Host Spotlight: Todd and Kim

By Jackie Dreyer

Editor's note: Each month, we'd like to introduce you to one of our wonderful Glamping Hub hosts and what inspired them to create a glamping site. This month, we have Todd and Kim, who manage nine different luxury rentals in Upstate New York.

1. What is the story behind you starting your glamping site?

14 years ago, we built our first vacation rental with the hopes of getting to personally enjoy it, as well. We called our rental company agent to ask him if we could come up for a week in the summer, and he informed us that we were fully booked! We actually had to build another accommodation so we could stay in our own vacation rental.

When we started to rent the second property, the same thing happened! We now have nine accommodations and have come to understand the power of listing them online in order to reach a larger audience.

2. What did you do before becoming a glamping host, and what drew you to glamping?

Before, we owned a construction and landscaping business, and we ended up selling it to run our vacation rental business. Over time, while we have been on all of the normal booking sites, we found that by coming to Glamping Hub, we would get more exposure to a different audience— which is exactly what we found!

3. In your opinion, how does your accommodation fit the definition of glamping?

Our well-appointed accommodations offer a number of amenities, such as hot tubs and saunas, which make vacationing in the rustic Adirondacks very luxurious. Glamping fits our bill, because guests that go through Glamping Hub expect the best.

4. What is the most special thing about your property?

All of our accommodations our extremely clean and well-maintained by our care-taking staff, a husband-and-wife who have been with us for seven years. They also all come with deluxe amenities, as previously mentioned, which are big perks for people looking to have a relaxing getaway.

5. What do you love the most about running a glamping site? What are some of the challenges you face?

Working with Glamping Hub has given us the ability to reach another type of traveler. The site itself allows us to make changes ourselves, and anytime we need help, their staff always helps us. The only challenge about being in the vacation rental business, we would say, is managing our listings on multiple sites.

6. Tell us about your most memorable guest experience to date.

We had guests stay at the first accommodation we built. We had purchased some new items for the home and asked if they minded if we brought the items to the house. They agreed, so we went to the rental, met them, and it was an instant friendship. We have been great friends now for almost 10 years!

7. Which three words are most commonly used in guest feedback about your accommodation?

Beautiful, clean, and...clean!

8. Tell us about the experience you provide for guests visiting your glamping site.

We provide as much information and photos as possible so that guests can make an informed decision before booking. We have very, very descriptive listings, and we believe that honesty is the best policy. By the time they've read our description, they know exactly what our accommodations are all about.

9. If you could have anybody stay at your accommodation, who would it be and why?

We would love for the Glamping Hub staff to come and stay at one of our accommodations. Despite most of them working from Spain, that's who we would like to come stay and have the experience—not only of the Adirondacks, but of how clean and well-equipped our accommodations are.

10. Are there any upcoming additions/changes to your glampsite you would like to share with us?

We would like to add video tours of our rentals on our listings.

For the ideal luxury camping escape in Upstate New York, you can book Todd and Kim's accommodations here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here!

Where to go in December : Australia and New Zealand

By Eric Wright

As the days get longer and the nights grow milder, December in Australia and New Zealand means the start of barbies on the beach, comfortable temperatures, and of course, the hectic build-up to Christmas.

That's why we've compiled some of the best destinations on the eastern side of the Southern Hemisphere to have a warm holiday celebration. With the cities totally chockers, escape to one of these fantastic, rural locations and have yourself a ripper this December!


1. Wollemi National Park, New South Wales

Just a couple of hours northwest of Sydney, the World Heritage-listed Wollemi National Park boasts an abundance of scenic trails in a dramatic setting, along with heaps of rivers for unforgettable arvos of kayaking and swimming.

At this unique site, you shouldn't miss the chance to complete the iconic walk from Thredbo to the summit of Australia's highest peak, Mount Kosciuszko, where the panoramic views from the top are simply breathtaking.

2. The Blue Mountains, New South Wales

With 1 million hectares of majestic forests, epic canyons, and sparkling waterfalls, it's no wonder that over 4 million people flock to this pristine landscape each year. Scenic World at Katoomba is a must with its Scenic Skyway gondola that traverses the Jamison Valley—offering spectacular vistas of the Katoomba Falls, Three Sisters, and Mount Solitary.

After a day of adventures, you can retreat to your own unique getaway and enjoy the vast views of eucalyptus trees seemingly stretching on forever, cold one in hand.

3. Namadgi National Park, New South Wales

Located just 45 minutes drive from Canberra, Namadgi National Park offers a rural haven away from the crammed streets of the city in December. As aboriginal people were living in the area during the last ice age 21,000 years ago, there are an abundance of fascinating sites just waiting to be discovered.

If you're looking for a relaxed holiday full of scenic drives, history, and bushwalking, you'll have found your perfect getaway in the grassy valleys, wetlands, and boundless eucalyptus forests of this gorgeous National Park.

