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Glamping in Ontario and the best places to stay near Toronto

Ontario, which is a stunning province in southern Canada, is full of natural beauty. Everything from the land that hugs the beautiful Great Lakes to the forested areas and beautiful natural parks is a true sight to be seen. That’s exactly why staycations in Ontario are the perfect way to take a break from life and enjoy a mini vacation while still staying close to home. Ontario, which is certainly a province of four seasons, constantly offers amazing activities and outdoor fun. Imagine a staycation, Ontario where you’ll be able to wake up, go hiking or fishing, or depending on the season, sunbathe along the shores of a lake. Our collection of staycations in Ontario will help you choose between a luxurious lakefront tent or a unique yurt tucked inside the forest. Whatever it is you choose, a staycation in Ontario could be just what you need.

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