Airstream Trailers in Malibu

Explore the stunning California coast from an Airstream trailer in Malibu: Caravans made luxe

Enjoy the magnificent Pacific Coast in truly unique accommodations. These Airstream trailers in Malibu & caravans made luxury, are the perfect accommodations for a romantic, weekend getaway or a longer, adventure-filled stay. Malibu offers luxury dining and shops as well as hiking and surfing. You can make the most of your time discovering all the great outdoor activities and things to do in Malibu. Head to the beach, or discover the best hikes in Malibu for a memorable summer vacation. Our glamping trailers are unconventional rentals that allow you to enjoy all of the comforts of a traditional hotel. While a vacation in a Malibu beach house is a great summer vacation idea, a stay in a Malibu Airstream trailer will show you that a connection with nature can also include the comforts of home. Walk along the beach at night, pack a picnic during the day, and enjoy all that Malibu has to offer! Make this the best of all your summer vacations when you book a stay in a trailer accommodation or Airstream, a unique alternative to the standard Malibu vacation rentals in California. Better yet, forgo the old Malibu airstream airbnb, and book something special with Glamping Hub! Take your time and find your favourite, no need to book alternatives at AirBnB! Malibu, California is here today.

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