4. Bruny Island, Tasmania

Home of the stunning South Bruny National Park, this one-of-a-kind island offers an unbeatable wilderness retreat. With fur seals, fairy penguins, and white wallabies calling this region home, animal lovers will be in their element.

Visiting in December means that the penguin breeding season will be in full swing, offering you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see these slippery characters plod ashore at the picturesque seaside town of Penguin or at Point Sorell.

New Zealand

1. Waiuku near Auckland, North Island

Only an hour from Auckland, the winding Awhitu Peninsular and the iconic black sands of Kariotahi Beach in Waiuku offer a great weekend getaway with sublime coastal views. You can set off on the waters and take the opportunity to kayak and enjoy a magical sunset on the water in the Waiuku Estuary—all before returning to your secluded getaway for an evening of relaxation.

2. Lake Wakatipu, South Island

As the third largest lake in New Zealand, the lightning bolt shaped waters of Lake Wakatipu boast incredible levels of purity and cleanliness, making this an ideal spot for water sports and cruises while surrounded by epic scenery. If you're looking to get your blood pumping, head over to the Kawarau Gorge Suspension Bridge, the historic birthplace of bungee, and make the leap of faith from the height of a 10-story building!

3. Lake Wanaka, South Island

Situated in the spectacular alps on the South Island of New Zealand, the pristine lakes and mountains in Wanaka, along with its proximity to Mt. Aspiring National Park, make it a premier site for outdoor activities. Roys Peak is not to be missed, as you'll be in awe at the magnificent views of Wanaka, the lake below, and the humbling peaks of the Southern Alps.

This December, immerse yourself in this incredible world of glaciers, majestic mountains, and deep alpine lakes from this equally as stunning bell tent rental.

4. Waipara Wine Region, South Island

Renowned as New Zealand's premier wine-producing region, the sprawling vineyards, award-winning wineries, and awe-inspiring scenic walkways of the the Waipara Valley make it an idyllic escape for lovers of Pinot Noir and outdoor adventure alike.

Just 45 minutes north of Christchurch, get away from the concrete jungle this December, and surrounded yourself with the stunning panoramic vistas from this accommodation in North Canterbury.

What else makes your glamping wish list this December? Check out what made ours here!

What we're asking for this holiday season: Our staff wishlist

By Jackie Dreyer

We understand that it can get difficult to surprise your loved ones year after year with new gift ideas, and we're sure that Mom's scarf and candle collection is close to hitting its limit. One thing that never gets old—and doesn't require any wrapping paper (hello, eco-friendly!)—however, is the gift of travel. Giving someone an experience, especially if it's somewhere they've never been before, is one present they'll never forget.

Our staff is chomping at the bit to head to an endless list of accommodations on Glamping Hub, so we had them sit down and write their wish list for this holiday season, choosing the ideal getaway they'd love to see pop up under the tree this year.

"I usually do not travel much during the winter because I dislike the cold, but there is something about this accommodation that seems so unique and cozy that it would be a must-visit during winter. I would love to ski in the Alps! What's not to love?"
— Jessica A., Partnerships Manager

"From when I read Phillip Pullman's book, "Northern Lights," as a child, seeing this wonder of the world has been high on the list of things I want to do. What better way to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience than in an accommodation that is just as unique and spectacular?"
— Nadia, Visual Marketing Designer

"I would love to go here, sleep in the domes, and watch the Northern Lights. Finland is one of the best places in the world to see the Aurora Borealis, and I think it would be the epitome of hygge to drink some yummy, mulled wine in these domes and watch the Aurora dance."
— Lauren, Business Development Manager and Payment Support

"It has always been a dream of mine to travel to northern Scandinavia, and this dome is perfect for seeing the Northern Lights, along with experiencing a true winter."
— Marta, Editor

"I cannot think of a better way to spend New Year's than relaxing in the countryside of Sri Lanka. Starting the year off as I mean for it to go on is very important to me."
— Caroline, Business Development Director

"It's looks like a cool place to relax with my girlfriend. We love Granada, and I've always wanted to try skiing, so it's so convenient to have the Sierra Nevada really close!"
— Arran, Editor

"This yurt looks like the perfect environment for resting, as well as doing outdoor activities, like hiking, biking, and more!"
— Manuel, Financial Planning and Analyst Manager

"I would do a wildlife experience trip so I could take great photos of the animals and native fauna, as well as see the Aurora Borealis."
— Stephen, Marketing and Design Assistant

"I chose this because I've never seen anything like it before. From the custom pools to the vintage and up-cycled decorations, this place would be an awesome getaway."
— Amy, Partnerships Manager

"I would want a secluded and rustic getaway with no electricity or TV. This cabin is on an idyllic farm, and I'd want to spend the days playing guitar by the fire and having a few cold ones over a game of poker with friends, before stargazing at night."
— Neil, Editor and Email Marketing Specialist

"The photos probably don't do it justice—it's completely isolated, has an amazing view, and is perfect for fishing and exploring in isolation."
— Matthew, Host Relationship Specialist

