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Best glamping vacations in California

Whether you’re seeking a luxury yurt glamping trip, a cozy cabin break, or a tranquil stay in a beach house, California has it all! The Golden State provides everything you could wish for from a holiday full of stunning nature, impressive scenery, and intriguing wildlife. With all this in mind, California makes for the perfect getaway for couples and families alike. 

California's diverse state offers mountains to ascend, deserts to explore, and alpine meadows to amble through, making it an adventurer's paradise. Visit Yosemite National Park, stay in a cabin in Redwood forest, or head to Los Angeles for the ultimate beach break. The variety here is unmatched, offering something for all types of travelers. 

Find the best places to camp in California that offer breathtaking scenery and incredible surroundings to explore. Filter your search through Glamping Hub to find your next break, as there is so much adventure to be had here!

Things to do in California outdoors

For outdoor lovers, California is where you want to go. With impressive hiking trails, mighty peaks, stunning beaches and dense forests there is so much space in this stunning state that you will find yourself needing more time to see it all. 

Southern and Northern California alone boasts nine national parks to choose from—more than any other state in the U.S! Yosemite National Park, the fifth most-visited national park in the country, is home to glacier-like structures, valleys, rivers, and mountain peaks. Whatever your activity, you will find something in California to meet a range of vacation itineraries. 

For a different feel, there’s always Joshua Tree National Park, where two deserts meet across a vast expanse of land and unique plants and wildlife can be observed. Luxury camping in SoCal destinations like Joshua tree is a must! 

If you’ve already hit the national parks, head to the surfers’ paradise that is Malibu Beach to catch the perfect wave. Alternatively, visit Santa Monica Pier for a quintessential day of fun for the whole family. 

Weather in California

 Its consistent climate makes California a favorite year-round destination. Known as the ‘Golden State’ for its continuous sunshine and gorgeous blue skies, you can visit here at any time and still enjoy pleasant weather. 

Rarely recorded below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, even in the winter, the state’s beaches can be enjoyed no matter what season it is. The weather provides the perfect climate to enjoy the cabins, yurts, beach houses, pods, and more. Book into some of the best campgrounds in California to ensure you get the most out of your glamping trip!

Where is the best glamping in California?

With places like Big Bear Lake, Lake Tahoe, Truckee and much more all in California, you will find some incredible areas to camp. This is a special part of the US that has so much to offer. Its fantastic scenery and breathtaking surroundings make California the ultimate place for an unforgettable glamping getaway. 

Can you camp in Yosemite?

Unfortunately, you’re not allowed to camp inside Yosemite National Park. Although, we have a range of incredible camping spots nearby. Stay in areas such as Oakhurst, Coarsegold, Kings Canyon Park, and much more. These will all allow you to stay close to Yosemite, providing easy access to the park

Are there dog-friendly places in California?

Yes! There are lots of incredible dog-friendly accommodations in California. Whether you’re looking for yurts, tipis, cabins, and more, you will find somewhere amazing to stay with your four-legged friend!