in Sedona, Arizona, like safari tents or yurts, or head to Cherry Springs State Park in Pennsylvania, both destinations are an International Dark Sky with minimal light pollution. There's also the Mackenzie Basin, in Aoraki Mackenzie Reserve, where you'll find the best stargazing in New Zealand or Snowdonia National Park in Wales for the best stargazing in the UK. Explore camping sites in these locations and more for your next outdoor sleeping and stargazing trip.

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