"I chose this because the view from the tree house looks amazing, and it's a once-in-a-lifetime experience! I'd go for a weekend break with my family or friends."
— Amber, Marketing Assistant

"I've been to Morocco before and absolutely loved it, but I never got out to the desert. These tents look amazing, and I bet the stargazing at night is unforgettable."
— Liz, SEO Specialist

"I've always wanted to do a road trip around Morocco (my home country) with the end destination being the Sahara Desert! This accommodation would be the perfect place to relax after a long road trip and a great place to truly enjoy nature."
— Talal, Co-Founder

"I have done a lot of trail running in this area, and it's pretty spectacular! This dome cabin is super unique—it would be a great "base camp" of sorts for both activities and day trips."
— Jeff, COO

"I would love to visit this accommodation; it looks like paradise!"
— Rebecca, Brand Manager

"A trip to this enchanting tree house in France combines two dreams of mine: disappearing to the woods to focus on my writing and staying in a real tree house! The cherry on top for me here is the hot tub on the deck; it's the perfect dose of luxury that will ensure I come back to work relaxed and refreshed."
— Kyomi, Social Media and Ads Manager

"I think it would be ridiculously cool to have a relaxed getaway at a place as idyllic as this one. During the days I'd head off to the Sacred Monkey Sanctuary, the rice terraces, Kelingking Beach, and the Banyumala Twin Waterfalls, before heading back to the retreat for some pampering and pool action."
— Eric, Editor

"We live surrounded by too many things, and our daily lives are full of distractions. I love the idea of spending a romantic getaway in this accommodation, which offers what you need to experience JOMO (Joy Of Missing Out)and focus on what's important: your relationship."
— Rocio, Operations Manager

"I would like to walk the Appalachian Trail and spend a night in this amazing cabin along the way."
— Danny, Business Development Manager

"When I was a kid, we had a tree house in my backyard. I've grown up a lot since then, but I will never outgrow the sense of adventure a tree house gives my inner child."
— Jessica I., Key Account Manager

Don't want to choose? Surprise your loved one with a gift card, so they can decide what their dream vacation is all on their own!

Guest Spotlight: Shannon Guerrero

By Amy Ahlblad

Editor's Note: We'd like to introduce you to graphic designer and travel blogger, Shannon Guerrero, who recently celebrated a birthday with her friend, Janelle, at one of Glamping Hub's coziest cabins in British Colombia. Read on to hear all about her luxury camping experience!

What are the three words you would use to describe your glamping site?

Cozy, spacious, and secluded.

What was your favorite memory from your glamping getaway?

Putting on a face mask, firing up the Jacuzzi, and relaxing in the warm water on the back porch.

How do you plan your vacations—around destinations, style, or accommodation?

It's hard for me to even choose where I want to go next, because I want to go everywhere. Usually, the decision comes down to price, and everything else falls into place after that, i.e., accommodation and itinerary.

How would you describe your glamping style? Chic and stylish or rustic and outdoorsy?

I would definitely describe my glamping style as comfortable chic. I'm not necessarily the outdoorsy type, which is why glamping is a great in-between option.

What is your biggest piece of advice for planning steps before booking a trip?

Do your research, and be flexible. I love to know all about the location I'm visiting beforehand, but I also like being able to discover things along the journey. I think it's a great idea to keep an open mind while traveling; you should have an idea of what you'd like to do, but put aside time to explore without a specific agenda.

What are your five go-to’s for your glamping stay?

A beautiful setting, location, amenities, good friends, and good food.

Where are you looking to glamp next and why?

I'm hoping to take some mini-road trips around California during the winter, but I would also love to venture off to some of the amazing other accommodations that are on Glamping Hub.

To follow Shannon and her travels, visit her website Shannon Did What? or Instagram here!

Host Spotlight: Kim and Stuart

By Jackie Dreyer

Editor's note: Each month, we'd like to introduce you to one of our wonderful Glamping Hub hosts and what inspired them to create a glamping site. This month, we have Kim and Stuart, who manage an off-the-grid cottage in Waiuku, a town in the Auckland Region on the North Island, New Zealand.

1. What is the story behind you starting your glamping site?

Over the years, we have been collecting bits and pieces with the idea of building a little cottage at the back of the farm, where we could relax and watch the river valley below. Initially, it was going to be just for us, but once we got started, we knew it would be a wonderful place to share with others—the perfect glamping spot.

2. What did you do before becoming a glamping host, and what drew you to glamping?

We have both traveled extensively throughout Asia, Africa, the Indian Subcontinent, and Europe. Being bought up in a rural environment, we have an open-door policy to our home, with a constant flow of family and friends. Joining the Glamping Hub family seemed like an ideal way to keep meeting interesting people and sharing this special place that we live.

We also run a busy farming business, as well as do extensive conservation work to rejuvenate the whitebait spawning habitat that surround us. A portion of the profit from our glamping rental goes towards helping to fund this project.

