Best River Camps in the U.S.

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When people think of getting out on the water, usually their minds jump to the ocean or the lake. However, rivers are some of the best places for adrenaline-fulled recreation and wildlife watching. From the Colorado River as it winds its way through the Grand Canyon to Niagara Falls tumbling south into New York, rivers have carved some of the most powerful natural landscapes we know and love today. Just think about it; the Nile River, the Mississippi River, the Amazon...nation-states grew up all around rivers and yet we seem to have overlooked them and all their wonder in recent years. Here you can find accommodation in the best 'rivers near me'. Check out Glamping Hub's selection of river camps, from BC cabin rentals near Fraser River, Margaret River accommodation for holidays in Australia, Virginia campgrounds along the Shenandoah River, or California cabins near the Roge River. We have all this and more for the best river camping trips possible. Don't fret and search for what to do 'near me' - find river camping 'near me' instead! Browse everything from river cabins to river campgrounds and everything in between. Find GA river camps or Current River camping in MO, cabins on the Temperance River in Minnesota or Barren River getaways in Kentucky. Wherever you may be in the world, just do a quick search for river camps near me, and you're sure to find somewhere that catches your eye.

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