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Quench your vacation thirst this year with a dreamy desert getaway in the picturesque Palm Springs, California. This Californian treasure is jeweled with prodigious mountains, verdant national parks, and an august amber desert land; in other words it is the go-to place for glampers looking for an unforgettable vacation getaway. Allow the crisp alpine air to nourish your lungs as you scale the spectacular San Jacinto Mountains for a majestic view of the Californian country, or lace up those hiking boots for an enchanting expedition in Joshua Tree National Park. From nature enthusiasts appreciating the great outdoors, to city-seekers soaking up the metropolitan marvels of San Diego or Los Angeles, at the end of the vacation rainbow lies this sunshine-filled city which is sure to warm the heart of every glamper. Book your Palm Springs weekend getaway here! You deserve a little escape. Scroll through these listings and pick your favorite Palm Springs weekend getaways today.

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