Redwood National Park Camping

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California getaways done in style when you pick Redwood camping

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If you're looking for the best Redwood National Park camping - look no further than this offering here at Glamping Hub! Truly one of the best things to do in Northern California is to go Redwood camping! Technically a combination of National and State Park, Redwood is an organisation of several parks into one over area spanning over the minor parks of Del Norte, Jedidiah Smith and Prarie Creek Redwoods State Parks. There is over 139,000 acres of area to be explored when you visit Redwood, so hiking is top of the list for those who want to explore the area. There's plenty to see as you trudge through the park here, as Redwoods is a naturally protected area, meaning that the flora and fauna of the area is extremely unique to the area - particularly the eponymous redwood trees that are some of the tallest species on the planet. So don't hesitate when it comes to making a visit to Redwoods for the best California getaways, there's sure to be something unique for all visitors here right in the most northwesterly corner of the state of California. Booking the best vacations in the US is an exciting prospect, so don't delay and book today here at Glamping Hub! Getting yourself the most fantastic California vacations in the north is easy - so check out the list here and take your pick of the most fantastic rentals that you can find! Adventure awaits you when you visit Redwood National and State Park

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