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Not every vacation we take has to be to some far-flung, exotic location. Sure, holidays in Thailand or vacations in Paris are great, but we don’t always have the vacation days or the budget to make that happen. That doesn’t mean, however, that vacations closer to home are any less fun or memorable. Check out this list of ‘weekend getaways near me’ for some local vacation inspiration and find staycations near home you never knew existed! Weekend trips like these are just the thing to break up the monotony of the week. Rest and recharge your batteries so you can take on another chaotic week of work or school, or whatever you may have on your schedule. These easy weekend getaways mean you don’t have to travel far or spend too much money to get there, meaning you have more time and more cash for more fun! Find the best camping in California, cabins in Upstate New York, places to visit in Texas Hill Country, lake vacations in Missouri...you get the picture, right? No matter where you may be, Glamping Hub has the perfect ‘weekend getaway near me’ for you!

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