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Why choose glamping in Africa?

Africa is a stunning continent made up of 54 beautiful countries. Here visitors can explore some of the most epic national parks and wildlife preserves, alongside unmatched landscapes and fantastic adventures.  

Those visiting Africa can enjoy everything from beachside leisure to hot-air balloon tours, scenic golfing, and the quintessential, luxury camping experience. Building upon the traditional safari concept, Africa is the leading purveyor of extraordinary glamping adventures for those seeking a stylish and uncompromising experience amidst the world’s most astonishing flora and fauna. 

Want to sit outside a lavish, private canopy while sipping sparkling wine and observing herds of zebras, giraffes, and elephants? You can do it all in Africa. Whether you’re planning a trip with family, friends or your partner, there is something here for all. 

Check out our range of accommodations in Africa, alongside some more information for your next getaway, and get ready to book your next adventure today!

The best time to go glamping in Africa

With so many exceptional places to visit, when you choose to visit Africa will ultimately depend on where you want to go. With vibrant cities, stunning national parks, untouched wilderness and much more, the weather can affect several aspects of what you do during your vacation. Luckily enough, we’ve put together some more information below so that you can plan your break here with all of these tips in mind. 

Anytime from July to October is an excellent time to visit Africa. This is when the safari destinations come to life with a fantastic selection of species and flora and fauna. For those looking to get up and close to these wonderful animals, a trip to renowned spots such as Serengeti, Kruger National Park, Pilanesberg National Park, plus many more are great options. 

If you’re hoping to spend your time scouring the rainforests in Africa, a trip here from May to September is perfect. This is when the weather is drier, creating a comfortable climate to explore these fantastic natural wonders. 

No matter when you decide to stay in Africa, you’re sure to enjoy all that this exquisite place has to offer. What’s more, staying in our unique rentals provides an unmatched experience for an array of vacation types.

Is there safari glamping in Africa?

You will discover an array of safari glamping options in Africa. These provide the perfect base to explore all that the wilderness here has to offer. Whether you’re seeking authentic safari tents, luxury room rentals, unique tipis, extraordinary treehouses and much more, there is something for all in this beautiful part of the world. 

Where is the best place to go glamping in Africa?

With so many wonderful places to explore, it is hard to choose the best area to stay in Africa. However, to help get you started we recommend checking out locations like Kenya, Marrakesh, South Africa, Tanzania, plus many more. Use our search filter to help narrow down your options and choose the best destination for you today!

Are there luxury tents in Africa?

There are plenty of luxurious tents to choose from in Africa. These provide an opulent experience for those staying here, alongside some excellent amenities. Whether you’re looking to get out on safari, wander the bustling cities, or simply sit back and relax, you’re sure to be impressed by the accommodation options with Glamping Hub.


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