3. In your opinion, how does your accommodation fit the definition of glamping?

The cottage is glamping without the canvas tent. Perched high on a hilltop and off the grid, it lets our guests enjoy its beauty and tranquility in complete privacy. A glamping experience should be simple, yet luxurious—a place where you can go to recharge and relax—and our cottage ticks all the boxes.

4. What is the most special thing about your property?

The cottage has many things that make it a special experience. Its location gives you complete privacy with the most amazing views, yet it's less than 60 kilometers from downtown Auckland. There is an outdoor bathtub with hot running water that is set into the hillside among the reeds, as well as a cozy romantic fire for heating in the winter and bi-folding windows and French doors that open the cottage up to the outdoors in the summer.

5. What do you love the most about running a glamping site? What are some of the challenges you face?

The best part of running a glamping site is meeting all the different people that pass through and seeing how much they enjoy their stay. They often turn up looking rather stressed, having battled Auckland traffic or just finished a busy week, but they always leave looking relaxed and chilled out. Our challenge is to fit this new adventure into our already busy lives, but so far, so good.

6. Tell us about your most memorable guest experience to date.

Our most memorable guest experience was sharing our Christmas day with a lovely couple from Germany. Along with our family and other friends, we had eight different nationalities around the Christmas dinner table. It was a day of food, wine, cricket in the sun and great conversations—a real Kiwi Christmas.

7. Which three words are most commonly used in guest feedback about your accommodation?

The most-used words in the feedback we receive are amazing, peaceful, and wonderful.

8. Tell us about the experience you provide for guests visiting your glamping site.

Our guests are free to roam our 500-acre farm. They can take our flat-bottom punts and explore the wet land, as well as walk or bike through the native bush. Mostl, though, it's about doing nothing—soaking in the bath and watching the world spin from your hilltop perch.

9. If you could have anybody stay at your accommodation, who would it be and why?

If we could have anyone staying at the cottage, it would have to be those who truly need a break from their everyday pressures. This place has a special wairua, or spirit, that seems to calm and relax people, and it's so nice to share that with others.

10. Are there any upcoming additions/changes to your glampsite you would like to share with us?

We have plans to make a dedicated circuit walkway from the cottage to the wetland, and we hope to have a foot bridge in the near future. The bridge will allow our guests to walk among the river delta and along the two kilometers of board walks that we are in the process of installing.

For the perfect New Zealand getaway, you can book Kim and Stuart's unique cottage here!

Unique recipes for your Thanksgiving leftovers

By Marta Gintowt

Thanksgiving is a holiday that more or less revolves around eating. The day itself is dedicated to cooking, socializing, and binging on delicious, fall-inspired fare. The days after are usually spent trying to fit all of the leftovers into the fridge like a game of Tetris and finding ways to eat everything without getting tired of turkey sandwiches.

These recipe ideas are for those who find themselves still recovering from their turkey coma and who are uninspired and overwhelmed by the wall of stuffing and green beans that none of their guests touched on Thursday.

Thanksgiving-Inspired Breakfast

The morning after a filling Thanksgiving, a number of Americans may be experiencing a raging hangover—caused by either too much food or too many glasses of wine. What better way to cure a headache and a sore stomach than with a medical-grade breakfast? Leftovers can be used in a Thanksgiving-inspired breakfast, including an English Breakfast-style spread and an omelet filled with corn and string beans.

Our favorite is a take on Eggs Benedict, where turkey is substituted for traditional bacon (or omitted if vegetarian), and hollandaise sauce is replaced by gravy. Pop two biscuits from the night before in the toaster while two eggs poach on the stove. Feel free to heat up your turkey in the gravy for optimum flavor and then top the biscuits with all of the above ingredients.

Baked Macaroni and Cheese Balls

Photo taken from Foodie Crush.

I know we've sworn off food for a week after Thanksgiving, but this might change your mind: Baked. Macaroni. And. Cheese. Balls. These are wonderfully easy to make, portion out, and freeze—aside from being very tasty!

Form macaroni and cheese into meatball-size balls and set them aside on wax paper (recipe is based on 12 golf ball-size units) and freeze for two to three hours, or until hard. Preheat the oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit.

In a saucepan, melt two teaspoons of butter over medium heat. In a shallow dish, separate out two egg whites to be used as an egg wash. In another shallow dish, mix a 1/2 cup of breadcrumbs with a 1/4 teaspoon of paprika, a 1/4 teaspoon of pepper, and a 1/4 teaspoon of sugar. Remove the balls from the freezer; roll each ball in the egg white wash; and coat each thoroughly with the breadcrumb mixture.

Place each ball onto parchment paper, and pop them into the oven for 20 minutes, flipping them halfway through. Let them cool and dip them into ketchup, barbecue sauce, ranch, gravy, or whatever your heart desires. You can also fry these tasty little guys in a saucepan or fryer (at 350 degrees Fahrenheit) until golden brown.

