Where to Go Backpacking: Camping in Europe

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Discover the best places to go for tent camping in Europe: holidays in France, Switzerland, and Spain

Looking for the best places to go on holiday in Europe on a budget? Go backpacking and stay in affordable rentals in Portugal

Searching for where to go backpacking this year? Camping in Europe has long been a must-do adventure for people all around the world. Europe is a cultural chasm bursting with so many different places to see and things to do. In order to fit as many of the top destinations in Europe into our travel itinerary, we often go for the most affordable European accommodation possible: hostels, campsites, etc. However, this year why not go camping near Porto and Lisbon, for example, in your own luxury safari tents and cabin lodging for affordable prices and enjoy a unique camping experience. For even more inspiration, check out our treehouse rentals in Spain and spend some magical evenings in your own private rentals in the treetops. Discover the magic of cities in Spain like Seville and Barcelona before taking yourself to a secluded cabin in the mountains! If you have plans to visit moe top EU destinations like Switzerland, don't hesitate to check out our luxury mountain retreat destinations here and book your own retreat on top of a mountain where you can enjoy simply unbelievable vistas for hours. Camping in Europe can be a magical experience and one refreshingly different from your usual city breaks in busy tourist destinations around the globe.

Camping near Porto and Lisbon: discover the best camping destinations in Europe this year and enjoy your next European getaways in style