Unusual Accommodations in Alaska

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Wondering where to stay in Alaska? Where to stay for a memorable vacation? Check out these top places to stay in Alaska! When heading to "The Last Frontier" consider these options for lodging AK offers. Alaska in and of itself is an unusual place to visit. Many people still believe that Alaska is a frozen tundra with only a few people, and they live in igloos and dog sled to go ice fishing. But in reality, Alaska is a large state with beautiful cities and people rich with culture. Staying in any place in Alaska would be an unusual and rich experience, but staying in unusual accommodation in Alaska would be the icing on the cake to a truly rare and unique experience. Forget about a basic hotel in Alaska and check out below the best places to stay near me. Here you'll find yurts, tree houses and small cottages tucked away in the forest. Therefore, there are plenty of opportunities for a unique stay in a unique Alaska accommodation. Forget about luxury Alaska hotels, in Alaska you can find better alternatives. Check out this collection of the best places to stay in Alaska. Book your Alaska lodging here from our Alaska accommodations!

Unique lodging: hobbit cabin & Alaska getaways: Forget about a basic hotel in Alaska and go glamping!

Best places to stay in Alaska: unique vacations from our Alaska accommodations and other unique places to stay near me!

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