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Charming Accommodation on Rolling Farmland in Middleton, South Australia
1856 Manor Vacation Rental on Huge Horse and Cattle Farm near Charlottesville, Virginia
A-Frame Cabins on Organic Farm in Tuscany’s Pristine Countryside
Artistic Garden Casita on Organic Farm in New Mexico
San Cristobal, New Mexico (United States of America)
Beautiful Country Cottage Perfect for a Romantic Weekend near Fredericksburg, Texas
Fredericksburg, Texas (United States of America)
Charming Cottage Getaway with an Indoor Fireplace in Chester Springs, Pennsylvania
Chester Springs, Pennsylvania (United States of America)
1800s Farmhouse Cottage Rental on a 230 Acre Farm in Muskingum County, Ohio
Frazeysburg, Ohio (United States of America)
Charming Cottage Getaway on a Horse Farm on Orcas Island in Washington
Deer Harbor, Washington (United States of America)

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For the best farm vacations, check out our list of opportunities to go glamping on a farm! These cottages for rent on a farm will give you the best farm weekend getaway opportunities that money can buy. Enjoying a cottage & farm vacation is one of the most unique ways you can spend your next getaway! Wake up to the sound of the cattle in the morning and start your day right - in the midst of the best nature-based environments you can find for your next getaway! It's all waiting for you here at Glamping Hub, so get the best cottages for rent when you come here to book your next vacation, so don't delay and check out what's on offer today! It's all ready for you, so grab a cup of coffee, open a couple of the tabs and make your decision to go glamping on the farm today!

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For the best rural vacations, why not book yourself in for a fantastic stay on a farm? These unique rentals types are all over the world and each different country gives you a different flavour! Check out Australia, and the best Farm Getaways NSW has to offer! Enjoy the Aussie outback when you come here and see the horizon stretch out into the distance as you embark on a fantastic glamping getaway! Check out something in Europe with the best UK holidays. The rolling green pastures of England await you for your next vacation, so grab some tranquility in the immersive nature to be found on this island nation. If you prefer something in America, why not pick some of the best farm vacations in US! Here you can find everything from east coast autumnal paradise to the more arid farms found out on the west coast!