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Staying in a log cabin is an experience that has to be tried. These luxury properties are made from either whole or split logs, giving them a nature-like feel. Step inside your cabin to find the best amenities with cozy rooms, fireplaces to gather around, and big windows to take in the surrounding views.

Many luxurious log cabins also come with outdoor hot tubs, game rooms, and lounges, which make them the ideal choice for family reunions or big get-togethers. From campgrounds to secluded, private rentals and log cabin house campers, there is something for every type of vacation here. Depending on which cabin you choose, you could fill your days with swimming in Lake Tahoe or skiing the adventurous mountains of Colorado - the destinations are endless! 

Search our list of log cabins to find your ideal location. Whether you’re looking for a remote stay in the mountains or a relaxing break by the beach, we have something for every type of traveler!

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