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Planning summer vacations with kids might sound like a daunting task. Pleasing multiple members of the family with the right summer destinations and fun family trips can be hard, but Glamping Hub is here to help you! For Summer 2022, book a family trip to the great outdoors and forget all about the quarantine past and social isolation. We have an endless list of summer vacation ideas for you to pick from, including the best family beach vacations, lake house rentals, and even mountain getaways. Find the best family vacation spots in your home state or farther away, it doesn't matter where. Our family summer vacations are the perfect blend of adventure and relaxation, luxury and simplicity. Don't worry about the expensive rates of family resorts and hotels, multiple rooms can run up quite the bill. Go glamping and make your summer vacation whatever you want it to be, without all the expensive add-ons.

Book a family vacation in Colorado or the Florida Keys, holidays in Australia or Spain! The best family vacations are ones you can spend together, making new memories and lifetime experiences. Book the best vacations with kids and give them something to get excited about while everyone is stuck inside; family vacation destinations like these are the perfect remedy to wipe our social-distancing blues away.

Book the best summer vacations with kids in top family vacation spots!