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Yurt camping is one of the most popular trends today, these unique structures provide a comfortable and secluded setting for amazing outdoor adventures. While historically yurts have been traditional Mongolian living structures, they ended up being an excellent way to spend a vacation. 

These designs were perfect for the Mongolian nomadic lifestyle, as they are easy to set up and take down, can house a full family, and are very well insulated. The circular shape of yurts made them particularly resistant to the windy steppe plains, making them ideal for roaming travelers. 

Yurt housing today is still associated with the Mongolian tradition but has also become a unique type of vacation, found commonly in backcountry destinations across the globe.

From Denver vacation rentals or places to stay in California all the way across the ocean to the French countryside or down under to Australia, you will find these glamping structures ready to book. Whether you’re seeking a beach yurt, a mountainous glamping trip, or perhaps a woodland adventure, we're here to help. With our global inventory, it's easy to find your ideal trip with Glamping Hub.

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