Thanksgiving Salad

Stuffing, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and turkey are rich, heavy, and ultimately delicious. The problem is with rich foods is that often we crave something a bit lighter in the days to come. This is when a tasty, yet delicate, salad would be appreciated. Lighter fare from the night before, like string beans, Brussels sprouts, turkey, and roasted vegetables can be thrown together with spinach, kale, pumpkin seeds, pomegranate seeds, and a Dijon vinaigrette for a satisfying, guilt-free salad that helps clear out the fridge.

Feel free to either heat up the vegetables in the oven or keep them cold for a fresher feel. The Dijon vinaigrette calls for four parts balsamic vinegar, a spoonful of Dijon mustard, and a dash of garlic salt, with two tablespoons of high-quality olive oil whisked in to give it a creamy consistency.

Thanksgiving Nachos

Photo taken from TripAdvisor.

Not everyone loves leftovers, but we promise you that everyone loves nachos. This creative way to make use of your post Thanksgiving feast is an easy way to repurpose food that may have otherwise gone to waste!

Preheat the oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit. On a baking tray, spread out your favorite tortilla chips and top them with the first layer of cheddar cheese. (Note: Any cheese that melts will work! Maybe you have leftovers from a charcuterie board?) Add sporadic spoonfuls of mashed potatoes on top of the cheese and tortilla chips.

On the side, in a large bowl, mix shredded turkey and cranberry sauce together; you can also add lime juice or salsa to taste, if you wish. Sprinkle the turkey across the top of the mashed potatoes, tortilla chips, and cheese.

Top with jalapeños and another layer of cheese, then pop into the oven for 10 to 15 minutes (or until all of the cheese is melted and gooey). In a separate pan, warm up your left over gravy and drizzle it heavily all over the nachos. Enjoy!

Thanksgiving Shepherd's Pie

A rich, Thanksgiving-inspired dish that can feed the whole family, as well as utilize plenty of leftovers, is this shepherd's pie. Whatever remaining mashed potatoes (normal or sweet) over a bed of stuffing, gravy, and turkey makes the perfect lunch or dinner meal. This is also an amazing way to bring your leftovers easily to work, school, or anywhere on the go.

All that is required is to line the baking dish with a thin layer of melted butter (to make sure nothing sticks), followed by a layer of leftover stuffing. Next, mix together sliced turkey, mixed vegetables, and gravy, and pour the mixture over the stuffing.

The final step is to top the layered ingredients with mashed potatoes and cheddar cheese, if desired. The whole dish should be covered and in the oven at 300 degrees Fahrenheit for about 30 minutes, or until piping hot in the center. Enjoy with a light side salad for a healthy, balanced meal.

Pumpkin Pie Milkshake

Photo taken from Wellplated.

What goes well with desert? More dessert. The pumpkin pie milkshake is a great way to enjoy leftover pumpkin pie (if there is such a thing). In a blender, add one slice of pumpkin pie and a handful of crushed ice. For a "lighter version," add a cup of water. For a creamy shake, add a cup of your milk (dairy or non-) of choice or a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Blend until frothy, and top with whipped cream and crumbled pieces of left over pie. Voilà!

If you're not going to eat your leftovers, please consider donating them to your nearest food collection service! This article from Food52 has a bunch of great resources, from food pantries to non-profit charities, that you can donate to.

Best travel gadgets to buy on Cyber Monday 2018

By Elizabeth Young

There are lots of ways to travel—and lots of ways to make travel easier. From portable Wi-Fi devices to mini speakers, fancy backpacks to awesome drones...the tech world is constantly evolving to meet our travel needs, even fulfilling needs we didn't know we had.

For those of you who have had your eyes on certain travel gadgets that were maybe a little out of your price range, such as expensive cameras and drones, clothing, and other equipment, Cyber Monday deals are where you can shine. Take a look at some of the deals we've found below!

Tech deals

Best Buy always has huge Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, and it's a great place to go for big-ticket items. If you get anxious leaving your home empty while you travel, check out this Samsung ADT Home Security Starter Kit. Now you can leave your home safe and protected and get outside and capture some truly amazing experiences with your new drone or camera!

This "smart home" starter kit makes home security a breeze (on sale, $151.99).
Photo Sourced from Best Buy.

Other cool buys from Best Buy this year include smart watches, drones, and GoPro cameras. This Garmin smartwatch was $549 and will be on sale for $399.

Photo Sourced from Best Buy.

Get some air and capture some amazing images while you travel with this Ryze Tech Tello Boost Combo Quadcopter!

Take professional quality aerial shots with this drone (marked down to $99.99).
Photo Sourced from Best Buy.

Not in the market for a drone? Best Buy has other great items that may interest you, like the GoPro line of cameras. On Cyber Monday, Best Buy will have GoPro cameras on sale, ranging from $249 to $599 and with a savings of up to $200.

Get this GoPro Hero5 4k Action Camera for just $249.99 on Cyber Monday!
Photo Sourced from Best Buy.

Apparel and accessories

Other interesting items this holiday season include Sauvs Outdoor Shoes. From November 23-26, you will get $20 off your first pair, $25 off each pair when buying two, and $30 off each pair when buying three.

