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Beautiful and intense, Argentina is a country that easily seduces travelers. Visit Argentina and get to know a country full of contrasts. The streets of Buenos Aires have a European feel, filled with busy sidewalk cafes, bookstores, boutiques, and the purple jacaranda blooms in springtime. In contrast, Patagonia is a wild and rugged destination at the end of the world with a landscape carved out by ancient glaciers. Here you can watch streetside tango or learn about gaucho culture in the Pampas. Argentina’s South American style and European colonial influence have mixed over the years and blended to become the Argentina we know today. Buenos Aires, the capital, is a modern metropolis well worth spending a few days in. Other cities like Córdoba, Salta, Mendoza, and Bariloche each have unique personalities and attractions, so don’t miss them either! Argentina attractions, however, are not just limited to its urban centers. From the roaring waters of Iguazú Falls on the border with Brazil to the thunderous, crackling advance of the Glaciar Perito Moreno in Patagonia in the south, Argentina’s great outdoors takes you on a wild ride. We can think of only one way to explore one of the best places to visit in South America. Glamping! Have you ever been glamping? Argentina glamping is a fantastic way to explore this beautiful country, with our holiday homes and vacation rentals taking you to some of the top outdoor Argentina tourist attractions. Argentina travel is the perfect blend of city and country, so if you’re planning trips to South America, you need to make glamping holidays in Argentina number one on your list! Glamping in Argentina offers you the perfect selection of places to stay, with five-star amenities and unparalleled outdoor access to some of the best places to visit in Argentina. On your trip to Argentina, forget about booking expensive Buenos Aires or Patagonia hotels; go luxury camping in Argentina and find the best destination for holiday in South America! Check out our sites for Patagonia glamping, Mendoza wine tours, or glamping Buenos Aires weekend getaways for your next South America holidays.

South America holidays & Patagonia glamping

One of the best places to travel in South America, Argentina has something for everyone. Families, couples, and groups of friends will have plenty to do and much to see here, no matter what time of year you visit. Outdoor Argentina tourism has a few ‘must-see’ attractions we’ll take you through. Starting in the south in Patagonia, explore one of the most intense and beautiful landscapes in the world. Visit Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego, two points at what feels like the end of the world, home to an other-worldy aura and landscapes and find some of the best glamping. Patagonia, Argentina is one of our favorite South America vacations, with much to do and see. Visit Parque Nacional Los Glaciares, whose centerpiece is the stunning Glaciar Perito Moreno. Glacier Moreno measures 30 kilometers long, 5 km wide, and 60 meters high and is constantly advancing at almost 2 meters per day. Find places to stay in El Calafate or El Chaltén to explore the surrounding mountains. Not only can you visit the ancient glaciers, but you’ll find great places to hike, go rock climbing, or horseback riding. What’s more, if you’re visiting between June and mid-December, make sure you book at least one night in Puerto Madryn for some of the world’s best whale watching! You may think the only attractions here are glaciers, but in fact the gulf waters along Patagonia’s coast are warmer and more protected and is a prime breeding zone for southern right whales. Still, Patagonia is home to UNESCO World Heritage sites, like Cueva de las Manos, amazing wildlife, from penguins in Camarones to guanacos in Tierra del Fuego, and much more! This is truly one of the best places you could go glamping. Patagonia glamping—Barlioche, El Calafate, and more destinations—is some of our favorite South America vacations, so book yours today to enjoy the best rental Argentina has to offer!

Best places to visit in Argentina

Patagonia is home to some truly amazing Argentina vacation rentals, but it is certainly not the only worthwhile holiday destination in the country! Moving north, almost to the opposite side of the country, Argentina’s wine-producing region is another popular destination for Argentina vacations. If you’re planning a honeymoon in South America or searching for the best destination for vacation for couples, head to Mendoza! One of the most visited regions of Argentina, Mendoza is known for its wine and vineyards at the foot of the Andes Mountains. Mendoza wine tours are certainly a highlight here, but not all there is to do. South America’s highest peak is in Mendoza, Mount Aconcagua. If you can hike to Camp 2 on the Normal Route, make sure you stay for sunset and watch the sun dip below the peaks of the Andes. Although Mendoza might be best known for its wine, the Mendoza River is a great place for outdoor recreation. Tackle the rapids with a guide and go whitewater rafting in Argentina. There is also the Cacheuta Thermal Baths, Parque San Martin, olive groves, museums like Bovedas de Uspallata, and much more here. Of course, when you’re in Mendoza, you’ll want to visit some of the wineries and vineyards of the region and sample the local wares. Visit Bodegas Salentein, Benegas, Trapiche, or Chacras de Coria for a wide sampling of the region's grapes, from Malbec to Cabernet Sauvignon and more on your Mendoza holidays. Best places and outdoor attractions are found all over Argentina, from Patagonia to Mendoza to Iguazu Falls. If you thought Niagara Falls was impressive, just wait until you see the Iguazu Falls. Bordering Argentina and Brazil, the falls stretch in width for 2,700 meters (1.7 miles) and reach as tall as 82 meters (269 feet) in some places! Between both sides, Igauzu features some 275 waterfalls. The name Iguazu comes from the local indigenous Guarani or Tupi language, meaning ‘big water.’ Legend tells that a god was to marry a beautiful woman named Naipí, who fled with her mortal lover in a canoe, and in a rage the god cut the river, creating the waterfalls and condemning the lovers to an eternal fall. The easiest way to access the falls from Argentina is from Puerto Iguazú in the Misiones region. With a wide variety of places to stay, these outdoor destinations are perfect for glam camping. Argentina is home to so many amazing holidays; forget about things to do in Buenos Aires and get outdoors for your next vacation. Argentina is waiting.

Best time to visit Argentina

So when is the best time to visit Argentina? In our opinion, Argentina springtime (October to mid-December) or autumn (April-mid-June) would be the best time. Visit Argentina in the summer months (December to mid-February) or winter months (June to mid-September) and you’ll find more tourists and peak season prices. However, make sure to research where you’re visiting for more information. Northern Argentina can be divided into three climates. The Iguazú Falls area is very tropical, with warm and humid weather making it a great year-round destination. As you travel more to the west, towards Salta, the landscape becomes drier and temperatures sit around 17°C (26°F). Even further west brings you to the world’s driest desert, Atacama; in the winter, the desert nights can get cold, however, daytime temperatures are more pleasant in winter than summer, when temperatures rise above 40°C (104°F). Central Argentina is a more moderate climate; the average daytime temperature in Buenos Aires is 18°C (64°F). If you visit Buenos Aires in the winter (June-August) make sure to pack some rain gear. While in South Argentina, we would say December to March are the best months to travel. With the temperature around 5°C, you’ll need to stay bundled up, but at this time of the year, the days are longer so you have plenty of daylight to explore the glaciers. July and August, the winter months, can be quiet cold here and we don’t recommend traveling at this time.

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