Made of premium 3D knitting technology, Suavs Shoes are light, breathable, and sweat-wicking—they were even designed to prevent blistering and are perfect for the outdoors lover on your gift list!
Photo Sourced from Suavs Shoes.

Timbuk2 is having a great sale on backpacks, with different models for every need. Their products range from messenger bags to backpacks and totes, with a range of models and colors. For those weekend hiking trips, these could really come in handy.

Their Armory Laptop Backback is on sale for $76 from $109.
Photo Sourced from Timbuk2.
The Blink Backpack is water resistant and expandable, on sale from $119 to $71!
Photo Sourced from Timbuk2.
The Rift Backpack is lightweight and converts into a tote bag—on sale for $53!
Photo Sourced from Timbuk2.

Travel must-haves

Handy items to have with you while traveling include the Scrubba Wash Bag, this awesome goTenna Mesh hotspot, a Bose portable speaker, and this ingenious Grayl purifying water bottle.

This Scrubba Wash Bag is perfect for backpackers and travelers who are on the go and won't always have access to a laundromat. Complete with a flexible washboard, the compact, lightweight wash bag will save both time and money.

The Scrubba Wash collection takes care of all your travel laundry needs, with savings of up to 65% on Cyber Monday!
Photo Sourced from Scrubba.

Tired of worrying about cell service and Wi-Fi when you're traveling. This goTenna Mesh hotspot lets you send texts and GPS locations without needing service.

goTenna is offering 20% off the $199 Mesh with the code COMETOGETHER.
Photo Sourced from goTenna.

Grayl's purifying water bottle has an ingenious design and is definitely a necessity for those traveling in less developed areas. Where global travel and adventure meet preparation, these water bottles purify and filter water with one click—and without using UV bulbs or chemicals. While they are not advertising a Cyber Monday offer right now, they will ship these Ultralight Purifiers for free!

Purified water in one click! These water bottles make it easy to travel.
Photo Sourced from Grayl.

And for a little entertainment while on the road, these Bose speakers are portable and the perfect size for traveling. Get yours on Cyber Monday for $109.95, marked down from $130.

These portable speakers are perfect for adding a little bit of color and sound to your outdoor adventures!
Photo Sourced from Bose.


For those who are looking for experiences rather than things, REI is offering classes and events for up to 30% off with the promo code OUTSIDE30. Events must be booked between November 24 and December 2, and they range from day climbing adventures or overnight biking trips to brewery pint nights and GoPro photography courses.

Get outside and explore with REI!

P.S. Target has yet to release any concrete Cyber Monday deals, but you should know ahead of time that they are offering free, two-day shipping on all orders, with no minimum!


Craving more? On Cyber Monday, Glamping Hub is adding 20% to any gift card purchase!

12 best cabins to watch your favorite NFL team from

By Eric Wright

Photo from the official NFL website.

It's that time of year again when the calendar is jam-packed with thrilling football games, and we've compiled the best getaway line-up to let you score a touchdown with your friends and family. All you need to remember to do is to bring the chips and brewskis and complete those all-important pre-game superstitions!

1. Epic Game Room in South Lake Tahoe, California

Don't let the clock run out and make sure you grab your ideal cabin to watch the NFL action this winter. With a pool table, air hockey, and a sizzling hot tub, football time outs will be a pleasure at this secluded cabin rental in South Lake Tahoe. Raiders fans will surely agree that this getaway abides by their motto of "Commitment to Excellence!"

2. Luxury Log Cabin near Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Make the perfect interception by snapping up this luxurious log cabin to watch the Titans face off against the Jaguars, Giants, and Redskins this December. With large flat-screen TVs both inside and out, don't fumble by missing out on this fantastic retreat near Pigeon Forge.

3. Man Cave in Ronald, Washington

This accommodation is the perfect man cave for you and the guys to enjoy the match away from the distractions of home. Dive into the game room and take advantage of the wet bar, pool table, air hockey, foosball table, and large, flat-screen TV. With winter closing in, there will certainly be some hail for the Redskins here.

4. Home Cinema near the Sierra-at-Tahoe Resort in California

With the 49ers facing off against the Rams on December 30, what could be better than sitting back in luxury to watch the fiery encounter in your own home cinema? With such highlights as a pristine indoor pool and a hot tub with forest views, this cabin definitely sits high up in the power rankings.

5. Luxury Getaway in Teton Village, Wyoming

With no Wyoming team competing in the NFL, counter those winter blues and make the perfect catch by watching all the action from this plush cabin in Teton Village. With epic views of the snow-capped mountains from the living room, group huddles here are sure to be remembered for years to come.

6. Elegant Retreat in Breckenridge, Colorado

With the Denver Broncos looking at an action-packed December schedule, thanks to match-ups against the likes of the 49ers, Browns, and Raiders, this large cabin in Breckenridge is perfect for families or friends to enjoy the clashes in pure elegance. Lead with your head, and grab this unique getaway!

7. Amazing Cabin near Sevierville, Tennessee

Escape your neutral zone and make a quick out to this majestic cabin in Sevierville to enjoy the NFL this year. After the tension of the match, head outside to the toasty hot tub and enjoy incredible views of the vast mountains. The fans who still have some smack to talk after the game can settle their scores on the pool table in the awesome game room, too.

8. Cliffside Cabin near Chattanooga in Georgia

Perched on the side of a glorious cliff, make this retreat near Chattanooga the place where you watch the Falcons soar this winter. The cozy living area is the perfect spot to watch the match, while the views from the expansive deck are simply breathtaking!

9. Group Getaway near McCall, Idaho

Don't drop the ball by passing over the chance to watch your favorite teams from this spacious getaway near McCall, Idaho. With space for up to 16 people, lucky glampers at this property are sure to love the amazing home theater, the large game room, and the hot tub with gorgeous mountain vistas.

10. Inviting Cabin in Steamboat Springs, Colorado

The vast, open landscape surrounding this family getaway is sure to have the Bronco's mascot, Thunder, chomping at the bit. Glampers at this secluded escape can enjoy days skiing down the powdery slopes of the Steamboat Ski Area before retiring to the cabin for some Hail Marys and hard hits.

11. Charming Cabin in Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Take possession of this charming cabin in Steamboat Springs and avoid a bust this winter. The home cinema is the perfect spot to watch the match with a few cold ones with friends, while the hot tub will relieve any post-match stress. Kick off your winter with a stay at this luxurious getaway!

12. Deluxe Cabin near Hochatown, Oklahoma

Soaring ceilings and high windows make this bright and open cabin near Hochatown, Oklahoma, an unforgettable spot to see those once-in-a-lifetime drop kicks. Glampers lucky enough to stay here will definetley find themselves looking for a comeback route next year!

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Guest Spotlight: Morocco in November

By Neil Graham

My 69-year-old father, my younger brother, and I arrange a big mountaineering trip each year. We've been fortunate enough to trek to Everest Base Camp in Nepal, the summit of Mount Olympus in Greece, and mainland Spain's Mulhacén, to name a few.

It's not about the profound, male-bonding odyssey or the quest to push each other and test ourselves against the natural elements. Living in different countries, it's the only chance we get to hang out except at Christmas, so we try and make it as memorable and as rewarding as possible. (Just an excuse for a few cold beers, really.)

We have always been intrigued by Morocco, however, with it being so close to Europe, yet on the continent of Africa, and having a large Arabic- and French-speaking population—in addition to ancient cities, bustling markets, sweeping deserts and, of course, superb cuisine. I had been to Tangier for a couple of days a few years earlier where I got a quick glimpse of the above, but this time, I was here with my father and my brother to climb the highest mountain in North Africa, Jbel Toubkal, which stands 13,671 feet tall, is around 60 miles south of Marrakesh, and is no mean feat.

Stay in a luxury tent in the Agafay Desert near Marrakesh!

As we stepped out of the frantic, yet sleek and modern, Marrakesh Menara Airport, we could see the snow-covered peaks of the Atlas Mountains through the sandy haze in the distance. We had no time to truly take it in, as we were ushered into a weathered SUV amid the chaos of the airport's taxi rank.

The driver hilariously repeated our pronunciation of Imlil out loud before chuckling and continuing to exchange friendly banter with us until just outside of Marrakesh. As we were approaching the foothills, the car went silent as we gazed out of the windows, looking at the rocky hillsides and the sheer drop into the deep canyons below, which were just centimeters away as the roads got narrower and narrower.

We arrived in Imlil—a small Berber village that we would use as base camp for our ascent—in the early afternoon and we were greeted by our amiable host, who was nothing but a complete gentleman the entire stay. Within half an hour of our arrival, we were treated to a delicious chicken tajine with a plate of fries, a traditional Moroccan salad, and mint tea.

We spent the rest of the day exploring the shops and the cafés, which, more often than not, just felt like stepping into people's homes—being made very welcome and being offered everything from tea to a three-course meal. The highlight of the day was when we were overlooking the village from the top of a shorter hiking route at the time of the call to prayer. From noisy commotion to a calming silence, the change was surreal. The first lines of the prayer projecting out of the mosque, resonating throughout the mountainous valleys, was spine-tingling.

After a hearty breakfast of boiled eggs, spicy olives, and toast, we set off on the first leg of our trek. We were headed towards the refuge on Toubkal, roughly a four-hour walk past steep gorges, even smaller villages, and numerous mule trains. We stopped for tea and coffee a couple of times on the way, and each time we were greeted with warmth and kindness from the local Berber community.

Upon arrival, our room at the refuge was cramped to say the least. The bunk beds were merely large planks of wood with small mattresses laid out side-by-side to accommodate 16 of us in total. You can imagine the difficulty of trying to sleep in dramatically reduced temperatures, while 15 other people are snoring, rustling in their sleeping bags, and coughing—it was quite orchestral!

We set off for the summit at 8 a.m., and the route started with some steep, energy-sapping scrambling before switching to a long slog up snow- and ice-covered inclines. By this point, the high altitude was having an effect, and the snow made crampons and ice axes a necessity. Despite the relative struggle, however, it was easy to be in awe of the, quite literally, breathtaking surroundings.

Four hours later, we were standing on the summit just as some menacing looking clouds were coming in thick and fast. We had just enough time for the obligatory summit selfie before navigating our way back down during a blizzard. The weather report had predicted snowfall in the evening, but that's mountaineering for you!

We were delighted to arrive at our lodge in Imlil for the night, quite ready for some more tajine and some mint tea. Our room was simple, but sophisticated; the beds were warm and cozy, the shower had hot water, and there was a stuttering Wi-Fi signal, everything we could've wanted. In the morning, our host had prepared us a glorious breakfast and arranged for our ride back to Marrakesh.

By this point, the snow had reached Imlil, and we were looking forward to the dryer weather and the chance to explore the city, especially the medina and its vibrant markets. We were able to enjoy a well-earned cold one in the airport before a few high fives and some back slaps, and then we were on our separate ways...until next time!

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Easy Thanksgiving recipes if you're away from home

By Marta Gintowt

Many Americans find themselves being summoned to the homes of friends and relatives far and wide across the country. As there is nothing more uncomfortable than coming empty-handed to any event, there is also nothing worse than showing up with the same generic bottle of wine like everyone else.

Sharing food can be considered a way of showing love and care, so why not get creative with these easy Thanksgiving recipes for when you're not at home and make something that will be remembered? From things that will last the ride to things that can be made in a flash in your host's kitchen, this collection features gourmet delicacies that everyone will enjoy.


Canapés are elegant starters that are both simple to make and easy to eat. Since assembly can be fast and cooking is not necessary, they are perfect to bring along to any Thanksgiving gathering. Impress other guests with bright colors and interesting ingredients that will leave everyone hungry for more. Our favorite combinations are blinis covered with crème fraîche, salmon roe, and dill, as well as crackers topped with goat cheese, honey, and rosemary. Let's just hope there is enough counter space for assembly!

Roasted butternut squash soup

Is there anything more cozy and comforting than a big bowl of roasted butternut squash soup? After a long day of waiting for the feast to begin, this healthy soup can be introduced as a light, delicious, and warming appetizer. This soup actually tastes better when made ahead of time, so the flavors have time to blend, making it perfect for transporting in a Thermos during a car ride. It can be easily made vegetarian or vegan when cream is omitted and vegetable broth is used, so it's perfect for those who find it hard to find meat-free options on Thanksgiving.

Baked macaroni and cheese

A favorite Thanksgiving staple, baked macaroni and cheese is always sure to please. When preparing for a journey ahead, this recipe can be made the morning of and easily taken to the next destination, where hopefully an oven with plenty of room awaits. The traditional recipe calls for plenty of cheese and milk, but bolder chefs can add a twist by mixing in other ingredients, such as onions or broccoli, as well as traditional fall flavors, like smoked cheeses, pumpkin, and butternut squash.

Gourmet coleslaw

Thanksgiving calls for heavy, salty dishes that usually leave guests wishing they had something more fresh. This crunchy and colorful classic side has just that! Perfectly paired alongside turkey and heavier sides like stuffing and mashed potatoes, guests will be thrilled to dig into this red cabbage coleslaw. The crunchiest coleslaw is mixed right before serving to avoid wilting, so the light apple cider vinegar and vegan mayonnaise-based dressing can be mixed ahead of time, and the cabbage can be shredded at home before traveling commences.

Homemade biscuits

Homemade biscuits might sound underwhelming, but they are perfect when traveling long distance. Biscuits can even be made the evening before so they have time to cool down. With simple ingredients, like flour, butter, and baking soda, cooks can feel free to experiment with adding cheeses, herbs, seeds, or dried fruits, as well as substitute normal flour with a more healthy alternative.

Pumpkin Cupcakes

Some consider dessert to be their favorite part of a Thanksgiving meal, and pumpkin cupcakes will certainly not disappoint. Simple yet delicious, those looking forward to baking these can do so ahead of time and pop them in the fridge until it's time for them to be served. As easy as using boxed vanilla cake mix and adding a can of pureed pumpkin and a half-tablespoon of cinnamon, these light cupcakes are the perfect compliment to heavy Thanksgiving fare. Top them with a whipped, cream cheese icing and orange and brown sprinkles, and watch them steal the show.

Apple Crisp

Perhaps the most complex dish on our list, apple crisp is certainly worth the effort. When bringing this dessert to another destination, feel free to assemble the ingredients ahead of time. When dinner plates are being cleared and guests are having a breather, pop the pastry in the oven for 20 minutes for the perfect crispy texture. Depending if you are trying to impress, you can opt to make a beautiful creation or a beautiful mess, as both will be equally delicious.

You've got the food sorted, but what about an alternative accommodation or a list of things you're grateful for? Don't worry—we've got you.